What happens at clairvoyant readings?

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What happens at clairvoyant readings?


Clairvoyance refers to having a heightened psychic and intuitive awareness. This can be acquired at birth, or be developed over time with psychic and spiritual learning. While clairvoyance technically only refers to an ability to see in a psychic way, it has become an umbrella term to describe all of the known clair-senses.

By Imogen Groome | 12th May 2019
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What are the clair-senses?
  • Heightened hearing (clairaudience). This involves being able to hear people even if, on the outside, they are totally silent. They can access audio beyond the standard confines of time and space.
  • Heightened smelling (clairscent). This is an intense and perceptive sense of smell, not bound by the physical realm.
  • Heightened tasting (clairgustance). You will have a sense of taste that goes beyond what the standard human being experiences.
  • Heightened feelings (clairsentience). People who can tune into situations, people or places on a deep level, taking in the energy and vibrations.
  • Heightened vision (clairvoyance). Perceiving things with either an inner vision or an extended visual capacity.
How does clairvoyance work?

As a whole, the clair-senses help psychics to gain information and insights about a person, location, event or object using enhanced perception. This means they can see, hear, feel, smell and taste in ways that go beyond the standard sensory range of a human. As the sensory range is wide, it isn’t as simple as passing a certain boundary. Instead, there will be people who see, hear or feel more than others to a certain extent.

These people will be more in tune with their experiences than the average person. They have an ability to interpret what they feel, and can sometimes feel things like emotions, being able to apply labels to them in real time. For those who are skeptical, consider that a dog can’t see red, as their retinas don’t have the ability to process this colour. However, they can smell fear in the people around them. This means that people question whether the nature of our human eyes means they don’t see some things which exist directly in our line of vision.

Why do people visit clairvoyants?

You can visit a psychic with any issue you are having in your life. You may want to improve your relationships, and the questions here are plentiful. Perhaps you’re having issues with your partner, or some sort of family drama. Alternatively, maybe you’re having problems with a colleague or employee, or you’re wondering when and where you’ll meet the right person to settle down.

Perhaps you need help with your personal life. You may be in a slump and be in need of some direction, or be facing a big decision. It’s possible you’re having difficulty with staying engaged with part of your life, or want to know where you can find hope for the future. Improving your mindset, defining goals and focusing on them can be a source of confusion and helplessness for people.

Maybe you need some business or financial guidance. Do you have problems with money that you need help with solving? Possibly you could be struggling to know how and where to invest money. Or you could need help with increasing your salary, asking for a pay rise or similar.

Regardless of what you ask, it’s more than likely your psychic has heard it all before, so there’s no need to feel self-conscious.

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People visit clairvoyants for many reasons, from love to finances (Picture: iStock by Getty)
What kind of questions can I ask the medium?

As discussed previously, make sure the questions are open-ended where possible. To start with, you may have some closed questions such as ‘are you OK?’ and ‘are you happy?’. However, in order to get the most insight from a session, take in some questions that are designed to get the loved one talking in detail. Similarly, avoid asking passive questions, because these can only yield short responses. Asking how something can be achieved or what the source of a point of negativity is will enable answers which can be contemplated for some time, even after you have left the session. Finally, make the questions direct, and not hesitant. In other words, instead of asking ‘should I do X’, ask why something is happening or if you’re making good choices.

What can I expect during a reading?

When connecting with a medium or psychic online, the first step usually involves the medium explaining how the session will be conducted before they make preparations to connect with your loved one. You will probably receive messages about the person’s physical characteristics to start with – such as eye colour, hair colour, body type and also their personality. Other elements, which will provide additional confirmation that the person is in a form of afterlife, include information about their name, others in their family, any significant details from their medical history, favourite places to visit when they were alive and so on.

The message from this person will come next, and this can be the most exciting part of the reading. It’s also incredibly important, as the medium will pass on any information the loved one has for their client. This could be anything from reassurance they are OK, to messages of love, or praise for obstacles recently overcome. There’s no set time to get a psychic reading, and people can wait just a few days after the passing of their loved one to find healing from it, or they may need a few months to work through their pain before engaging with the services of a psychic.

Messages can come through from a loved one, or in response to questions you’re asking a psychic, in various ways. For example, you may get information on images a psychic is seeing, or descriptions of emotions attached to a situation or state of mind. Perhaps they will comment on the type of energy the loved one or question is attracting.

How can I get the most out of a psychic reading?

The first step is to make sure you find the right clairvoyant for your particular situation. Carry out some research instead of connecting with the first one you see, or basing your decision on factors such as how friendly they look or how cheap they are. Also look at customer ratings to see if they have a good reputation. You can go onto psychic reading sites such as Keen, Psychic Source, Psychic Center and Oranum to match with a medium, and some services offer a few minutes for free to get started. If this is the case for you, make the most of this time by getting to know their spiritual and psychic techniques. When you get to the stage where questions are asked, make sure they are as open-ended as possible, to make for detailed answers and significant insights.

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A psychic or medium can help you answer some key life questions (Picture: iStock by Getty)

If you have a set expectation of what a meeting will be like, it’s recommended to set this aside, as you can never know what will happen during a reading. Every psychic is different, and the experiences you can get therefore vary hugely. Additionally, you may not receive a message that you want to hear, and it’s important not to take out any frustrations or anger on the medium in such an instance. They are the messenger in this instance, and not the one directly crafting the message with any malicious intent.

Do clairvoyants really exist?

If you are determined that clairvoyants don’t exist, it’s unlikely that anything said here would be able to change your mind. However, many believe that babies are born with a large amount of clair-sensitivity and simply lose touch with it over the subsequent years due to factors such as skeptical parents, upbringing and education.

Most adults will experience a feeling, at some point in their lives, that’s a hunch or an instinct. It will tell them to avoid a particular area, pursue a relationship with someone or go for a job application. There won’t be anything tangible for them to pinpoint, but they will get a sense that they need to take a particular course of action.

Can you give yourself a psychic reading?

It can be possible to teach yourself some basic psychic skills, especially if you sense you have a particular affinity for sensing intangible elements beyond your material perception. To get started, centre yourself by practising meditation. Remove as many thoughts as possible from your mind, in order to declutter, and focus on an imaginary spot in the middle of your brain. Then ask yourself about your life, and what you need to know the most right now. Ensure the question you craft is clear, requiring a solid and specific answer. Keep it simple, too, so it can be explored later on in more depth. It can take time for any answers to come through, especially if you’re new to practising psychic readings on yourself. Focus on any images, sounds, smells, tastes or feelings that could occur. Some people will instantly receive an answer to their question, and it will feel like instinct or a hunch, while others will need to spend more time exploring themselves in order to find the answers they seek.

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