Weekly Horoscope: Monday 15 – Sunday 21 April

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Weekly Horoscope: Monday 15 – Sunday 21 April

By Editorial Team | 15th April 2019
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This psychic reading tells you what awaits for the week ahead…


This week, you’ll have both good and bad experiences, so get ready for a whole range of emotions. A young woman you know will enjoy a wonderful event or turn-around, and you will be very happy for her good fortune. However, there may be some tension related to money issues. It will be for nothing in the end, as the situation will resolve itself favorably, but it will give you a few headaches. In the end, you will benefit, but this kind of strain is not good for you. Expect the unexpected in the following days, especially when it comes to meeting people and receiving visits from relatives. In other interesting news, there are important details you may be privy to that will play a big role in landing a better job, a promotion, or some other professional or financial venture.


Finances feature heavily for you this week, with big expenses coming up, especially related to family and your home. You’ll have to pay a bit more attention to your budget, as you don’t want to risk it spiralling out of control. There is an occasion that calls for a gift to be bought for a female figure. You are the problem solver over the next few days – not only yours, but everyone else’s, as well. If you’ve got some old issues that you’ve been ignoring or otherwise procrastinating on, this is the time to face them head-on. Speaking of handling problems, a person you know will struggle with their health, and you will be there to help and support them in their time of need.


Everything is far from rainbows and butterflies this week, as you may have a falling out with a close friend. You and a Virgo, Taurus, or Capricorn will either fight, separate, or otherwise have an unpleasant disagreement that can end with hurt feelings and resentment. In addition, a young man you know is making some poor choices that you don’t approve of. You’re upset with these decisions, but you have no control over them. You will experience disappointment, however. As a male Gemini, you may find that you are having a particularly unpleasant week, where things don’t seem to go as well as they could. Travel will be in focus this week, but it’s going to bring on more stress than anything else. Whether you encounter changes or just disagreements with travel partners or people from far away, it does not bode well for you.


There are quite a few conflicts ahead, and you will need to exercise a lot of control over your own emotions in order to end this week positively. A heightened emotional state and aggravation can lead to even more conflicts than normal, so try to avoid getting into arguments, especially when they’re completely unnecessary. Consider this week a test of your personality, patience, and ability to maintain your calm and deescalate tense situations. If you’re a giving person, consider being a bit stingier with your possessions over the next week, as the things you lend out may not be returned, or they may come back damaged. Think long and hard about what you are giving and to whom. On the positive side, the odds are in your favor when it comes to planning for the future. You have clarity of mind and vision and you are able to see the path you need to take.


Family is a concern for you this week, and the health of a young relative or child is one of the issues that arises. Your attention or support may be required. Otherwise, the female Leo may encounter issues or worries with their own son or daughter, while the extended family is debating one of the male relatives and some developments in his life, whether professional or personal. Things are going very, very well from a professional point of view, and you will reach numerous goals. Essential to the process are the relationships you form at work. Your partners, clients, or colleagues will have a hand in your success and future promotions. You may even take advantage of an opportunity for a new business venture or snatch up a new job or promotion. Romantically, things are a little clouded due to anxiety, as you experience feelings of impatience while you wait to see how your relationship pans out.


This week will bring some financial stress, as there will be a surprise expense you neither foresee nor appreciate very much. It’s going to give you a hard time, but if you take into account what a Leo, Sagittarius, or Aries has to say, you may find that you receive excellent advice and you are able to overcome your money problems. There are a lot of positive developments awaiting you, as you are favored in the social department. You’ll be meeting a lot of interesting people, and among them, someone who is a Gemini, an Aquarius, or Libra. You’ll enjoy excellent conversation, but don’t allow yourself to be too swayed by the glitz and excitement of these new acquaintances. Try not to compare yourself to others, and remember to appreciate what you bring to the table. Your unique set of qualities is valuable. In other news, it may be a great time for a visit with family or even a wedding.


You will enjoy excellent relationships with the men in your family, especially if they are from a different generation. You will have several meetings planned for this week, but you’ll only attend one of them, probably to converse about inheritance or some other matters related to family. Others will have to be rejected or postponed because of previous engagements. Choose wisely between them. You will experience some developments related to a property or home you own. There may be a document that appears from a surprising place, and it’s going to bring very positive things for you. Whether you are trying to sell a property or you are looking to buy or just move house, your endeavours will be successful, as you are favored in this department. You can start celebrating! If there are plans you are making this week, be aware that their completion may depend on men.


Make sure you don’t welcome people who are unpleasant or who are likely to create tense situations. If you do become involved in such circumstances, they may not turn out in your favor, so that’s why it’s best to avoid them, lest you fall into a bad place emotionally. Romantically, however, you’re doing great! You are being favored for relationships, so make sure to take advantage of this as much as possible. It doesn’t matter if you are in a relationship or you are just looking, you’ll experience wonderful things in the next period. Especially if your partner (or potential partner) is a Gemini, Aquarius, or Libra, things are looking good. You can expect some extra costs to come up this week, so you’d better be prepared. A woman you know may be trying to manipulate you and your home life.


There’s some tension to be expected in your family this week. It may even turn into a full-on conflict, but it won’t be all bad – in fact, it may be helpful to bring clarity to certain issues. In addition, your marriage may even come out stronger on the other side. A Virgo, Capricorn, or Taurus will step into your life and feature heavily in some money-related issues or some other type of engagement. Be careful around them, as they will turn out to have influence. As a female Sagittarius, you can expect an exciting change at your workplace, whether that’s getting a promotion, experiencing a relocation, or even getting a brand new position. This will lead to going separate ways with a female co-worker. You’ll be travelling this week, not because you want to, but because you have a responsibility to do it, which doesn’t please you.


There are changes coming up for you when it comes to matters of home and family. There will definitely be some tension and conflict present, but in the end, these are positive transformations that manifest themselves through progress and success. Thus, you are favored in terms of marriage or moving in with a partner. Make the most of it! For Capricorns who are not in a serious or committed relationship, they may experience some disappointment in matters of love, especially if their partner is far away. If you are planning to travel to meet with them or go on vacation, expect it to be a sensitive trip. Your connections and relationships with fire signs and air signs are being tested this week, so your best bet is to be honest. You may be meeting new friends who live far away!


Things may be a little unstable at work, particularly if there are some new partners or clients that you are having to liaise with. Remember to exercise patience and to keep an open mind – jumping to conclusions regarding other people’s actions or intentions can only lead to negative outcomes. If you are making financial plans, including selling or purchasing property, a home, or other big-ticket items, you need to be extra careful. If there are documents to sign or settle, this is the time to do it, as the planets are casting favorable outcomes. A tendency to get in between arguments and issues, especially with female friends and family, gets you nowhere this week, so avoid it at all costs. You cannot solve their problems, and your interference is unwelcome at best, and offensive, at worst. You have been warned and do not be surprised if you receive negative reactions.


It’s an excellent week for you from a financial perspective and you are favored in this department, so you are likely to receive good news. You may experience feelings of jealousy in relation to your romantic partner, and while that can lead to a stronger relationship, ultimately, it can also cover up feelings of possession. Make sure it’s not the latter. You may be a bit hurt emotionally, or otherwise disappointed in a person you trusted. Hopefully, you will learn some important lessons. If you have a child, there may be some issues related to their habit of lying to you, so take any promises with a grain of salt. If you are a male Pisces over 35, you can expect some positive developments in the workplace this week, maybe even with financial boosts. You take on some issues that are not your own, but it’s best to avoid that, as you cannot do anything to help in any real way.

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