Expert Frigidaire FFRE4120SW Review 2021

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Frigidaire FFRE4120SW

rating: 4.3
  • Anti-Wrinkle feature to prevent wrinkling in clothes
  • 10 drying cycles specified to different load sizes and types
  • Stainless steel drum interior for added durability

Frigidaire FFRE4120SW Laundry


Frigidaire has been around since the early 1900s and in the vast amount of time, has become a household name among Americans. They produce appliances that are sleek, modern, and innovative without that huge price tag attached to them.

Their FFRE4120SW electric dryer has many high tech, modern features that set it above many other dryers, while still remaining pretty affordable. It is designed with convenience and ease of use in mind so that you can spend less time doing laundry and more time doing the things you love. In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at both this dryer and the company who designed it.

By Editorial Team | 21st May 2019
Who is Frigidaire?

Frigidaire has been designing sleek, innovative appliances for an extremely long time. In fact, this company designed and developed the very first self-contained refrigerator all the way back in 1916. It wasn’t until 1919 that they came up with the brand name that would eventually become so familiar in the homes of many Americans, Frigidaire.

Between their name and their very first appliance that they designed, you may think that refrigerators are their specialty, but they are known for so much more than just that. This company designs and manufactures a wide variety of appliances including washers, dryers, dishwashers, ovens, air conditioning, and water dispensers as well. They design each of their appliances with the consumer in mind, using innovation and creativity to put out appliances that are both effective and easy to use.

Frigidaire knows how busy its customers are and realizes the value of their customers’ time. This is why they equip their appliances with features that help get the job done in both a timely and functional fashion. Their FFRE4120SW dryer specifically was designed with things like specified drying cycles and the option to save your drying settings to your favorites so that people can access a drying setting customized based on their drying needs with the simple click of a button, saving them time doing laundry and allowing them to use that saved time to do the things they actually want to be doing.

What is the Frigidaire FFRE4120SW Dryer?

The FFRE4120SW electric dryer by Frigidaire is a great middle of the line dryer. It may not be the most budget friendly dryer option out there, but it is certainly not the most expensive either. This dryer falls somewhere in the middle, making it pretty averagely priced. It comes equipped with smart, innovative features like 10 specially catered drying cycles, an Anti-Wrinkle Option, and a large capacity of 6.7 cu. ft.

It is only available in white, which is pretty standard for most dryers, especially ones that are not top of the line or very pricey. However, the design of this dryer is sleek and modern, complete with electronic controls that have LED lights that indicate which drying cycle you have chosen. This is a big upgrade from the bulky knobs and dials that older and less expensive dryers have.

The vast amount of different drying cycles and settings are another thing that really sets this dryer apart from the rest. You can customize the way in which your dryer runs based on drying cycle, level of dryness, and level of temperature, a feature that even some of the more costly dryers don’t offer. The stainless steel drum interior can withstand tons of use too, even on those big, bulky loads too, prolonging the life of the dryer.

Dryer Features

This dryer comes equipped with features like an Anti-Wrinkle Option, electronic controls, 10 drying cycles, a reversible door, and a stainless steel drum interior that put it right in between the most simple, basic dryers and the more fancy, high tech ones. The electronic controls make this dryer very easy to use, as well as give it a more high quality, modern feel, and the Anti-Wrinkle Option keeps the laundry on a heatless tumble so that nothing will wrinkle if you don’t remove it from the dryer right away.

The 10 different drying cycles are what really make this dryer unique because they are all designed specifically for certain types of laundry loads. There are cycles like delicates, active wear, towels, bulky, air fluff, and sanitize, so that no matter what type of laundry you’re drying, there is a cycle that is perfect for it. They even offer five different dryness and temperature levels on top of these specified drying cycle options.

It doesn’t end there either. This dryer has a feature that allows you to set certain cycle settings as your favorites, meaning that you can save settings as Favorite 1 or Favorite 2 and rather than enter these settings all over again each time you want to use them, all you have to do is press the Favorite 1 or Favorite 2 button.

This is not an energy star rated dryer, however, and not one of the most energy efficient dryers on the market. This dryer does come with a one year warranty though that will cover any defects in materials or installation of the dryer for up to one year after purchase. This warranty does not cover things like rusting, any damages done to the finish of the dryer, or any repairs if the serial number on the dryer has been removed.

Anti-Wrinkle feature to prevent wrinkling in clothesNot the most energy efficient
10 drying cycles specified to different load sizes and typesMay need to add extra time to cycle to dry laundry completely
Stainless steel drum interior for added durability
NSF certified for guaranteed effective sanitation
Reversible door allows flexibility to open door from the left or the right
Large 6.7 cu. ft. capacity

Overall, the Frigidaire FFRE4120SW dryer is a great middle of the line option for people who are looking for more top of the line features but don’t want to pay that top of the line price. It may not be the most energy efficient, but between the customizable dryer cycles and settings, the large holding capacity, and the durable stainless steel drum construction, this is an innovative appliance that can cater to nearly all of your drying needs, as well as last you a long time.

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