What is a clairsentient and how does clairsentience work?

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What is a clairsentient and how does clairsentience work?


Feelings are what guide us through life, and cause us to make some key choices, whether it’s a small decision such as what to have for lunch or a major one like who to marry. Some people will be able to see through their feelings, and this is known as clairsentience. This is more than a sense of intuition, as it refers to being able to use all of your senses; all vibrations, energies and movements. Messages will come through as tastes, sounds, memories or feelings. It can be an overwhelming experience for the psychic, as they will potentially go through a series of emotions and experiences. Every reading is unique, and will be different according to who is involved – both psychic and client. There are no warning signs that an experience is about to happen; you have to be open to letting it happen at any time. Here is some more information about what clairsentient powers really mean.

By Imogen Groome | 7th May 2019
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What is a clairsentient?

On a basic level, clairsentience refers to the ability to feel things in as accurate a way as you see them. This particularly applies to things which aren’t clearly in sight, and may be in the background. It’s common for people who want to enhance their clairvoyance skills to pay little attention to this area, but it can be very powerful.

How does clairsentience present itself?

Emotional feelings – Sometimes a clairsentient will have a strong emotional or physical response, where they feel something such as joy, fear or disappointment. This leads to reactions, such as turning a certain way to avoid an accident or avoiding someone without ever having a good idea of why they’ve done so. Situations can be sensed very quickly, and they can have the ability to prevent bad things from happening. A clairsentient has to understand where the feeling originates – or act on it – in order for it to fade.

Sympathy or empathy – While both words sound similar, and it’s common for people to get them mixed up, they are actually two separate – but related – concepts. While sympathy refers to feeling an emotion such as sadness or compassion for another person, empathy involves a person putting themselves into another’s shoes to experience the situation from their perspective. Taking empathy a step further, clairsentients will often be able to know exactly what another person is going through. This can cause a psychic some emotional issues, as situations can arise such as a medium feeling overwhelming sadness which has nothing to do with them or their life, but is actually connected to another person’s feelings.

Physical feelings – It’s possible for clairsentience to trigger physical sensations in your body. This could be anything from a tickle to a feeling of pressure. Some have said they feel a tingling on their heads, while others will be unfortunate enough to feel physical pain in extreme cases. It’s common for clairsentients to also experience tapping, pulling or nudging. In this case, the purpose of these feelings is to direct attention towards a particular person, issue or resolution.

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Clairsentience presents itself in many ways (Picture: iStock by Getty)
So what kind of person is a clairsentient?

Generally speaking, they will be gentle people, who are good at listening. They tend to be anything but the life and soul of the party, as they will observe instead of being observed. They won’t really fit into a box, as they are quiet and deep, usually contemplating life. There aren’t many reference points for what a clairsentient looks like, partly because each one is different and partly because they aren’t hugely represented in popular media such as films and TV.

What skills do clairsentients have?

Overall, they are experts at understanding people, and won’t need to have known someone for long to figure out what makes them tick. They will know what causes someone to behave in a particular way and why another person finds that behaviour unbearable, which means they can act as a peacemaker with conflict resolution. They can get to the crux of an issue and work out what is driving it. This kind of empathetic emotional skill is partially inherited at birth, but also takes years of practice and skill. Most of all, the clairsentient must not only be willing to deal with their emotions, but be able to take on those of everyone else and make sense of them.

What do clairsentients do?

Those who seek the help of a clairsentient medium will find that they can do many things. For example, they can communicate with long-lost loved ones and relay information. This can go beyond simply making contact with the dead, as they will often relive their life experiences, including their happier times and disappointments. Only the most experienced of mediums will take on this role on a full time basis, as it can be challenging and draining.

What happens during an online clairsentient consultation?

Typically, once a client enters an online chat room, the clairsentient will be able to feel their emotions, energy and feelings. The rate at which this information is delivered will vary – sometimes this will all be felt at once, and at other times it will be delivered in instalments. Regardless, this means that clairsentients will be able to feel the client before they’ve even begun typing. As the conversation begins, a clairsentient will seek out the client on a deeper level. This will typically include looking for other parties involved in their lives, and opening themselves up for receiving information.

Some emotions can be felt more strongly than others. For example, if you are receiving a love consultation, and asking a question such as ‘Is he faithful?’ ‘Is he the one?’ ‘Does he love me?’, then some clairsentients will feel love the most strongly. In other words, if it’s there, it will definitely be felt.

It’s typical for clairsentients to say that they will experience what comes through more clearly, and be more sure of an outcome or event in the future, if there is a higher connection or stronger feeling involved. It can be described by some mediums as experiencing this facet of life in the same way as they experience the rest of day to day life. You can seek online consultations with mediums through psychic reading services such as Psychic Source, Keen, AskNow, Kasamba and Oranum. 

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What kinds of answers do clairsentients seek?

These types of mediums will seek the deeper types of answers that clients are looking for. This means that they won’t be interested so much in when someone didn’t perform an action or behave a certain way. Instead, they will want to know WHY this is the case. If you feel you need to get to the real reason behind why someone did something, then a clairsentient is the right person to go and see.

What is the end goal of a clairsentient?

Ultimately, a clairsentient exists in between people, trying to bring about healing and understanding. They want to make peace and help everyone to live in a place of love. Their message is that love is the answer, and they will guide each client towards gaining inner and outer love.

What problems do clairsentients encounter?

Some clairsentients may be falsely diagnosed with anxiety, depression or other disorders, with some developing addictive behaviours related to food, drugs or alcohol. These behaviours may occur as a response to the intense feelings which these people experience, that they cannot identify and may be scared or depressed by. Similarly, feeling emotions related to someone else means that you will be susceptible to channelling both the positive and negative. It can be difficult to grasp that you’re feeling an emotion or sensation such as someone else’s pain, and they can be difficult to control.

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Being a clairsentient can come with problems (Picture: iStock by Getty)
How do you know you’re a clairsentient?
  • You’re a sensitive person who has strong reactions to negative emotions
  • You only spend time with people who don’t make you feel drained or exhausted
  • You can understand other people’s issues without much help or guidance
  • You love to see ancient or historical places due to feeling the layers of energy
  • It’s easy for you to empathise with others
  • You can generate good relations with anyone you meet
  • You have struggled with intense emotions all your life
  • You think deeply about why things happen and what their purpose could be
  • You experience strong feelings as a result of small or unimportant events
  • You are a very wise person, despite your age
  • You never trust what you are told, going with what you feel instead
  • It’s easy for you to work out what people’s’ true intentions are
  • You feel a strong desire to help people
  • You sense energy in a room
  • You are sensitive to your environment
  • Your gut feelings are strong
  • People say you’re too sensitive
  • Your mood changes when you enter a room
  • You’re sensitive to temperature changes
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