Your Weekly Horoscope: Monday 28 January – Sunday 3 February

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Your Weekly Horoscope: Monday 28 January – Sunday 3 February


This psychic reading tells you what awaits for the week ahead…

By Editorial Team | 28th January 2019
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This week is going to be all about learning a very important lesson. Mars, your ruler planet, is in Aries, which means that it will provide you with the energy, strength and wisdom that you need to learn what is necessary. Keep in mind, this won’t be a pleasant experience. You will learn a lot about yourself, and you will feel more at peace after all of that is over. Taken Aries signs are going to be faced with some problems from the past that haven’t been properly dealt with.  It’s important that you listen to your partner and that you feel heard too. A good relationship can’t be formed without some compromise. If you are single, then this is the time when you are going to “define” a relationship that you have with someone. Are you just friends or are you something more?


Some boundaries are meant to be crossed and some are there for the right reason. This week you will learn that lesson the hard way. On Monday, if you experience a gut feeling about something, then follow it, even if you can’t explain it properly. Someone who is living abroad is going to reach out to you this week because they need your help. Be wary of their motives, though. The universe is sending you very powerful energy this week. Your connection with your family is going to be especially strong towards the end of the week.  No matter if you are single or in a relationship, this week you are going to meet a very beautiful individual who will sweep you off your feet. They seem perfect for you and you will be fascinated by everything they say or do.


Your health is great this week, so it would be great if you did some more physical exercise outside. Don’t forget to stay hydrated, and for this period it would be best if you ate less processed and greasy food. On Sunday, you can expect a good change in your finances. However, if you are thinking about investing your money in a business, it would be best if you thought about it for another week. If you are married, you might notice that your partner is a bit irritated lately. Try to have an open conversation with them about what’s been bothering them. If you can, try to look for a solution together. If that isn’t possible, just let them know that you are there for them no matter what. It would be spectacular if you surprised your partner this weekend. It will make your bond stronger and they mind end up feeling a bit less stressed.


People who are single will meet someone very seductive this Thursday. It might even be a cute colleague from work or a friend who you had never thought about in that way. Let loose, and see what happens. Venus is sending you good energy, so flirting will be second nature. Taken signs are in desperate need of some change. If you are in a long term relationship, but the two of you are living apart, this would be the ideal time to talk about moving in together – as Mercury is sending you great energy. Married couples will need to do something this weekend that will spice their marriage up a bit. Don’t go to your regular restaurant or cafe. Try something new, maybe even something a bit wild. You need to strengthen your bond with a younger member from the family.


It seems like whatever you do isn’t good enough. You have been doing extraordinary well, and you will soon see that the people around you will agree with this. You might feel a little down but it will soon blow over, and you will be your old, happy self again. Think about your goals, think about what makes you happy, think about what you want in life, and think about what you don’t really need in your life. An elderly Virgo member from the family will be happy to help. Taken Leo signs have a wonderful week ahead of them, full of love, care and passion. However, single Leos will have a totally different situation. One second you are completely infatuated by someone, and in the next moment you find them extremely boring. You need someone who can challenge you – both mentally and physically.


You really shouldn’t worry about work this week. Everything you’ve done is impeccable, so stress is completely unnecessary. Try doing something fun, either alone, with family or with friends. It will help you get rid of some of that negative energy that’s built up. This Tuesday, you will see someone who you haven’t seen in a long time. They will remind you of a past life, but in a very good way. Get their contact and get in touch with them. During the beginning of the week, you can expect your partner to do something really nice for you. It’s very little, in sense of size, but it will mean the word to you. Be equally as kind to them, and be sure to express your gratitude towards them. Single people will enjoy flirting with people all week, without any intent of making any of it serious. The flirting just helps your ego a bit.


It doesn’t matter if you are married, just entered a relationship, or have been single for years – you are feeling good. Venus is sending you a lot of positive energy and everyone can see that. You are simply radiating good energy and positive vibes, and this is going to draw a lot of people in. Don’t be surprised if you get flirted with all week and if you end up giving your number out to a lot of people. This week will be great for making new friendships and for doing new things. When the Moon enters Aquarius at the end of the week, you are going to think a lot about your childhood and your parents. As always, you are well off financially. However, it would be great if you made a budget and stuck to it. Try not to gamble this week. Luck isn’t on your side.


Lately, you have been a bit too obsessed with material things, and your friendships and relationship are deteriorating because of it. Stop obsessing about which fancy restaurant to go to, and try to make a great home cooked meal for yourself and some friends. This Thursday, when the Moon enters Sagittarius, you will feel a great need to be surrounded with people that you care about. If you have family that lives close, it would be great if you invited them too and spent some time with them. They miss you dearly and they just want to be a part of your life. Single people might feel a bit lonely this week. Don’t worry, you will meet someone when you least expect it. People in relationships will experience a few ups and downs. This is normal, especially when you are in a long term relationship.


You can expect that a very mysterious person is going to capture all of your attention this week. It might be an acquaintance from the past, or it might be someone that you have gotten to know at work. You are going to play along with their game, but to what extent? People who are in committed relationships should just enjoy each other’s company this week. Do something relaxing or that you both really enjoy doing. Cuddle up together and watch a good movie or two. Intimacy is very important in relationships, so make sure that you keep the spark alive. With your ruler planet, Jupiter, in Sagittarius, sending you good energy, you will feel good and confident when around your family. However, you might clash with a water sign.


Sometimes, you are too proud to admit that you are wrong. However, you must remember that it’s okay to apologize and making mistakes is normal. Keep your head high, and learn from it. You can anticipate that this week will be more challenging than the last one. You are going to grow and you are going to mature. Opportunities will come to you when you least expect them, so be ready for whatever the universe throws at you. With Venus in Sagittarius, people who are single are going to have a great time meeting new, interesting people. It will be fun for you to talk to people who have a different mindset to you. You might even learn a thing or two. Taken people who are in long term relationships are going to discuss taking the next step. The next step might be talking about marriage, or having children. Your family is going to be thrilled.


At the end of the week, your love life will be a lot clearer. You will finally know what ground you are standing on, and it will make you feel at ease. The universe will provide you with the energy that you need, physically and spiritually, to get through this week. You might experience a few hardships and falling outs with family members, but you will get through this. Try to look at things from a different perspective. You might be able to understand people better this way. Your love life might feel like a light switch these days. Some days it will be great, but on other days it won’t be as great. If you are in a relationship, tell your partner about the feelings that you are experiencing. Don’t just bottle it up, because that won’t do any good.


Your love life is going great, Pisces. You have a very loving and kind partner who always wants to be there for you. However, you do have a tendency to feel like it’s all too much. It’s okay if you want or need some alone time. Talk to your partner about it and they will understand. Single people might feel a bit sad and lonely this week. Even though Venus in Sagittarius is sending you good energy, with the Moon entering Aquarius, you might think about ex partners or good times that you had in the past. Don’t dwell on this. Call your best friend or a family member who you love and adore, and do something fun together. When it comes to your financial situation, you are doing exceptionally well. You might even receive some money that you loaned someone.

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