Weekly Horoscope: Monday 20 – Sunday 26 May

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Weekly Horoscope: Monday 20 – Sunday 26 May


This psychic reading tells you what awaits for the week ahead…

By Editorial Team | 20th May 2019
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If you’ve got a child, you may have plans that are bound to fall through this week, so keep that in mind. This week is a bit odd for you, as you are a bit careless with words, and it may end up harming you, as well as other people around you. You will experience some emotionally-charged days related to your child or a young person in your life, so be extra-sensitive around them. If you have valuables or expensive objects and possessions, don’t lend them out, because you might end up regretting it. It can cause a real strain on your relationships if the belongings should end up lost or broken. You should do your best to avoid negative emotions and situations over the next few days, particularly because some people are out to manipulate you. You have to pay attention and spot these cheap attempts, so as to prevent further damage later on.


You are influenced professionally by a female figure this week, and she will have a positive impact. You may end up going in a new direction you hadn’t thought of before. This will result in financial success over the next few days, but luckily for you, you will also enjoy luck in romantic matters over the same time period. In fact, they may even be related. Travel is in your future, and it will go quite favorably, when everything is said and done. You will have a pleasant experience and may meet new people who can introduce you to some things and ways of thinking you’d never encountered. If you are currently in the process of moving, or are looking for a house, this is a good week to make the transition. You’ll have some stress related to some goals you want to achieve which are very important to you, but with the help of that professional mentor, you will succeed.


A male figure who is an Aquarius, Libra, or Gemini can cause you some trouble this week, because he may be engaging in some manipulative behavior towards you – take everything he says with a grain of salt. Financially, things may not be quite as you expect them to be, so prepare to be underwhelmed. But even so, you won’t be experiencing any faults, so try not to stress about it too much. There are some crucial events coming up that are related to your professional life. You will be able to network and meet some influential figures that can prove to be essential in your journey towards professional success. A person who is a Scorpio, Cancer, or Pisces is of particular importance, especially if they are male. You’ll be nervous and possibly stressed because of a situation that arises, but it won’t have lasting impacts.


You will experience a bit of trouble in your romantic relationship this week, as communication is not the best, and this creates friction. It’s just a misunderstanding, but it will impact both of you emotionally. Don’t allow people from the outside to weigh in on your problems, because they may make it worse. It’s a favorable time to begin a new professional endeavor, whether that’s a new job, some new tasks, or just more responsibilities. It’s an excellent time for travel, and any plans or goals that may have been set for this will be a success. Professional communication is also going well, thus increasing your chances of achieving your goals. A woman ends up playing an important role and her advice may affect you from several points of view, including professionally and family-wise. You can expect a big change over the next several days, particularly if you are a middle-aged female Cancer. It’s a positive change, so there is no need for apprehension.


There is some less than happy news coming from far away, about a person you used to know. The information impacts you negatively, and what doesn’t help is that there is a person who makes inappropriate comments about the situation and your relation to it. If you’ve got kids, this is an excellent week for you, as you will have the chance to enjoy your relationship and create wonderful, lasting memories with your family. Cherish this time, especially if your children are young and achieving milestones. There are times over the next few days when you feel like you are the center of attention, or when you enjoy praise and recognition, so don’t shy away from these positive moments. Be careful with your finances this week, as there may just be a surprise expense that can throw you and your budget off. It’ll require you to keep a tighter handle on the purse strings and re-work your budget.


You meet a new person this week, or you bond further with a person you’ve already met, particularly if they are a Virgo, Capricorn, or Taurus, and male. They will have a positive influence on you in a professional sense, so don’t ignore their advice or help. Your finances may not be going as well as you want them to, and you’ll find yourself experiencing some anxiety over certain responsibilities, especially if they include some sort of official meeting. You will also be asked for help or be involved in other people’s issues over the next few days, which you should do your best to avoid, because you’ve got your own problems that you need to tend to. Be especially careful about a young man who is making some stupid moves as of late, and ones which may have very negative consequences for both him and the people around him.


You will experience events related to children this week, whether that’s attending a christening, doing activities with your children, or even something major like becoming a parent. It’s a very favorable week to make some career changes or start going in a different direction with your profession. You may further your education, accept a promotion, or take on more responsibilities in the workplace. The only thing to remember is that you shouldn’t rush into anything and take the time to really think about what you want to do – is this need for change genuine, or is it coming from your desire to get away from your current environment? Be sure to do your best not to get into fights and unnecessary conflicts over the next few days, because certain people are looking to create issues for you, so don’t give them anything to work with. Libras of both genders will be making future plans.


You may find yourself revisiting previous professional establishments and workplaces, whether that’s to discuss a possible business proposition or to hold a talk of some sort. You get new information regarding a friend of yours, probably a female one. It’s good news, so you’ll be happy for her. Your child or a child in your family is experiencing some events, and they are most likely living somewhere far away. You are making some future financial plans that other people are involved in – business partners, investors, etc. If you’re a female Scorpio, this is a time for a refresh at home, and that most likely means doing some spring-summer cleaning, or even switching up your wardrobe. Male Scorpios may find themselves in a bizarre situation they need to escape, and they manage to do so while retaining their honor. You may be involved in legal issues, so remember to not trust in anyone who may not seem like they have your best interest at heart.


You may find yourself surrounded by some people who lie or boast a little too much to be believable. Do not rely on them. You may have some unrealistic expectations related to your romantic life, so be prepared for a bit of disappointment. It is especially possible for a conflict to arise in your relationship. If you notice someone flirting a little too hard, pause to question their motives. You can expect a change in your family this week, probably related to a female relative or friend, like your sister, grandmother, or mother, and it may require some travel, or even a move. There’s an event that will upset you, and it may be related to someone you know and care about. It may just be some sad news you receive, but it may also be a betrayal. If you’ve got health issues, they may develop further this week, so it is, perhaps, time to visit a doctor.


An intimate partner makes a suggestion that is unexpected for you over the next few days. You won’t be sure how to react, so take some time to think about it and don’t respond in a rush. You’ve got some responsibilities going on this week, which can complicate things a little bit, particularly because you don’t necessarily feel inclined to fulfill them. Work may turn out to be challenging this week, and you may be lacking in energy, but you’ll power through in the end and it won’t create any problems. Try not to make any decisions while you’re feeling emotional, because there will be days when you’ll feel a bit unstable because of this. There may be some real estate plans in the pipeline, and you will succeed in whatever you set your sights on. A friend will give you some good news, which will really brighten your week.


You’re working through some issues this week, and while you may find it difficult to handle, you will also benefit from help from sources you did not expect, like co-workers. You are offered some new and interesting professional opportunities that you will seriously consider, especially if they involve work from your own home, or extra hours that can bring in additional income. It’s a favorable week for travel and meetings with people you love and are comfortable with. You are, indeed, in need of some advice because you may experience some legal issues that resolve favorably thanks to the support you receive from a female figure. She also has other valuable advice to offer that can improve your life from a professional point of view. Things are complicated, financially, but you will figure things out in the end. The male Aquarius will feel especially emotional over the next few days, so don’t make emotional decisions.


You can achieve a lot of your plans this week, as long as you exercise patience and restraint. It’s not enough to want things, you also need to pay attention to the way these things are achieved. You may find that you haven’t done right by a woman in your life, so swallow your pride, apologize, and tell her the way you really feel. That is the only way the relationship can move forward. Financially, this is a very good week for you, and you can expect surprising sources of income to come through. The Pisces male may be struggling with some family conflicts where they need to play referee. You will enjoy very good communication with a female figure over the next few days and will find that you share many thoughts and ideas. It’s a great time for travel for the female Pisces.

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