Weekly Horoscope: Monday 3 – Sunday 9 June

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Weekly Horoscope: Monday 3 – Sunday 9 June


This psychic reading tells you what awaits for the week ahead…

By Editorial Team | 3rd June 2019
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You’ll be dealing with a lot of social interaction this week, and most of your concerns over the next few days have to do with people. There is a romantic relationship in your life that may be uneven, in terms of feelings; don’t hurt someone who loves you. Family and friends are also coming to town, or you find a reason to travel to them to celebrate or just attend a gathering. New faces are showing up in your life and you may be creating some new, long-lasting bonds with new friends. While all these people can bring you joy, they can also make things difficult for you, because they can be very disruptive for your plans. If you’re a female Aries, guard your personal information because some people may be trying to take advantage of you using these details against you. There are some worries related to money, but it’s nothing major or that will last forever; things resolve themselves relatively quickly.


You may have some expectations that aren’t necessarily very realistic, so a disappointment might keep you in check and ensure that you’re not getting overly cocky. Finances will be a temporary concern for you, but nothing that will create very serious issues, so there is no need to stress out about it. Your plans may change because of an unexpected situation, so you’ll have to be flexible and think on your feet. Your reaction time can make the difference between an acceptable situation and one that creates real problems. You have some pleasant professional interactions with a person who may end up being a close ally for you at work. Do not hesitate in making them your friend. Some big finance-related changes are happening, but don’t let that scare you. There are some health issues cropping up for one of your relatives, but that should resolve quickly and favorably.


Work is a sensitive topic in your household right now, and it will be the root of some tension, whether because of your workplace or someone else’s. You’ll experience a positive event related to finances, as you are set to receive some unexpected income from somewhere. It is well received. Some DIY, remodeling, or home repairs may be in your future, so try to keep things calm and conflict-free on other fronts. Someone who lives far away may help you this week, so be sure to maintain your patience and understanding towards your contacts who are not local. Good news is also to be expected! A female figure will be tremendously helpful, especially for the male Gemini. Be careful – an overbearing influence from a mother, wife, or grandmother is not beneficial, so it’s a fine line to tread. The female Gemini can expect some mood swings and general emotional instability, so try not to make any rash decisions.


Your relationships are complicated this week, as you do receive an onslaught of love and affection, but you are not entirely convinced of its sincerity, whether it’s coming from family and friends or from a romantic partner. You can ease this feeling by taking your time to get to know and trust new partners. A lot of events may be taking place in the immediate future, so that might interfere with your plans, at least to some degree. They are all happy events and celebrations, so you don’t mind. Valuable information, advice, or help is coming from a male figure, particularly if you are a male Cancer. A health issue may surface (or resurface), so there may be some concern surrounding that. The female Cancer has a busy week socializing with friends and family, which will recharge you emotionally. It’s a week of conflict in the workplace, so it’s a good opportunity to practice staying calm.


A lot of positive developments are taking place, so there are plenty of reasons for celebrations and positive emotions. Something to pay attention to is your budget, as some surprise expenses may crop up out of nowhere and that can send you into a bit of a frenzy. There’s a lot of travel going on for you this week, and you can expect very positive developments in far away places. You’re a homebody at heart, though, so you avoid leaving the house as much as possible. You’ll get some valuable information from people in your workplace; it may even be information that can help you move forward and receive a promotion. Things are going well when it comes to money, but you do have to pay extra attention to your budget this week – you may be expecting a certain amount from somewhere, but delays sometimes happen and you’ve got to account for these moments.


You may encounter some conflict over the next few days, and the cause is unfortunately something fairly serious, so you won’t be able to just ignore it and wait for it to go away. There’s also some unfortunate news reaching you over the next few days, and it’s going to affect you negatively. However, this is also a week for positive developments and commitments, so an engagement, wedding, or even conception are in your future, so those are reasons for excitement and extreme happiness. If you are thinking about a marriage proposal, this is the week to do it. There may be some health issues surrounding a person you love or a relative of yours, so you will be asked to offer your help and support, which you do happily. You will find yourself disappointed at someone’s broken promise towards you.


