Your Weekly Horoscope: Monday 17th – Sunday 23rd December

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Your Weekly Horoscope: Monday 17th – Sunday 23rd December


This psychic reading tells you what awaits for the week ahead…

By Editorial Team | 17th December 2018
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If you are single, this week will be a bit of a confusing time for you. With Venus in Scorpio, you will attract a lot of people and you are not really sure why. People are drawn to both your looks and your intelligence. If you are taken, today you’ll have a few minor fights, but it will all be easily fixed because of the energy that Mercury is sending you.


Pluto is the planet that governs where big change happens but it also governs where you feel powerless or weak. This week is not the best time to try out new things. Stick to what you like and keep on doing what you know that you like. Your family is going to need your help this week, so be ready for that. Make some plans together for the holidays and surprise your favorite family member with a thoughtful gift. If you are single, this week will be very interesting for you. You have a crush on someone and with powerful Venus in mighty Scorpio, you might feel brave enough to approach them. Taken signs will have an amazing week with their partner.


For some reason you will think about an ex or someone who you used to date where things ended with you parting ways. If you really want to, contact them. A casual talk will not do any harm. But if you are in a relationship, it might not be the best thing to do. With the Moon, the planet that governs emotions, sending you energy, this week you will want to spend time with your family. They mean a lot to you and you are very attached to them. Try to surprise your close ones with thoughtful gifts. If you live with family members, you will notice some tension in the air today. It’s probably due to the stress that you are all feeling because of the holidays.


You are happily in love. The person you are with makes you feel complete and like everything in the world makes sense. This week, you will feel like the two of you are completely in sync. If you are single, try meeting some new people at the end of the week, or finally go on that date you wanted to go on. If you are not close with your family, use this period as a time to show your close friends how much you appreciate their friendship. However, if you are close to your family, your ruler planet will draw you towards them. You need their support and to feel their love. If possible, go see them.


If you are taken, you will feel extremely comfortable with your partner. The two of you are simply unstoppable. Venus is really doing wonders for your relationship. Your partner loves it when you are more emotional and when you actually show how you feel. Single signs will feel like taking a risk when the Moon enters Pisces at the end of the week. Show respect towards family traditions, and do not be scared to get a little more emotional with them this week. Give them a little sign of appreciation and tell them how much you cherish them. Holidays have always been a great time for you to be around your family.


Signs who are single are going to think about someone who was very important in their past. It might be an ex partner, or a person who you used to be close to. Try to process these feelings and try to focus on going forward. Taken Virgos will have a minor falling out with their partner about holiday related stuff. Just talk it out and you will be able to fix the problem easily. With Mercury, your ruler planet, in Sagittarius, you will feel confident and inspired. If your family likes to drink during the holidays, it would be best if you didn’t overdo it with the alcohol. You will receive a very interesting invite this week for a new and easy way to make money.


Spend time with your elderly family members this week. With the Sun in Sagittarius for the most part of the week, you will feel like wanting to make them smile and you just love seeing them happy. However, if you live with family members, there might be some tension in the household. Don’t forget to offer to help your family, especially during holiday season because they will need all the help that they can get. When it comes to your love life, everything is going pretty well. You’re not complaining, but taken signs are going to crave some more attention and intimacy from their partner. Make sure to have some money set aside for any kind of emergency.


Your partner is being extremely needy and you have been thinking of breaking up with them. You hate partners who have this trait. Sleep on this decision, though. Everyone has good periods and bad periods. Maybe your partner just needs a little more attention from you. Single Scorpio signs will feel the power of Venus in Scorpio very intensely this week. However, don’t try to flirt with Gemini signs because you will just end up wasting your time. Pluto is the planet that governs where we feel powerless and it’s currently in Capricorn. You are worried about something. And that something is related to either your family as a whole or one particular family member.


When it comes to your love life, everything is completely fine. If you are single, you are having a great time flirting with people and meeting people. Both Venus and Mercury are sending you excellent vibes today. Taken Sagittarius signs will enjoy every second that they spend with their partner, especially if they do something outdoors with them this week. Stay away from food that is high in cholesterol, because your weak spot is the stomach. You might end up feeling sick today if you eat too much fast food or too much greasy food. Give a family member that you really care about a call, and make plans with them for the holidays.


If you are dating someone, you are quick to tell if you really like this person or not. Especially now that Venus, the planet that governs love and passion, is in Scorpio. Be direct and be honest with this person. Couples who have been together for a while are going to talk about plans for the future this week. This could be the start of something new and wonderful. Single Capricorn signs will enjoy a fling from their workplace. If your family is giving you a bad vibe, then try to either give them a call or hang out with friends or people you consider family. Arrange some fun plans for the holidays, and don’t forget to get them at least a little sign of appreciation. It doesn’t have to be a big or expensive gift. Just something thoughtful and kind.


Venus, the planet that governs love, passion and desire, is in Scorpio and it’s messing with your head a bit. If you are in a relationship, you are feeling good but you are comparing them to an ex-partner of yours. You shouldn’t do that, Aquarius. Everybody is different! If you are single, you will have a lot of fun with a group of people who are as outgoing as you are. Take care of your body, your mind, and your spirituality this week. A family member misses you a lot, and it’s someone who is either an air sign or a water sign. If you can’t physically be with them, have a long call over the phone, Skype with them, or FaceTime them. If you have a younger sibling, get them a gift for the holidays.


You will feel all lovey-dovey with your partner this week. The power of Venus is strong, and the two of you can feel it. You can’t keep your hands off each other and it’s adorable. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures this week. Single Pisces signs won’t have a hard time finding a date, but they will have a hard time finding a date that isn’t boring. Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, is in Sagittarius this week, so will be sending you lots of good luck. Holidays are always very stressful for you, so do your best to stay organized. Listen to the advice a family member will give you.

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