Weight Loss Tips 2019: Reasons you may be gaining weight without realising

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Weight Loss Tips 2019: Reasons you may be gaining weight without realising


Have you noticed that your clothes feel a bit tighter as of late? Are you finding it hard to button up your pants? Is your belly bulging more than you’d like it to? It means you’re gaining some weight, but why? Do you know what it is about your lifestyle that is leading to weight gain? Let’s look at some of the possible reasons.

By Editorial Team | 6th May 2019
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You are retaining water

You may be aware that you’re gaining weight and find it perplexing – you engage in physical activity, you’re healthy, you eat a clean diet…what could be the reason for this? Have you considered that it might be something like water retention? That can add a few pounds, not to mention dress sizes, leading you into a panic. See what you can do about your diet and water consumption and how you feel afterwards.

You are more sedentary than you used to be

Probably the most common reason for unsuspected weight gain is simply the fact that your lifestyle is much more sedentary than it used to be. Let’s face it – most of us work at a desk all day and probably drive to and from our jobs, and everywhere else. There simply isn’t that much opportunity for physical activity, and walking to the fridge and back doesn’t count. In time, that starts impacting your weight – and your waistline!

You can counteract that by searching for a good weight loss workout you can easily do in your home, whenever you have some free time. Going to the gym would be ideal, but we don’t all have time for that.

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Weight gain can creep up on us (Picture: iStock by Getty)
Your metabolism isn’t as fast as it used to be

Getting older and wiser is great, but unfortunately, we can’t ignore the less glamorous aspects of it – such as our changing metabolism. It just doesn’t work as quickly as it used to, meaning that it’s going to impact the way it processes your food, how quickly it does it, and how you gain weight. Gone are the days when you were able to eat whatever you wanted, with no consequences. Nowadays, it’s like you just think about French fries and your thighs get bigger.

You may be looking into weight loss programs and products. Weight loss providers such as Nutrisystem, Noom, MyFoodDiary, Trifecta, or LadyBoss can help you out when you feel like you’re gaining weight faster than you can drop it.

You’ve changed your diet

You may not have made a conscious effort to change your eating habits, but with lifestyle changes such as moving, getting a different job, getting married, having kids, getting older, etc. come dietary changes, and they’re not always positive. No one talks about how we end up having fast food for dinner three times a week once the kids are in school, or about how you eat so many carbs during winter.

While quick weight loss is often said to be a myth, it’s possible, if you take the right steps. If you look for a free weight loss plan online and make little changes, like switching to a weight loss breakfast, for example, that can make a big difference.

You may have a condition that favors weight gain

Sometimes, gaining weight is not at all about something you’re doing; it can have everything to do with your health, but not necessarily to do with your eating habits or gym habits. There are several health conditions that favor weight gain, including PCOS and hypothyroidism. So, if you notice a seemingly sudden and unexplained weight gain and you’re not pregnant, then it’s worth getting everything checked out, just to rule out a more serious medical issue.

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Good health is key to weight loss (Picture: iStock by Getty)
You may be depressed

Unfortunately, at times, even the best weight loss diet doesn’t help with the reason why you’re gaining weight. Depression is often the culprit for your weight fluctuation, and most people don’t even realize it. If you’ve not been feeling like yourself lately, that might have been affecting other aspects of your life as well, so seeking some counseling may help you more than you think.


As you can see, there are several reasons why you’re gaining weight without intending to or even realizing. Once you become more aware of the reasons, you can focus on a healthy and quick weight loss plan.

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