It’s a great week for surprises, and you will see either a wonderful gift, or some financial profit you will greatly enjoy. It’s a very good week, in general, for the Libra, with personal relationships and romantic ones going swimmingly as well. You will spend some delightful time in the company of people you care about, and you may even make some surprises yourself. Work-wise, this is a good and productive week that allows you to complete some tasks and achieve some long-term professional goals of yours. Certain colleagues may give you a hard time, specifically male ones, but try not to respond in a way that will create conflict. At the end of the day, it’s a good week for work, even if a female figure proves to be disappointing. The female Libra, especially, has a very heavy social week, with connections and communication with people from numerous different places.


The week may start on a low note, due to the unpleasant news you receive about a female figure in your life, who is going through a difficult time. It’s also a big week for you in terms of long-term decisions and plans for the future; this is when you potentially decide something that may affect you for a long time, and it may require travel. Moving is not out of the question – in fact, it is very likely. It may seem like your romantic relationship is on the rocks, but you may find that it is all a question of perception – why do you have this impression, and is it because of things that others have been saying about you or about your loved one? Ignore malicious comments and gossip. The male Scorpio isn’t going through anything major, as they prefer to keep out of any dramatic developments for a while.


You may be getting exactly what you want, and from an unexpected source. Do not underestimate how well your friends know you and how they can anticipate your needs. It’s not going to be a particularly easy week, but it’s a week you can survive, as both positives and negatives await you. If you are currently experiencing a health problem, this is the time when you may be seeking treatment, or undergoing a stay at the hospital. You will find that certain things will line up perfectly for you or will otherwise settle in a way that you did not expect, but that was very simple. Nothing is as difficult or dark as it seems, so keep that in mind. You will feel the need to be closer and more intimate with your romantic partner and your love life can only benefit from this burst of affection. You can expect a visit from a good friend, and that may brighten your week significantly.


It’s a great week, from a financial point of view, as new opportunities arise, both that are beneficial for work and that result in a significant source of income. You will be able to pay off things and solve administrative and financial matters with ease, and may even engage in some negotiation. It’s a very favorable time for that, so if you’ve got a big purchase coming up, perhaps it’s time to make it. You have the chance to reflect on your relationships and realize where you’ve gone wrong in the past and what you can do to make things better, like having more patience. A special occasion may be coming up, so you’ll be celebrating a female figure in your life. It’s a good week for your love life, as you will enjoy good connections with your lover and with other friends. The female Capricorn has a lot of family-related responsibilities.


There is a big conflict brewing, most likely with a co-worker. It’s not going to end on a very positive note, and the relationship is probably going to sour long-term. You’re also experiencing some negative emotions related to a female figure in your life whose decisions may disappoint you in some way. There are some tensions within your family, but thankfully, these won’t be ongoing and will be resolved. The female Aquarius may find that they are better off thinking about their friends and who should really be close to them. There is a certain optimism to your thoughts about the future and the plans you are making. In fact, you may be having some meetings related to your future plans over the course of this week. You have some family who requires your support, but they are also happy to provide whatever help they can when you need it, so you never feel like it’s a one-sided relationship.


There is a situation at work that is a bit delicate, with someone being overly burdened by their workload or by some mistakes that someone made. It’s not necessarily your problem, but you may be required to support the efforts to rectify the mistake. This week will otherwise be fairly normal, but you will enjoy academic or professional success, whether you’ve got an exam, a project, or a review coming up. Someone in your family may also achieve something wonderful, so it’s reason for celebration. The female Pisces is especially successful this week, so retain your positivity when you feel bad moods coming on. Try not to create or exacerbate conflicts, because otherwise you may damage the relationships. You are set to receive some great news towards the end of the week, most likely in relation to a child or baby in your family.

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