Expert GE GFW450SSMWW Review 2021

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rating: 4.4
  • ADA Compliant
  • Tumble Care
  • Stain Removal

GE GFW450SSMWW washing machine


GE Appliances (also known as General Electric) has created over two dozen washing machines with its most popular model being the GFW450SSMWW unit. This GE front loading washing machine offers many advantages, including being affordable and available in two different colors (black and white).

By Editorial Team | 21st May 2019

The company was founded in New York in 1892, but its current headquarters is in Boston. Throughout its rich history, the company has designed thousands of fantastic products, and the employees have earned two Nobel Prizes (in 1932 and 1973). One of the crucial sectors of the company is manufacturing appliances for home and professional use. However, they are also present in other markets, including renewable energy, healthcare, aviation, lighting, capital and finance, and even gas and oil. 

This review will look deeper into the GE front load washer, covering its background, features, and more, we aim to offer more information than any other online GE front load washer reviews.

About the General Electric Front-load Washing Machine

The GE GFW450SSMWW unit is one of the most energy-efficient front load washers in the market packed with numerous features to make it as simple to use as possible. If you choose the classic white color for this unit, the total price is $999. It also available in black, however, the price is increased to $1,099, for the exact same model.

The dimensions are 39 ¾ x 27 x 33 ½ inches (50 7/8 inches when the door is open), therefore, users shouldn’t have any problems fitting the unit anywhere in their homes or businesses. A minor downside apparent in other reviews is that the washing machine can be slightly noisy while in use i.e. during the spin cycle. However, the glass of the door is see-through, and you will find the control panel in the upper front section. The product is equipped with a locking feature which is perfect if you have children running around, as well as LED indicators and cycle time countdown.

The load capacity is set to 4.5 cubic feet, and you can find detergent, softener, pre-wash, and bleach dispensers. The PerfectTemp Deluxe water system ensures optimal temperature at all times, and adaptive capabilities will also optimize spin speed depending on the load.

Washing Features

Energy Star Rating

The GFW450SSMWW model is a proud GE energy star washer, meaning that it has the necessary efficiency to ensure optimal energy and money spending throughout the year. With the spin speed of up to 1300RPM, the model designed by GE will minimize dry time and use water efficiently. General Electric is proud to be Energy Star Qualified. Additionally, the product is ADA compliant, signifying that it was designed to be accessible to people with disabilities as well as easy to open.

Ten Different Cycles Available

General Electric front-load washing machine gives you a total of ten cycles to select from, covering basics such as standard, rinse + spin, towels and sheets, and whites. You can also set a separate cycle for bedding and bulky items, as well as for delicate fabrics and activewear.

The Quick Wash cycle is interesting because it will get the job done in 32 minutes. If your items are lightly soiled, you can have them cleaned in a short time, which is incredibly convenient. You can also take advantage of the time-saver, which focuses on washing an entire load in 37 minutes. Since it takes only five minutes longer than Quick Wash, this feature is worth considering.

Stain Removal

Besides choosing wash cycles, you can also pick different washer settings. If you think it is necessary, you can add a pre-wash or second rinse, or you can utilize the stain removal feature. You can add stain removal to any cycle and modify it in a way that it focuses on eliminating stains. The great thing about the machine is that it will successfully deal with grass, dirt, coffee, tomato, blood, and even wine stains. 

The steam settings may help since they can loosen the stains by penetrating the fabrics safely. That means your clothes will remain undamaged while stains are being eliminated. 

Tumble Care Feature

As for other options, the sanitize cycle will use the internal water heater to raise the temperature to the point where bacteria are eliminated. It is an excellent way to ensure that your clothes are not only clean but also free of any bacteria.

If you need to leave home urgently and you know that you won’t be coming back soon, consider taking advantage of the tumble care feature. Once you activate it, the machine will automatically tumble your clothes to keep them fresh for up to eight hours. That way, you will know your garments will remain fresh, and you can transfer them to the dryer once you come back. 


For the GFW450SSMWW unit, GE Appliances offer a warranty for both parts and labor, lasting 12 months. While that is better than nothing, we have seen some other machines with a significantly longer warranty.


General Electric front-load washing machine is a product that meets the expectations of every user with wonderful features, like stain removal and tumble care. It also has many other useful cycles and adjustments available, which makes it a truly versatile product. We agree that the length of the warranty is slightly limited, therefore if it does not meet your ideal criteria, we can recommend several other washing machines with, at least, a decade warranty. However, despite a couple of minor flaws, the GE GFW450SSMWW model still offers a wonderful performance, and at an impressive and affordable price. 


  • 10 cycles available
  • Energy efficiency
  • Equipped with a locking feature
  • Quick Wash feature runs for max. 32 minutes


  • Limited warranty
  • Black version is more expensive

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