Weekly Horoscope: Monday 11 – Sunday 17 March

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Weekly Horoscope: Monday 11 – Sunday 17 March


This psychic reading tells you what awaits for the week ahead…

By Editorial Team | 11th March 2019
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Those born under the sign of Aries will have a lot of connections with younger people this week. There is a child possibly being born in the family or to some of your acquaintances or friends. There are also some documents concerning a youngster in the family or a child. You will communicate with a young person who lives far away – they may even be in a different country. Emotional instability is to be expected this week, because there is a change happening in your life soon. You can expect an unfavorable turn in a legal procedure, so be prepared for that, as well as people creating problems for you or generally just having a distasteful attitude. If you’re a female Aries who is over 35, you might have a reason to spend money this week. Otherwise, be extra careful with older women when it comes to finances.


The Taurus may experience some issues that they had not expected, most likely stemming from anxiety surrounding certain situations. Perhaps it’s related to a health problem you may have and that is likely to manifest itself over the course of this week. It could be blood pressure fluctuations, migraines, or insomnia. A very important experience or development is to be expected this week for you; something big that you will remember. Something major will come to an end, whether it’s a plan, a work contract, or a different relationship. It’s the start of a new chapter in your life, so embrace it as something different. Another big change will happen in your family, especially for the young male Taurus. A family member may get married, engaged, or have a milestone coming up. Travel plans may be vulnerable to scams or deceit, so make sure you check everything in order to prevent issues.


This seems to be a week where the star alignment makes everything very tense for the Gemini in multiple aspects of your life. A decision may need to be made in relation to your home life, so make an effort to keep a cool and clear head. You can expect major events or developments in your family, but there will not only be tension; you can also enjoy some nice moments together with your loved ones. The week is favorable for romantic relationships (whether they are new or already in existence) and you will receive a nice gift that may be for you or your home. There may be a dispute with a woman regarding some financial issues, but compromise is possible if you make an effort. Professional relationships with men will be in a positive development, and you may start a new project or receive a job offer.


Relationships are the big focus of this week for Cancers, whether they are personal relationships or business relationships. Some of them may even transform and go from business to personal or the other way around. Remember these are established relationships, not budding ones. A good relationship with a woman may be tested this week, as conflict appears and it can create tension both in your professional life and in your personal one. Your relationship with a young person comes into focus this week, whether it’s your child or someone else’s. They may live far away, most likely in a different country, and you receive news of something exciting or an impressive event or milestone. While there will be stress, your ideas and plans are favorable and they are likely to develop positively, so don’t worry too much about it. The female Cancer over 35 may encounter some difficulty in making decisions.


Some issues may arise for Leos this week, but you are able to rely on your experience to avoid a downfall or other negative aftermath. You’ve lived long enough and are wise enough to have learned some valuable life lessons, so now you are aware of which situations you can allow to play out naturally, without having to intervene. If this wisdom hasn’t yet been bestowed upon you, you may find yourself running into trouble by trying to influence people and events to lean in your favor. This week, you may be solving different problems, whether they are your own or someone else’s. However, you will also benefit from some unexpected positive developments, such as a professional proposal that will lead to financial rewards. This will come from a man, but a man will also be misleading towards you during this period, so be careful who you trust.


This is an active week for Virgos, and you are likely to find yourself spending more of your time in nature, or just outdoors, with people whose company you enjoy. A special event will also crop up, one for which you may need a gift for a woman. If you are a female Virgo, you may be the one who is set to receive something or buy something nice for herself. Travel is favorable in this period, so it’s the perfect moment to pay a visit to a family member or dear friend. A person close to you will suffer an unfortunate loss and you may need to offer them emotional support. This week has a general focus on family, and you will make an effort to finish some important things you may have abandoned halfway through. However, as much as you want to help your family, make sure you don’t create more problems or take on more responsibility than you can handle.


This week, you’ll receive news from far away or will have a productive connection or conversation with someone from abroad. Professional connections from afar are also favored this week, so you might get an interesting or otherwise lucrative proposition related to work and possible travel to somewhere overseas. If you’re a female Libra, you may receive some information or a suggestion related to travel that could bring about a very positive change. The male Libra, on the other hand, can expect a negative meeting or conversation that may leave a bitter taste in their mouth. Libras of both genders will find that they will be more determined to finish certain tasks this week. You do this to make sure that you’ve got a bit more wiggle room in the following weeks. A family member may try to pressure you, but do not give in to them. Work may be tense this week, so be prepared for that.


The Scorpio has a blessed week when it comes to improvement, and in this case, it might be home improvement or just general organization: spring cleaning, purchasing new furniture or similar. You may get the chance to make one of your ideas or plans a reality, so accept the help you are offered from an institution or friend. But you may have the tendency to over-work yourself and take on too many things at a time, so make sure you leave enough time and energy to finish everything. Some of your relationships may suffer or there may be a conflict that arises, so a fair bit of your energy will be spent sorting that out. The stars are encouraging some new relationships or professional contacts from abroad or a different city that have a good chance to grow and evolve positively due to shared hobbies and interests. Scorpio men should expect some high expenses this week.


This is a week of decisions for you, Sagittarius, and the planets are influencing your thoughts. These decisions will be both on your love life and your personal life, and some of them you may find to be quite difficult, especially if there is pressure from the outside. Your plans may suffer during this period, because you may run out of time to complete your tasks. That may require postponing some of them or changing plans around, but that can only lead to positive developments. If you try to do everything at once, you may experience some negative health consequences. The Sagittarius woman will get some unexpected income or otherwise be given some financial rewards. Another successful financial relationship will come with a man. Other women may be quite surprised by an unplanned pregnancy, or experience the symptoms. The Sagittarius that is a parent may find that their child will lie to them.


If you are a young female Capricorn, you may experience some changes in your professional life, whether that is taking on new responsibilities, switching to a new position, getting more tasks or similar. But it’s not a week that is positively influenced when it comes to documents and finances, so try not to sign anything or negotiate, if you can avoid it, at least until the following week. This is a full week for the Capricorn, both at home and at work. This time may require you to place a bigger focus on your family and home life, especially if you or one of your loved ones are experiencing any health issues. You will be concerned with someone’s personal issues, possibly the health problems of a middle-aged woman. If you’ve got a property, or there is even a lawsuit you are involved in, this is the week where there will be some developments, so keep an eye on that.


The stars are looking favorable when it comes to financial matters this week, as your family will enjoy some payments that were unexpected, but very welcome. You or one of your relatives may receive a raise, a working opportunity, or just a chance for some extra cash. In terms of negatives, you may experience some unfortunate developments this week, but it’s important to remember not to let depression get the best of you. Some things will go wrong, but situations will resolve themselves over the course of the week, so be patient, and don’t let panic take over. A man will have a very bad comment or attitude directed towards them in the next few days, which may result in some tension or issues. Pleasant times will come from time spent with a loved one who is a female, such as your grandmother, sister, or mother.


A friend or loved one will help you out this week with some issues you are experiencing or some plans you’ve put into motion. Do not stress too much about this, because the universe will not create obstacles for you. A man who is close to you will experience an exciting milestone or achievement, which will bring you some positive feelings, but you will be stressed about a woman who lives far away. This is a rocky week for a property or home you own, and plans you’ve made may fall through or will just be pushed back until a better time. Try not to make any final or life-changing decisions this week, especially when it comes to legal matters. The young Pisces male will enjoy some financial opportunities, while the young female Pisces should be careful this week when traveling.

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