Weekly Horoscope: Monday 22 – Sunday 28 April

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Weekly Horoscope: Monday 22 – Sunday 28 April

By Editorial Team | 22nd April 2019
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This psychic reading tells you what awaits for the week ahead…


You’ll be happy to hear you will be meeting new and interesting people this week, in a series of fruitful social engagements. Shared interests will bring you together, whether that’s charity, hobbies, or other social matters. However, you do need to set these things in motion with care, because things at home will require your attention. Your family and your home need you, so you’ll need to practice some good organizational skills. It’s also a favorable week when it comes to big home-related changes, whether that’s buying or selling property or moving house. Something unexpected may happen in relation to a child – a show or demonstration, or even an event like birth or pregnancy. Try not to expect much during the next few days, because hope and expectations lead to disappointment. You don’t want to bring that mood about, especially since you may be experiencing some conflict with some of the people in your life.


Travel features in your life this week, or distances. It is very likely that you will go on a trip this week, and it may not be your best one, mainly because of a travel partner who is acting out. Otherwise, you may be finding out some news from far away, or even be invited somewhere you need to travel to. Professionally, things are going great! Not only are you thinking about taking on more work and new opportunities, you will also have the chance to make some new relationships at work that can help you in the future. If you commit some time and effort, you’ll surely be able to use this to your advantage. It pays to maintain positive relationships with industry connections; who knows when that may bring about a successful partnership? You can also expect change this week – change of home, change of schedule, or similar.


You can look forward to a week of success and positivity, as long as you remember to stay true to yourself and don’t allow yourself to be influenced by people who have no business butting in. Your decisions are your own to make. Independence is a big theme for you in the immediate future. You will experience delightful events and meetings with interesting people from various places. You have some professional promises that you will fulfill over the following days, as you go back to your normal business schedule after a period of change. If you are a female Gemini, you can expect to have success in completing goals for this week, so take advantage of the good fortune the planets are bestowing upon you.


A family member will surprise you with some unusual experiences or events, but less exciting things are also lying ahead. There is a difficult journey awaiting you, and some potentially heartbreaking decisions to be made. They’ll be related to your family, or even to your love life. You will undoubtedly experience some changes, and you have to have faith that they will be positive. In more positive news, there is some shopping to be done over the course of the week, mainly for your home. If you have any official documents to sign or complete, this is the week to get that done, including, but not limited to marriage licenses. It’s an excellent week for working on your relationships, if you are a male Cancer, not only in your personal life, but also in your professional one. One of your personal relationships may be aided by a wonderful gesture someone makes towards you.


When it comes to your romantic life, things are going to be complicated in the next few days. There is some conflict to be had, but you will have an epiphany – you need to make some changes in order to hold on to your relationship. You will be tested in many ways, and so will the strength of your connection, so be prepared. A friend or acquaintance is going to disappoint you this week, or otherwise cause some unpleasant events to take place. If you’re looking to travel abroad, this is a great time to do so, especially since you may be getting some good news from someone far away, and it may even be a reason for a visit. You can expect positive developments on the professional front, which may materialize in a new job.


There are changes awaiting you on the financial front, but while some are positive, the others may leave you with some angry feelings. Some caution and restraint are advised when spending money. There is also a chance that someone will try to con you out of your hard-earned money, whether that’s via theft, or through some sort of manipulation. Do not allow yourself to be fooled. Your romantic life is taking some twists and turns over the next few days, as it’s going to be influenced by certain events which involve other people. One of those events may even be a wedding or another big, important day in the life of someone you know. If you’re going through a break-up, divorce, or separation, you may be wondering why it ended. If there is a child in your life, whether that’s your own family member or the child of a friend or protégé, there is some news about them that will make you happy.


If you’re not sure you can commit to something, it’s better not to make the promise, because that is likely to have some unfortunate consequences for you, especially in a work environment. Failing to follow through can hurt some very important business relationships and make you look flaky. If you had any plans this week, they may be better off cancelled anyway, as you are not in the correct frame of mind to complete them. There is some emotional instability brewing beneath the surface, so maybe just take a step back. If you were planning on travelling, then make sure to double-check everything you need, because some kind of mix-up or loss is very likely. Try not to allow these twists and turns to sour the whole trip. Documents turn out to be extremely important in the near future, so keep an eye out for their safety and take particular care.


Your finances aren’t looking great this week, but don’t worry – things will improve within the next few days, thanks to some positive developments. These will also help you out with some important plans you’ve made and achievements you are hoping to be successful with. Female Scorpios in particular will experience good fortune related to money, but remember that this is all reliant on your work and how well you take on certain challenges. Developments are taking place in your extended family, so you can expect a lot of communication with members from far away. A family meeting may be in order. That may or may not involve travel, which is likely to appear as an opportunity in the near future. For the male Scorpio, things are looking up in matters of romance – an unexpected event will make you extremely happy, so you’d better take advantage of this lucky opportunity that you are being given.


A child in your life is going through some things, but they are all positive developments, and even a reason for celebration! This may call for a meeting or reunion of the family and other loved ones. Finances are a big deal for you this week – especially for the female Sagittarius – and you will think and talk about money a fair bit in the next few days, trying to plan for the following months. This may require discussion with your family members or partner. However, issues are also present within your family, so you’ll have to divide your attention in order to help in whatever way you can while also planning financially. You will communicate with friends a lot in the next few days, maybe even making some new ones. The male Sagittarius will meet a particularly impactful person; maybe even several. If you are in a relationship, clear communication is necessary to prevent misunderstandings.


Travel is possible this week, even if it’s just for a short amount of time. Enjoy it! In other news, you may find yourself reflecting upon your social circle and whether or not you want to keep certain people in your life. If someone only brings negativity and toxicity to your relationship, then perhaps it’s better if you let them go. Disagreements are likely to happen, either way. Excitement and happiness comes from time spent with family members or friends. They may come and visit you or they may be the reason behind your travel. It’s going to really help you recharge emotionally. If you are looking to purchase or sell property, you are being favored in this regard, so take advantage of the opportunity. Conflict or tension may arise in your romantic relationship, but do your best to diffuse the situation – digging your heels in only causes issues.


The start of your week may not be great, as you are likely to experience a break-up or separation in your personal life, and you are also targeted in some matters that are related to an institution of some sort, perhaps even a legal one. You’ll either be dealing with property or household issues in general. It will take up quite a bit of your time, but it’s important to solve, so it’s not time wasted. You will experience a great deal of frustration due to a friend who keeps making the same mistake over and over again, while ignoring your advice. You’ll also have to make a rapid decision that you don’t like and don’t want, but that is completely necessary. Friendships and new acquaintances are tricky to navigate this week for the female Aquarius, but male signs will receive lots of positivity in this regard. Amazing things will happen at the weekend when it comes to your love life.


You’ll be hard at work this week, but you won’t be happy with the outcome, or the results. You will, however, learn from some previous business ventures. The next few days may bring about numerous unexpected happenings, some of them from your family members or friends. You will meet some new people who may bring some fresh opinions and perspectives to your life. That may be in the context of some meetings, parties, or gatherings. Positive developments are to be expected from some people who live far away, and some of these may even lead to friendship. You’ve wronged someone you love and need to make it right, so don’t hesitate to apologize. You’ll get some good news towards the end of the week, whether it’s a promotion at work that you’ve been expecting, or a document announcing a positive development.

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