Expert Bosch WAT28402UC Review 2021

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Bosch WAT28402UC

rating: 4.6
  • A classic and attractive design
  • A powerful wave-shaped drum that is gentle and powerful at the same time
  • 15 different wash cycles, including super quick one that lasts only 15 minutes

Bosch WAT28402UC washing machine


Are you looking for a reliable washing machine that can deliver consistent results and keep your laundry clean? If that is the case, you may want to consider the Bosch Front-load washing machine. In this review, we will be investigating its most important features, as well as taking a closer look at the manufacturer.


By Editorial Team | 20th May 2019

Who Is Bosch?

Bosch is a worldwide famous company whose products are used across many industries. The corporation’s headquarters are in Germany, and it has been like that ever since it was founded in 1886.

For decades, they have been manufacturing reliable household appliances. They have years of experience in designing different types of washing machines, as well as other products you use around the house. Aside from that, they are spread across mobility solutions, industrial, technology, and energy and building technology sectors.

What is Bosch WAT28402UC front-load washing machine?

Bosch has several washing machines that use the front loading system, but we decided on the particular WAT278402UC model. The reason for that is that we believe it presents an excellent value for money and contains all features this washing machine type should have.

The white/chrome color combination of the Bosch front-load washing machine will ensure that it fits any bathroom (kitchen, basement, etc.) design. The device fits well into the surrounding, and it won’t take away the focus from the overall décor. The total weight of the machine is 163 pounds while the drum volume is set to 65 l. The product is freestanding, and only the left door option is available.

When it comes to positioning, you should keep in mind the length of the power cord, which is set at 69 inches. Thanks to the fact that the cable is long, you shouldn’t have any problems positioning the appliance. The installation process is relatively simple, but you should still let it a professional crew unless you are confident enough that you can handle everything. We advise you to remember to remove the shipping bolts, or they may cause noise once the machine is in operation.

The price of this particular model is $1,449, and it seems to be available in this single white/chrome color combination.

Washing Features

Now that you have your Bosch front-load washing machine ready, it is time to discuss its working process. The appliance utilizes a structured drum in the shape of a wave. That secures generous power while ensuring that it is gentle to your clothes.

Here is how that works – when the machine handles delicate fabrics, it uses shallow edges so that there is no stretching or snagging. That way, even your sensitive clothes will last for a long time. And don’t worry about cleanliness because your wardrobe will be squeaky clean every time.

Automatic Noise Level Regulation

Is there anything that annoys more than a noisy washing machine? That is why the experts from Bosch worked hard on a solution that ensures a low noise level at all times. The AntiVibration sensors adjust the drum movement depending on the load weight, which is how it improves the stability of the unit and subsequently decreases noise.

An Energy Star for Efficiency

Bosch front-load working machine has received the Energy Star confirmation that it is energy efficient. The product adheres to water consumption standards thanks to its ActiveWater technology.

The heater takes only a short time to heat the water and get everything ready for washing. The idea of heating the water is to eliminate bacteria, and the machine will raise the temperature to 170F to ensure the bacteria are killed.

15 Different Programs

The interface of the machine is incredibly simple, and you control everything by using the panel on the front of the unit. You will notice a digital display in the upper right corner, and you can use it to adjust various settings. These include temperature, pre-wash, spin speed, extra rinse, and many others. The child lock function significantly contributes to safety.

Bosch front-load washing machine has 15 different wash cycles. You can choose specific ones for delicate fabrics, whitest whites, normal cotton, towels, wool, and others. Make sure to try the super-quick cycle which can get five shirts done in as little as 15 minutes. It is worth noting that the specifications pinpoint the maximum spin speed of the machine is 1,400RPM.

Delayed Washing is Possible

The LED display is large, and you can check the remaining time even from a distance. Apart from ensuring to get your clothes washed in 15 minutes, you can program the machine to start when you want it to start. Thanks to the timer feature, you can delay the start for up to 24 hours, which is incredibly convenient.

Once the machine finishes with the process, it will let you know by sending the end of the cycle signal. The display is only available is the English language, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to figure out how everything works.


  • A classic and attractive design
  • A powerful wave-shaped drum that is gentle and powerful at the same time
  • 15 different wash cycles, including super quick one that lasts only 15 minutes
  • The product optimizes noise level depending on the load weight
  • Use the time delay feature for up to 24 hours


  • You should maintain the inside gasket regularly, or it might collect mildew
  • When installing, make sure to remove shipping bolts or the machine may be noisier than expected


It seems like the Bosch front-load washing machine does many things right. For starters, it is simple to install and incredibly convenient to use. Although it has 15 different programs, you can set up everything in seconds.

Once the drum starts working its magic, you will enjoy a quiet washing machine that is gentle to your clothes, but powerful enough to clean them flawlessly every time. The appliance can be as quick or as thorough as you want it, and it is up to you to choose the desired settings.

The additional features are also there. Water usage and leak protection systems are present, as well as a useful front display with a delayed timer and large remaining time screen. Overall, we already knew you could not go wrong with products made by Bosch, and we are glad to say that this machine is not an exception.

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