Your Weekly Horoscope: Monday 31st December – Sunday 6th January

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Your Weekly Horoscope: Monday 31st December – Sunday 6th January


This psychic reading tells you what awaits for the week ahead…

By Editorial Team | 31st December 2018
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With Pluto in Capricorn, you will feel powerless when it comes to your partner. They aren’t in a good mood and you can’t figure out what’s wrong. You keep on blaming yourself, and that’s something that you should not do. Talk to your partner. Use the powers of Mercury, the planet of communication, and sit down with your partner. Even if they don’t want to talk, just be there for them. Single signs might have some miscommunication with the person that they like. With Neptune in Pisces, you will feel extra generous today. Help out a friend, a neighbor, buy something for a loved one, or donate to a charity that you find very important and that you are passionate about. Arrange a nice dinner with a family member that you respect deeply.


You might feel a little lonely today – even in a room filled with people. Try your best to maintain a positive attitude because better things are coming your way. This is just a transition period, Taurus. When you like someone, you get very easily attached to them. Unfortunately, someone might break your heart like this. Don’t get attached too soon and don’t invest yourself emotionally right away. If you are a parent, then you will be extra proud of your kid this week. When it comes to family, you are willing to look at the other side when it comes to conflicts because you love your family so much and they mean the world to you. You just can’t see how a conflict can destroy families, because nothing can destroy what you have with your beautiful family.


If you are married, then you will feel extremely happy and proud of your marriage this week. You are communicating, sharing your feelings and emotions, which is of utmost importance when it comes to maintaining relationships. Especially marriages! Venus in Scorpio is finally showing how powerful its force can be. Remember to always be there for your partner and let them be there for you. It doesn’t matter whether you go through good times or bad times – love is all that matters. Single signs won’t feel like entering a relationship this week. When the Moon enters Capricorn at the end of the week, you will feel like talking about the old times and about your childhood. If you have an elderly family member, ask them to tell you some interesting stories.


With Venus, the planet that governs love and passion, in Scorpio, things might be a little rocky, but generally you feel happy with where you are in your marriage. You have a mutual bond that you find simply unbreakable. Cancer signs that aren’t married but are in a relationship will have the opportunity to be very real and vulnerable with their partner. This will only make their love for you go deeper. At the end of the week, you are going to want to do something nice for your family. Make them some homemade gifts that have sentimental value, or maybe frame some old pictures. No one tends to get pictures developed anymore nowadays, so it would be nice if you did that so you can add them to the family collection.


Single Leo signs will get a lot of attention throughout the week, especially when the mysterious Moon enters Leo on the 25th of December. Married couples and taken signs will have a very pleasant week – however, you are forgetting about intimacy. Emotions and talking about feelings is great, but sometimes actions speak louder than words. Embrace your partner, feel their skin on yours. You will notice how much happier you will be and so will they. Because of your loving and nurturing nature, maybe it would be best for you to spend some time with your family. If you are not able to see them, then at least text them, call them, or Skype with them. A deceased family member or someone who was like a family member will be on your mind during the end of the week.


If you are in a relationship, it will be a lot easier for the two of you to find some kind of common ground. Fixing things, working on problems and patching up your relationship is something that will happen easily and naturally. Communication, and only honest communication, will be very important for both you and your partner. Venus in Scorpio will make single Virgo signs want to date and meet new people. Show off your charm and your charisma! However, stay away from Capricorn signs this week. You just won’t vibe with them. If you haven’t seen a family member that you care for deeply in a long time, be sure to give them a call this week. Some financial gain is very possible during the weekend.


This week will be great for your future. It will be very easy for you to focus and to concentrate on the work that needs to be done in the next period and you are ready for it. If you are taken, you are feeling like your partner is slowly losing interest in you. It’s because you have stopped doing certain things that you used to do for them that they loved. With Neptune in soft and sensual Pisces, you will be inspired to do something for you partner that will make the both of you feel a bit nostalgic. This will bring you closer together. With the Moon entering Capricorn at the end of the week, you will be a bit hesitant when it comes to spending time with your family.


You and your partner are an inseparable team. They are always on your side, no matter what. With Venus in seductive Scorpio, you will be in your element, but you will also experience some mood swings. Some will be more drastic than others. It will go from boring small talk about the least interesting things or just simply talking about your day to hot, hot, hot passion! Just make sure that you are still respectful towards your partner. Single signs will enjoy flirting with an Aries. Since Pluto governs your emotions, you are feeling scared to show certain emotions to your family. You must not worry about this. Your family won’t judge you. It’s okay to share your feelings and emotions with them.


By nature, you are a warm person, and you just want to spread joy and happiness, but you can be extremely selfish from time to time and a little “too honest”, Sagittarius. Be careful that you don’t hurt the people that you love that way. Single Sagittarius signs won’t feel like going out and meeting people today. Try downloading a dating app and see what happens. You will get some very sound and interesting advice from a colleague who has more experience than you. Listen to the wise words that they will share with you. They will be very useful one day. Even though you love them dearly, a Libra member of the family will give you a bad vibe this week.


Things are going well, but you are very jealous of your partner. Whenever they start spending more time with somebody, you start feeling sketchy and like there’s something they are doing something that they shouldn’t behind your back. Tell them about these feelings that you have been having. Single signs will enjoy being around a Scorpio. The power of Venus in Scorpio will make you feel very seductive. With Pluto, the planet that governs where we feel powerless, but also where big change happens, in Capricorn, you feel the need to break a routine in your life. You will be a little bit hesitant when it comes to spending time with your family. You’d rather spend your time with friends than with family members who will bicker all the time.


You might experience feelings of anxiety and depression this week. If you have a therapist, go see them as soon as possible. If you have a family member who struggles with the same problems or similar, it would be good if you could give them a call and ask them for advice. You shouldn’t be alone when you are going through a lot. Single Aquarius signs who are ready to mingle will have a great time in any social setting, especially at the end of the week when the stunning Moon enters Capricorn. It will be easy for you to talk to that one person that you really like. Charm their socks off!


With Venus in Scorpio affecting you this week, you will feel like flirting with people, no matter if you are single or taken. Taken signs will get in lots of trouble because of this, so try to restrain yourself. However, if your heart has recently been broken, then try to push yourself to be amongst people. And not just any people, but the people that you deeply care about. It is very possible that you will struggle a bit financially at the end of the week but the power of Jupiter will balance it all out. Talk to a Virgo member of the family. The two of you have drifted apart and you miss that person. Communication and honesty repair a lot of damaged relationships.

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