Weekly Horoscope: Monday 29 April – Sunday 5 May

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Weekly Horoscope: Monday 29 April – Sunday 5 May

By Editorial Team | 29th April 2019
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This psychic reading tells you what awaits for the week ahead…


Personal relationships are really important for you this week, as you will have several impactful meetings or encounters. A connection with a young person or a child will leave you feeling upset, but it won’t be your fault, as you haven’t wronged them in any way. There is a woman in your life with whom things are a bit rocky, but you are striving to smooth things out; it’s just harder than you imagined it would be. She may be in a position of authority. Another person will be your main source of emotional support in the next few days – this person is most likely male, and they may be a friend, or even someone from work. If you have connections with a Pisces, Scorpio, or Cancer, be careful with them. The planets are bestowing good fortune upon you this week, but don’t take that to mean you’re invincible.


You’ll be a tad distracted this week because of personal problems, so you’ve got to be extra careful when it comes to tools or machines; a work injury is not out of the question. Both the home and professional environments may hold reasons for you to feel emotionally unstable. A man in your life is making some decisions that you find surprising, or even baffling, but you’ve got no control over his life, and if he doesn’t take your advice, there is nothing you can do. A female figure in your life is irritating you – particularly her romantic choices – and you may cause some hurt feelings with your honest opinions. A trip is on the cards for you, whether in the near future or later on. This is when you may be planning it.


This week comes with both positive and negative developments, and that’s a big lesson for you – whatever comes, you have to accept it. Changes are coming for you, and you may or may not like them, but you are not likely to be able to avoid them, so a change in your attitude is required as well. This major change is expected to happen at home. It may also be a happy change, in which case, there is no need to worry. Someone close to you will betray you, and you will be dealing with the fallout of these actions. You will be very hurt, and potentially negatively affected in other ways, so you need to make a decision regarding the potential end of this relationship. On a more positive note, other healthier relationships are going well, with friends rallying together to support you this week.


You need to get ready to receive guests, as you will have unexpected visitors coming. But you may also just be running into someone, you never know. In fact, running into people and meeting new people is a theme for you this week, and some very positive opportunities can come from this. These are people you have shared interests with, and who will be able to enrich your life in new and surprising ways. Someone who is a Capricorn, Virgo, or Taurus will influence your life in a very important way that may not be obvious yet. You’ll be reminiscing a lot over the next few days, and some of these memories may be of a past love. This doesn’t mean you will consider a reconnection, or that your former lover will return, but they do have a role to play that you will discover. There is a woman who may become involved in your finances; avoid her at all costs.


An important document features heavily in your life in the following days, and it’s most likely coming from a woman. It won’t get to you in time, which means you may get crucial information later than you’d like. You will experience some conflict with someone in your family, who is most likely male. He may or may not live in the same house as you, and the reason for this tension is not very clear, but you have to do your best to resolve it. Arguing will only make it worse. You’re doing great when it comes to money – your business or affairs are going well and you will enjoy success, but that doesn’t mean you are immune to failure. Do not rest too comfortably. There’s an event coming up, and it’s related to a young man in your family. Whether it’s a good grade, a prize, or just a birthday, it’s a reason for celebration.


There’s some possible danger surrounding a person who is a Pisces, Scorpio, or Cancer, who is a professional acquaintance. Nothing is certain, and things are not always what they seem; just keep an eye on them for now, and don’t make any moves you may come to regret. You may be feeling a bit under the weather this week, so you’d better start taking care of yourself. Investigate whatever is bothering you, so you can prevent a more serious impact. Despite all of that, this is still a great week for you and it will provide plenty of opportunity for you to successfully develop, whether it’s in your personal life or professionally. Issues may stem from relationships or communication with conflicting zodiac signs, but you can put your diplomacy skills to good use. There are special events and celebrations coming up, so enjoy them to the fullest!


You can expect this to be a great time for some positive professional developments, especially related to a possible raise. You will get money from a new source of income this week, whether that’s related to work or coming from somewhere else; in fact, the source may be completely unexpected. Travel is favored at this time, so take advantage of that in order to have a break. Be careful, as there may be reasons for cancelling or postponing. You can expect a conflict to arise and to create some tension within your family. It’s going to cause a lot of stress for you and for other members, and the consequences will be severe, but unsurprising. A Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius will be a cause for concern, and you will be worried about a matter of health, whether that’s your own or a loved one’s.


You need to pay attention to a matter related to finance and to a female figure in your life. She may have pledged to give you a loan or gift you money, but it is very possible that she will not come through with that promise, leaving you in the lurch. It may create problems for you, even professionally. A child will bring you joy this week, especially if they are a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn. There will be wonderful news related to them. A friend of yours or someone you know suffers an impactful loss in this period which saddens you, and you provide emotional support. A new baby is a reason for immense happiness in the family, so you’ll be celebrating all week. There are some tense relationships this week, especially between two males in your family or social circle. Each of them wants to have their way and dominate, but that is not possible.


Do your best to avoid conflicts and tensions this week, as they will not unfold in your favor. It’s better to just stay away from them altogether. Your emotions are going to be more difficult to control than usual. There is a person in your life who will provide you with some romantic and very special moments that may even turn into a proper relationship. There is a very special event coming up that is related to a female figure in your life, that you may need to make a purchase for. There are exciting things lying ahead in terms of property, whether you’re buying or selling, moving, or making some repairs. You will be angry at a Sagittarius, Leo, or Aries, but try not to allow these negative feelings to overcome you; think about what is happening and make rational decisions.


A Pisces, Scorpio, or Cancer may create problems for you this week, or you may experience some negative developments together; be extra careful around them. Some home improvements are on the horizon, or you may be making some exciting purchases for your house – enjoy it! Travel is on the cards for you, most likely to see family. There may be a reason or an event for it, but it could also just be a regular visit to your relatives who live far away. Female Capricorns may not have the best of luck in the following days, so it’s best to prepare for the unexpected. You will reach a goal, achieve something important, or have an exciting professional development, and it will be with the help of a female figure you have the good fortune of meeting. Some conflict is on the horizon, but if you try to temper your expectations, you may not be as disappointed.


Earth and Air zodiac signs are influencing you in the week to come in important ways, and they may even change your life in a way you never expected. Your actions, thoughts, and decision-making process will very much depend on these figures. You are doing very well financially, and there is a good chance you will receive a source of income from a male figure. This person could be a friend, or a member of your family. It is also possible that they will give you a great idea for a future endeavor that will result in financial success. If you experience any sort of emotional instability this week, then be careful and try not to make decisions, as they will be impacted. If a woman is promising you income or any sort of easy money, don’t be fooled. There are some developments taking place related to a child in your life, whether that’s your own or someone else’s.


It’s a very unstable week, and things change for you several times. You will experience both positive and negative moments, and a lot of uncertainty. You’ll have to be ready at all times, as you’ll have to tackle all sorts of things. In terms of negatives, you’ll receive some false information, or a document that is incorrect – and that could cause some problems. There’s a new professional challenge and opportunity available on the horizon, with some changes in the financial department. Because things change so much this week, that could lead to you feeling on edge constantly and snapping at people more easily. Try not to give in to the stress and tension and communicate, rather than reacting. Things are complicated when it comes to your romantic life, as you are trying to reconnect with a previous lover you still have feelings for, but they may have started a new relationship. Communicating with other people will help you tremendously in your professional life.

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