Weekly Horoscope: Monday 18 – Sunday 24 March

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Weekly Horoscope: Monday 18 – Sunday 24 March


This psychic reading tells you what awaits for the week ahead…

By Editorial Team | 18th March 2019
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This week is important for female connections and there may be a meeting on the horizon with some special women in your life. This may or may not be related to some opportunities you will receive during this time. Remember that you should not stress out over these chances, because the circumstances are favorable for a positive materialization of your goals. You may experience some stress related to other situations, but it will not be long-term or impact you in any serious way. You may want to be careful about finances and expenses this week; it won’t be a crisis, but try not to take risks that you may regret or be careless. Your love life will be more stable this week, and some issues are likely to naturally resolve. You will enjoy good luck with finding a new partner or furthering your relationship with an existing one.


It can be a difficult week in terms of accepting events and emotions you may be experiencing. A woman you know may be going through a hard time, but upon reflection, you will come to the realization that she may have brought it upon herself and could have made better decisions. Some young people in your life may cause you distress by attempting some covert manipulation, especially when it comes to some family decisions. You do not take kindly to this, especially as you are experienced enough to see through deceit of this nature. You will also experience tension with a male work colleague or someone who is a professional contact. This conflict may also be with a person in a position of authority or who has an official capacity. Keep in mind that things may suffer delays this week for one reason or another. You may get some important messages or news.


Travel and far away places are in your astrological plan this week, whether that’s your own travels, or your concern with people living far away. If travel is in your plans, be aware of the possibility of conflicts and avoid them. You might make a big purchase this week, either for yourself or for your home; either way, it’s going to be something that is very important to you. In fact, this is a great time to focus on plans that are important to you, particularly if they involve your family or your home life. Otherwise, younger male Geminis are in for a great week when it comes to relationships, whether they’re professional, family-related or romantic. A surprising person may show a desire to be around you or become friends, and you don’t trust them completely because you are trying to understand the real motivation behind their actions.


This week, you have to be careful about escalating conflicts or just making what is already a stressful situation worse than it is by responding poorly to provocation. Do not allow yourself to be baited. Consider this kind of situation a test of your patience and maturity. You can be proud of the way you handle these situations, or you can feel disappointed in yourself, and it all depends on your behavior, so keep that in mind. You may experience a situation that is very pleasantly surprising in relation to a lover, whether that is a current one, a former one, or a relationship that is just now forming. It’s a week where it’s very important for you to exercise determination, both in your home life and professional life, and even in relation to your finances. Once you get over some stressful situations that appear in this period, you will be able to achieve everything you want.


You will receive some information or news about a woman you know this week, and it will not be positive. That will affect you emotionally somewhat, but you have to remember that everyone is allowed to make their own decisions and they need to accept the consequences of these actions. You will also have a meeting with a man, or an important moment of connection. He may be a figure of authority from an institution, a family member, or a coworker. This may also happen in the context of a larger gathering related to this man. You may be put in a position where you need to support a friend or a family member. If that causes tension, turn to philosophy to calm down. When it comes to your professional life, you can expect a trip to come up this week, and it may even be  an opportunity for new employment in a different country or city.


The stars are showing some rocky times for your home life this week, and they might be related to your health or to your children. Make sure to take care of yourself in these areas of life. You may have some unrealistic expectations this week, but that may be because of some misleading information you have received from someone else. Be wary of manipulation. However, this week can actually be a good opportunity to pursue your plans, especially if they are beneficial to your family. You will benefit from not making extreme decisions or engaging in sudden action. This upcoming week is a good one if you’re going into a financial agreement. Female Virgos especially may make a big purchase. This purchase may be related to a gift you are buying for a woman in your life, but that may also be an opportunity to renew your wardrobe.


Libras can expect a surprise during this upcoming period, especially if it’s coming from a young woman in your family. If you’re a female Libra and you’re younger, there is a chance that this surprising event happens in your own home. When it comes to plans and their realization, this is an excellent week to make them happen and take advantage of opportunities. Don’t rely exclusively on your emotions, as this is a time when you may be making decisions for your future. Be mindful of your workplace this week, as there may be some tensions brewing there. A conflict may unfold between you and a partner, a supervisor or a coworker. Don’t sign contracts or agreements that are related to finances, because this is not a good week for money-related issues. You may have initiated conversations or negotiations, but it’s better to wait and stall until a more favorable time.


When it comes to financial matters this week, the stars are looking good, so you might get a settlement, a payment, or otherwise set up another stream of income. You can also expect to purchase something. If your family has property, there may be something related to that. Financial success is written in the stars for you, especially if you’re a female Scorpio. You can take advantage of this favorable period even in other aspects of your life. Things may be difficult with your children or someone else’s, as they may disappoint you, or you may not be able to effectively communicate with them. It may just be a case of a clash of personalities or a misunderstanding of some characteristics of the child. If you are planning to travel, be careful, as things might not go as smoothly as you’d hoped. You may encounter difficulties or delays, or even bad news.


This week brings new things for the Sagittarius, especially in your personal life. You may be starting a new relationship or simply fulfilling some plans in this regard, or you may even start fresh somewhere completely different. It will be a big change, but it’s something important to you. In terms of friendships, you may want to exercise some care, as someone in your close circle is likely to feed you misleading information, which can lead to some unfortunate reactions or actions. Be sure to double check everything you are told and take everything with a grain of salt. You do not take kindly to people who try to manipulate or influence you. A young man in your life who lives far away will have some good news you will be happy about. The Sagittarius can also expect happiness in love, even going as far as a wedding or an engagement.


The stars are showing that tension will be present for Capricorns this week, especially surrounding some financial matters. It may be that a payment is delayed or missed, or a financial document is not quite right. You are likely to have this conflict with a co-worker or family member that you are involved with financially. You can also expect a complicated situation in your professional life – something that will require a serious discussion with everyone you come in contact with, including clients, managers, and co-workers. You have a tendency to be stubborn, which can put people in an awkward situation. Avoid that kind of reaction, so as not to make waves at work and jeopardize your position. This is a good planning week for you, including a trip later on during the year, but you have to remember that you need to actively work towards a goal in order to have it materialize.


Your struggles this week will be related to difficult people that you cannot influence or change. You don’t always get on with everyone, and some people in particular may be giving you more trouble than others, leading to conflicts. Try not to get too involved. A young woman in particular will turn out to be dishonest towards you, which you will find extremely disappointing, especially once you find out her intentions. While the situation is likely to make you sad, you have to accept the fact that you cannot make someone learn from their mistakes and no matter how hard you try to reason with her, some people have difficult personalities. It’s a good week for official contracts and documents, especially for Aquarius men, and a good week for home life, in general, for the Aquarius. A man will suggest something interesting – he may be a superior at work, or may even represent an institution.


Home plans work well for Pisces this week, so if you are putting together a family reunion or some other event, things will go smoothly and in your favor. Children and babies may be involved in some way or another. You may also make a big, if rather surprising, purchase for your home or family. If a move is on the cards, it’s coming at a good time astrologically. It’s a sadder week for the female Pisces, who may be experiencing some disappointment this week, or even a loss of some sort. If you act emotionally or suddenly, it may lead to some grave mistakes. Other possible sources of unpleasantness may be your friends, some of whom are involved in some problems, and it’s best to avoid becoming financially tied to them. A woman who is close to you will also surprise you in a disappointing way this week.

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