What is a clairaudient?

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What is a clairaudient?


Clairaudience is an ability many psychics and mediums will have, or want to develop. In essence, it’s the capacity to receive a vocal message from the spirit world or a higher being. If you’re a clairaudient, you are able to transcend the physical world with your hearing and reach sounds from beyond. These people are incredibly intuitive by nature, and can hear voices besides their own when the spirit world sends a message to them. Here’s some more about the world of clairaudience.

By Imogen Groome | 11th May 2019
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What kind of things do clairaudients hear?

Clairaudients will be able to hear messages which could be words, names, phrases, music or unintelligible sounds. Sometimes it will sound as if you’re thinking to yourself, while on other occasions it may be a different sounding voice from the ones we usually hear. It could sound as if it’s located right next to you, or be right inside your head. Alternatively, it could echo as if it’s coming from another dimension, or sound like a deceased loved one.

How can you receive clairaudient messages?

You can receive messages as a clairaudient in a number of ways:

  • Within your head, as your own voice
  • Sounds, music or words in your head
  • External music or sounds with no source
  • A voice received telepathically which sounds like that of the spirit
  • A warning received externally
When do clairaudients hear voices?

Sometimes clairaudients will hear a warning voice in times of crisis, and this can be quite disorienting if they are quite young when it starts happening. For example, clairaudients may receive a voice in their head telling them to move away from a certain area or not to go out at a certain time, and then later discover in the news that there was a fire or other disaster or tragedy in that location, meaning that their voice had guided them to safety and away from danger.

Where do clairaudient messages come from?

Once clairaudients have refined their abilities, it may be possible for them to know where their messages are coming from. For example, your higher self could be sending you a message, or someone you love who has passed away could be trying to get through to you. Or perhaps a spirit guide wants to send you a warning, or offer guidance.

A woman is a prophet sorcerer and a preacher in a black mystical cloak with a hood against a dramatic background
Clairaudients can receive messages from spirit guides (Picture: iStock by Getty)
Can you develop clairaudience?

While some people are born to the skill of clairaudience, with the voice simply appearing one day and requiring them to simply get used to it or deny it exists, it’s also possible for it to be an acquired skill. It can be described as similar to learning to ride a bike, swim or play an instrument – practice makes perfect, and doing so regularly will bring about the best results. The skill can be fine tuned in a similar way to how you would get to know someone in a relationship; you learn what different behaviours mean and start to recognise certain signs which carry significance.

What kind of people are clairaudients?

Psychic abilities tend to be linked with creative people, who have a less rigid way of thinking and instead let their thoughts flow. They won’t shut out the flow of information, choosing instead to accept it and let it in. They will have fewer inhibitions and won’t be alarmed by new concepts, ways of thinking or guiding voices in their heads. They will think deeply about concepts and be at ease with nature. Perhaps they have always felt a connection to the spirit realm, or felt there was someone guiding them, such as a guardian angel. They can be loners, having only a few friends at a time, but these connections are meaningful and long-lasting.

How do you know you’re prone to clairaudience?

There are several ways you can identify an affinity for clairaudience. Here’s what to look out for:

  • You prefer to listen to radio and podcasts, or listen to audiobooks instead of reading physical copies
  • You love music and may play an instrument yourself
  • You are sensitive to noise, and if you’re in a loud environment for a while this could make you feel drained or irritable
  • You like to write your own music as it’s a healing and therapeutic process for you
  • You hear ringing in your ears or high pitched sounds, but there isn’t a reason for this that doctors can identify
Crystal ball on the railing of the Carmona viewpoint at sunrise
Some people experience clairaudience from an early age (Picture: iStock by Getty)
Is having clairaudience scary?

While some people accept being a clairaudient, others will fear it and treat it as if it were a curse. Understandably, some people will find it scary to hear a voice in their head, especially in the middle of the night, when they’re alone or when they least expect it. Some will believe they are having a psychotic episode. However, there are substantial differences between these and psychic experiences.

Elements of a psychotic episode:

  • Tormented by their inner voice
  • Voice may tell them to do something destructive
  • Person is not engaged with reality
  • Person lacks the ability to understand consequences
  • Person may take risks due to believing they have superhuman abilities

Elements of a psychic experience:

  • Usually guided and soothed by their inner voice
  • Voice will guide them away from danger or offer advice
  • Person remains engaged with reality
  • Person will remain aware of the consequences of their actions
  • Person won’t take risks or believe they have superhuman abilities
How can you develop clairaudience abilities?

There are several exercises you can carry out in order to develop your skills as a clairaudient. Here’s an overview:

Sit and listen

Wait until you’re alone at home and feeling peaceful. Turn off any outside distractions, such as TV, radio, music or electronic devices such as your laptop or mobile phone. Open the window and take the time to simply sit, listening to the sounds around you. Isolate each sound and focus on it for a little while. Whether it’s people chattering outside, traffic, dogs barking, the wind rustling through the trees, the washing machine in your home…take it all in and be fully aware. This will help you to open up your senses and gain access to new channels that exist.

Ask questions

The first step here is to come up with a question that bears significant impact on your life at the current moment in time. You can make the question more vivid by focusing on it, visualising the people and places the question relates to, and ensuring you’re breathing deeply and relaxing throughout the process. This will enable you to improve your sensitivity to voices which you wouldn’t otherwise hear, due to subconsciously shutting out your awareness to them. After a while, you should start to hear them.

Let in your inner voice

Many people ignore their feelings of intuition, but there are people out there who will not only acknowledge it, but respect it. For example, a person who acts according to their rationale and doesn’t let passing moods control their actions will not be accustomed to tapping into their emotions. It can be beneficial to listen to your inner voice in all areas of life. For example, if you’re wondering whether you should go on date, and an inner voice urges you to go for it.

Musical exercise

Listen to music with heavy instrumentals or classical music in order to train your ears to detect different types of sounds, as well as the more subtle ones. Do this by focusing on just one instrument until you have separated out its sound from the rest. Then move on to another instrument, and repeat until you have singled out every instrument on the track.

Imagine sounds

It becomes easier to hear telepathic messages if you can sit in a silent room and imagine music playing in your mind. It doesn’t just have to be songs, but could be sounds from your past, such as your siblings fighting when you were growing up or the sound of the birds in the trees outside your childhood bedroom window. By imagining a variety of sounds, and as many as you can on a regular basis, it will become easier to let in messages from the spiritual realm.

What do clairaudients do for clients?

People who attend sessions with clairaudients will be connected with people who have highly developed clairaudience abilities, and they will be able to help clients to achieve clarity in various areas of their lives by connecting with the spirit world to receive important insights and messages. As a result, they can develop messages about parts of your life which may need improving, or suggest courses of action and outlooks to try adopting. You can visit psychic reading sites such as Keen, Oranum, AskNow, Psychic Source and Psychic Center in order to receive advice from mediums and psychics.

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