Your Weekly Horoscope: Monday 19th – Sunday 25th November

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Your Weekly Horoscope: Monday 19th – Sunday 25th November


This psychic reading tells you what awaits for the week ahead…

By Editorial Team | 19th November 2018
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This week will be a very interesting week for you. With your ruler planet, the mighty Mars, incurious and imaginative Pisces, you will enjoy being around creative and inspiring people. They will help you stay motivated and ambitious. If you want to take your loved one or your potential crush on a date, it would be best if you did that during the beginning of the week. Venus, the planet that governs love, will be in seductive and mysterious Scorpio which will make you feel more passionate and fiery. However, don’t make any big financial decisions this week. Especially if you are thinking about making a big investment. You might meet someone where interesting in your work environment, be careful because they are not what they seem. Mercury in retrograde might bring some problems with your style of communication.


Ever since your ruler planet, powerful Venus, entered Libra on the first of November, you have been taking on new challenges. You can already see and feel how much your life is changing. Taken Taurus signs will enjoy doing something outdoors with their partner. Single signs will be heavily under the influence of Mercury in retrograde. An ex might call or text you this week. If you are thinking about changing your job or asking your boss for a promotion, you should definitely do it this week. The stars and planets are all on your side! With the Sun, the planet that governs how you express yourself, in cool and feisty Scorpio, this week might be the perfect time for you to organize a small family gathering.


Mercury, your ruler planet, but also the planet that governs communication and how you express yourself, is in Sagittarius and is sending you very powerful energy. This means that you will be more focused on yourself and your own progress rather than focusing on other people. This will be good for you, but it might harm the relationship that you have with some people. Other than that, this week will be amazing for you. Don’t be surprised if a lot of people approach you this week! People are simply attracted to your charismatic personality. Venus in Libra is going to make you feel extra flirty. If you are in a relationship, this week will really remind you of why you love your partner so much. Do something romantic for them. It will make your bond with them stronger! Remember that you will be heavily affected by the Moon this week, so surround yourself with positive energy.


By nature, you are very intuitive and very passionate. You care about your family and your close ones more than you care about yourself. This week, you will have the opportunity to help someone that you care deeply for. Don’t expect anything in return. If there is a family member that you haven’t talked to in a while, it would be great if you called them or talked to them on Skype. It will mean a lot to them. When your ruler planet, the Moon, enters Taurus during the beginning of the week, you will feel a boost of confidence. Try to go out more this week, wear something that you usually don’t wear, and do something that will make you feel good about yourself.


During this week, you can expect a lot of crazy things to happen! By the end of the week, you will feel exhausted both mentally and physically. With your ruler planet, the powerful Sun, in mighty Scorpio, you will be even more driven and passionate than you usually are. Use this extra energy for good things. Spend some time with your family, and spend some time with your closest friends. Don’t let these kinds of relationships deteriorate. Taken Leos with a short temper might have some discussions with their partner about things that happened in the past. Try to keep a cool head, and talk it out. No matter if you are single or taken, communication will be very important for you this week.


Your ruler planet, powerful Mercury, is sending you some powerful energy this week. Use it wisely, Virgo. Try to do something useful and empowering. This will make you feel good about yourself and about your life. Whatever you do, do your best to maintain a positive mindset. A water sign from your family will ask you for help this week. Your support will mean a lot to them. Neptune in Pisces will affect your love life this week and it will bring out some emotions that were buried away. If you are married, try to find a nice, relaxed activity that you can do with your partner. With Mercury in retrograde, it’s highly likely that single Virgo signs will focus more on work than on friends and family.


This week, you will need to make a big decision that could possibly change your life. Give yourself some time and think about it. You can ask for advice from your family and/or  friends, but in the end, the decision needs to be fully and completely yours. With Venus, your ruler planet, but also the planet that governs love, in mighty Libra, you will feel incredible this week. Your love life will be very interesting and exciting this week, no matter if you are single or taken. However, you might have some issues with your partner or with your close ones due to miscommunication. Miscommunication is always highly possible during Mercury in retrograde. Try to be careful with your words, and think about people’s feelings before you speak.


One of your ruler planets, Pluto, is sending you some powerful vibes this week. Even though you have a cold exterior, if you are in a relationship, it’s high time that you show them how loving and kind you actually are. You will do great in all aspects, especially when it comes to love, communication, new business ventures, and good luck will follow you this whole week. By nature, you are very driven and there is nothing you love more than to succeed. If you push yourself and if you keep on doing your best this week, great things will happen. Surround yourself with loving people who you care about. This week is great week for you to start something new. It could be a new physical activity, a new job, a new hobby or even a new relationship.


With Saturn, the planet that governs limitations, in Sagittarius, you must know what you can and what you can’t do. With Venus, the planet that governs love and money, in Libra, you will have no problem when it comes to your financial situation. However, it is not recommended that you buy expensive things this week. The Sun in Scorpio is sending you good vibes this week, so be sure to spread around that sense of joy with your friends and family. Do something that you have never done or that you have been putting off. Your loved ones or partner might feel like you are leaving them in the dark, so make sure that you clearly communicate with them this week. If you have younger siblings, pay them a visit.


It’s about high time that you “define” an “undefined” relationship. Are you friends or are you something more? Ever since Venus has entered Libra, you have been changing your mind a lot. Not just when it comes to your love life, but everything in general. Mercury in retrograde will guide you to the things that you should be more careful about in your style of communication. Other than that, this will be an exciting and fun week for you, Capricorn. You are the kind of person that always learns from their mistakes, so don’t stress about making a mistake. Just keep on doing your best and everything will be okay. If you live with your family members, the situation might be tense during the end of the week.


If you have been going through a tough time lately, you must remember that things will slowly get better and that you will feel a lot better at the end of all of this. The power of Uranus, your ruler planet, in Taurus, will help heal some wounds that were caused to you by people who you love and care about. This is a very sensitive period in your life, so you should surround yourself with people who genuinely and deeply care about you. Even though, by nature, you can be quiet and shy, you will feel energetic and ready for any task or challenge. With Neptune, the planet that governs what inspires you, in intuitive and creative Pisces, you will feel a rush of ideas coming to you this week. However, it will be very important for you to remember that just because you long for romance, that doesn’t mean that you should settle for anyone.


Your love life might have not been the most interesting, but all of that will change very soon. With Venus, the mighty planet that governs love and money, in passionate and fierce Libra, there’s no telling in what could happen. If you are taken, surprise your partner or the person that you have been dating with a surprise dinner, or a surprise in the form of a gift. It will mean the world to them. It doesn’t have to be something expensive, just a little token of appreciation. With Mercury, the planet that rules communication, in retrograde, you might have to pay a little more attention to the way that you speak to people. Honesty is always appreciated, but there’s no need for you to come off as harsh.

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  1. I’m truly enjoying the design and layout of your blog.
    It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more pleasant for me to come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a designer to create your theme? Outstanding.

  2. I’m a Virgo but I am not feeling any powerful energy this week. In fact I feel exhausted. What BS.

  3. I am a Taurus and have recently taken on some new life challenges so this psychic reading is accurate! Will tune in next week, thank you!

  4. I am a Capricorn and definitely need to work on my relationship! My friends are Pisces and Scorpio so I will share this weekly horoscope with them. Thanks!