Weekly Horoscope: Monday 27 May – Sunday 2 June

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Weekly Horoscope: Monday 27 May – Sunday 2 June


This psychic reading tells you what awaits for the week ahead…

By Editorial Team | 27th May 2019
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Your family is featuring prominently for you this week, as there are some relatives who are going through a delicate time, and may even be visiting you for a while to deal with their problems. Your presence and support may be required, and an event may take place that you need to attend. The issue at hand may be related to health. A new opportunity or chance for improvement arises, whether that’s on the professional front or elsewhere. Before jumping to accept, think long and hard about whether you actually want this change and whether you have what it takes to deal with it in a positive manner. It’s a favorable time to establish some new connections and acquaintances, especially in the professional realm. Travel may be in your future, and it could be for a visit. Important decisions will be made this week, and you will also benefit from some extra income.


If you were planning any sort of home improvement projects, moving, or otherwise changing things around in your house, it’s better to postpone these plans. It’s not a favorable time for such endeavours, and it is likely that you will experience some disappointment. Do not allow the potential negativity to bring you down. In fact, don’t be too hung up on your plans in general, because this period is more likely to have good outcomes if you go with the flow, as scary as that may be. An area that won’t have any unexpected surprises this week is your romantic life, so no worries there; just maintain harmony. In all other areas, however, it’s fair game for twists, turns, and surprising events. There will be something enormously positive happening by the end of the week. Some clouds may show up on the horizon, in the form of negative information about a friend or acquaintance.


Your professional life proves to be quite stressful over the next period, but if you exercise patience, it will all be worth it – you have excellent chances to meet some new people and establish some very important relationships and connections with clients, and it may very well prove to be crucial in the future. On a personal level, you may find yourself feeling quite emotional this week, which may push you to some hasty and, at times, irrational thoughts and decisions. You may want to take some time to think about things before acting, but you are also very tempted to cut ties with people who do not give back in the same way that they take from you, emotionally. You will make a bad investment or purchase in the following days, and it will be disappointing, but try not to take it to heart.


Plans for the future are underway for Geminis, so there will be a lot of talk related to that happening over the next few days, whether it’s with friends or family. Things are also going quite well for you in a romantic sense, so if these plans involve a significant other, there is no reason to think they will not unfold the way you want them to. Travel features heavily this week, as there is a problem to be solved in a different location or with a person who does not live near you. Do pay attention and be extra alert if you are travelling, as things can take you by surprise in unpleasant ways. Family makes you extremely happy in the following days, and you spend some lovely and pleasant time together. In less pleasant news, a female figure in your life is not heading down a particularly positive path, and you may experience feelings of worry over some of the decisions she is making.


You will give your professional life a lot of thought over the next few days, as there are several aspects of your job that dissatisfy you or simply don’t challenge you enough. There are several things you would like to be different, so you are starting to contemplate an upgrade or improvement of some sort. Luckily for you, there is an important connection showing up this week who can help you a lot in the future when it comes to your business plans and reaching the success you’ve always dreamed of. Either way, it’s not all bad – a deal will be struck this week. A female relative will feature in your life, whether it’s your grandmother, mother, or even daughter. It is not necessarily an event, but it’s not anything negative, either. The Leo woman sets an ambitious new goal for herself, while the Leo man is trying to make some important decisions.


Be careful when it comes to financial matters this week, as things are not always as they seem. You may be expecting a certain income or a sum of money from somewhere that may not come through, so be prepared to cover those potential losses in some other way. You have some budget juggling to do. But positive developments await, too, particularly towards the end of the week, and they are most likely surrounding your close friends or relatives. And speaking of friends, some of them may be dropping by for a visit, or you may travel to see them. Your love life is in top form this week, so it’s a favorable time to start a relationship, or otherwise have wonderful dates and intimate encounters. There are some decisions to be made related to finances or business, particularly for the male Virgo. The female Virgo makes up for other poor luck by doing better in the financial department.


There is quite good news awaiting you, financially, as you receive an unexpected source of income from an institution, or some sort of rebate. It will come in handy for some payments, or even if you want to treat yourself. Professionally, things are productive and you have unique opportunities coming your way. You never know when you may be discovered by someone at work or get offered a new challenge by a client. It’s a favorable time for establishing new connections and contacts, so there may be a lot of communication taking place to this end. You will get the opportunity to see some dear friends, whether it’s because they drop by your house or you travel to see them for some unwinding and relaxation. Some pleasant surprises are coming as well, and they could either be some unexpected gifts or the presence of beloved friends. You may experience some fatigue or stress, and the consequences of that is seen in your behavior after you overwork yourself, so try to delegate some tasks.


It’s a great time for your budget and wallet, as you are being favored financially this week. You are maybe planning how to spend some extra income you receive or a planned increase in the amount of money you will have available from now on. Enjoy it! Things are going well professionally as well, with new challenges and opportunities awaiting you over the next few days; you may receive an offer for a new and better job, or some other surprise may await you. It can be quite exciting, so don’t let good opportunities pass you by. There is some tension arising in the workplace, but that is due to a co-worker’s lack of professionalism or skill. You may butt heads, but it will thankfully be resolved quickly. You have to navigate some delicate relationships with certain people in your life, and you have to take it especially easy on a certain relative who is experiencing some health issues. They need your support right now, not your criticism.


Good news is coming this week about a happy event such as a marriage or engagement, graduation, etc. It’s a cause for celebration in the family, so a get-together may be on the cards. Another event may take place relating to a child in the family, or someone young who has enjoyed an important achievement connected to their education, talent or skill. You are overjoyed to receive either a sum of money or a favor from a benefactor that will benefit your family and even your home. It is quite possible that a relative is involved. The female Sagittarius is having a productive week when it comes to communication and travel, particularly if the people in question live far away. If invitations come up, be sure to say yes and enjoy any subsequent meetings and connections over the summer. The male Sagittarius is having a good week when it comes to completing admin.


There is an event or celebration happening this week, and you are required to bring a gift and dress in your fanciest clothes. It is probably an anniversary of some sort, but could also be a wedding or engagement. You will be quite in demand this week, so you need to be ruthless and prioritize according to your needs and interests. There is no use wasting time on things that do not matter. You may have a money-related scare, but it’s mostly paranoia; things resolve very quickly, as you have generous income coming in the following days or weeks. In fact, this is even a favorable week to make a big purchase, whether that’s property or just a valuable possession. There are some stressful situations you will experience, as well as some unexpected events or developments – both positive and negative – so be ready for anything.


Be particularly careful over the next few days, as you may lose important documents, money, or other belongings due to being scatter-brained. Paying more attention to your surroundings would do you good. The male Aquarius is a good problem solver, so he will enjoy an achievement and some success after managing to find his way out of a difficult situation. Some investments may be on the cards in your future, or an expense for something big that may require a wait to receive. Travelling or connections with people who live far away are favored over the next few days, so if you have loved ones who live somewhere else, you may either invite them over as guests, meet them somewhere, or make travel plans to see them. There are joyful occasions coming for you from friends, co-workers, and family – it is the season for weddings, engagements, and parties.


The female Pisces is especially concerned with her personal life this week, which can create tensions with some people around her who view this as self-centered. An event is coming up, and the person organizing it requires your support in bringing this gathering to life. It’s an important commitment that you must fulfil. There are some conflicts arising in several different areas of your life, but they will mostly find an easy resolution, as they were not serious problems to begin with. The people who love you and who are important to you will not hold grudges and you will realize the importance of having them in your life. There is some friction in the workplace that could be a dispute with a client, but it may also be related to a co-worker. Remember that your behavior towards others tends to bring the same kind of behavior in return.

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