Your Weekly Horoscope: Monday 7th – Sunday 13th January

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Your Weekly Horoscope: Monday 7th – Sunday 13th January


This psychic reading tells you what awaits for the week ahead…

By Editorial Team | 7th January 2019
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This week will be hard for you, Aries. Be prepared for lots of good things, but there will also be a few bad things. You are going to be faced with the consequences of past decisions, and it’s not going to be pleasant. During this time, you will realize who your true friends are and who just isn’t worth your time or energy. With Neptune in Pisces, you will feel very connected to your family members. One of your family members will want to see you this week. It is very important that you listen to them and that you are kind to them. Married Aries signs are going to have a bumpy week, but it’s nothing that a good cuddling session and a long talk can’t fix. Even though it’s not going to be easy, try to keep your spirit up and don’t let anything or anyone knock you down.


The planet that governs love and money, Venus, is going to be sending you amazing vibes throughout the week. No matter if you are single, dating or taken, you are going to have a great week when it comes to your love life. Married Taurus signs will receive amazing news at the end of the week. However, you will feel a slight imbalance when it comes to your career. You are working really hard, but it’s just seems like you are not doing enough. Success will come to you, just be patient. If you have an ill family member, make sure that you set some time aside this week to be with them. It will mean a lot to them.


Venus, the planet that rules you and governs love and passion, is in Sagittarius, which means that you have a very unstable period ahead of you. There will be some bickering or minor arguments. This will pass, because communication can fix a lot of things. You are by nature a lover of beauty, but sometimes, you tend to overdo it. This week, you will learn that there is much more behind a person than their looks. If you are single, you will talk to someone who you really like. A Scorpio member of your family is going to test your patience this week. Try to stay calm and collected. Be the bigger person.


Your family has always been very important to you, and you have a very close relationship with them. During this week, your bond will become even closer than before. Cancer signs who have recently fallen in love or entered a relationship are going to feel like they are on cloud nine. If you are in love with a fire sign, you will experience love like you’ve never experienced it before. Be honest with them, and be open about how you feel. During the end of the week, surprise your partner by doing something romantic, gentle and sensual. Your partner will appreciate your gesture, no matter how big or small it is. With Jupiter sending you good vibes, you might receive some unexpected income throughout the week.


This week is going to open a whole new chapter in your life. The only question is how ready you are for this drastic change to happen. Accept change with open arms, and maintain a positive mindset. Leo signs who are in love are going to have a wonderful time with their loved one this week. You are going to feel very secure in your relationship and like you can fully be yourself. Expect lots of romance, passion and kindness. Married signs are going to feel the full effect of Venus in Sagittarius. A family member might be upset about the fact that you often change your mind. Talk to them in order to fix this problem


Single Virgo signs will have a very interesting week. However, you might want to pay more attention to your food intake. Start the year right by making healthier choices for yourself. If you are planning on going out during the weekend, dress up and do something that will make you feel good. You will attract a very beautiful Libra. On the other hand, Venus in Sagittarius will cause a lot of problems for couples. It just seems like you aren’t on the same page this week, but this is all just temporary. Stick together and make sure that your partner knows they are loved. If you live with family members, there might be some tension in the household during the beginning of the week.


Do something outdoors this week because it will make you feel great. By nature, you are a fan of the outdoors and you like to be active. Go to a beautiful place where you will feel positive and peaceful. Your spiritual side is very important to you, and you have a tendency to see beauty in almost everyone that you see and everything that you do. With Venus in Sagittarius, you will feel connected to your partner on a deeper level. It’s possible that you might have a bigger argument at the end of the week, when the Moon enters Aries. Stay levelheaded and don’t say anything that you don’t really mean. Do your best to spend some time with your sibling(s).


Things are getting better in every aspect of your life. However, in order for you to prosper in your career, you are going to need to stay focused. Yes, it’s hard and it might drain a lot of your energy, but you have a goal and you need to stick to it. If you have a deadline coming up soon, do your best to finish it in time. If possible, spend some time with your boss or with a co-worker who is in a higher position than you. You might learn something. If you are taken, make sure that you do something nice for your partner this week, because they need to know that they are appreciated and loved. Go on a romantic date or dinner and talk about the old times. 


With your ruler planet, the mighty Jupiter, in Sagittarius, you are going to have an amazing week. You will have lots of situations where you’ll experience plenty of good luck. The power of Venus is going to be prevalent when it comes to married Sagittarius signs. There will be a lot of touching and a lot of love. If you have kids, find a babysitter and go somewhere with your partner. You could even go for a simple little walk around a park! You need to dedicate some time to your partner and, remember, it’s not healthy for you or your relationship to only talk or worry about money or work. An Aries family member will give you a call this week and ask for your advice.


Single Capricorn signs are going to feel free-spirited and liberated during this week. Nothing can hold you back, and you are going to enjoy being able to do whatever you please. Not only will you flirt with a lot of people, but people will flirt with you too. However, taken Capricorn signs won’t feel as happy as single signs. With Venus in Sagittarius, it’s highly possible that you will have a big disagreement with your partner. As long as you openly communicate, this won’t affect your relationship in the long run. Spend some time with the youngest members of your family. Don’t indulge in too much greasy and sugary foods this week.


Your mood is going to be heavily affected by the moon this week. Expect lots of ups and downs in your mood and emotional state. During this time, it would be best if you surrounded yourself with friends or family, or people who you generally care about. They will make this period a lot easier for you, so don’t hesitate to ask for help when you need it. Both single and taken Aquarius signs have a satisfactory week ahead of them. You are simply going to be focused on other problems that you’re dealing with. If you are taken, this might bother your partner a little.


During this week, with Venus, the planet that governs love and money, in Sagittarius, it’s very possible that you will receive some unexpected income. It might be from someone who owed you money or just some income that you completely forgot about. Be careful because you will be extra sensitive when it comes to feeling or experiencing stress – so it might be best if you work out more during this time, in order to rid your body of bad feelings and thoughts. Single signs are going to meet a very flirtatious Gemini during the middle of the week. Married Pisces signs should work on their intimacy with each other. Hold hands with your partner more often and compliment them.

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