Weekly Horoscope: Monday 10 – Sunday 16 June

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Weekly Horoscope: Monday 10 – Sunday 16 June


This psychic reading tells you what awaits for the week ahead…

By Editorial Team | 10th June 2019
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It’s a favorable week for major life changes, such as marriage or engagement, and other special occasions are bound to make an appearance in your life at this time, even if related to someone else, such as an anniversary or a birthday celebration. You’ll experience some different emotions this week, which will impact your romantic relationship in several ways. Whether or not you are able to keep the connection stable is up to you and it depends on how much you allow your mood to affect you. Conflicts are possible, but you should be able to overcome them quite easily. A child will feature heavily this week, whether it’s your own or someone else’s – some expenses related to this child are possible. Male Aries have some tricky business situations coming up, while female Aries are looking for advice from a female figure in their life, which will have positive results.


You will be happy to hear that there are some good chances of extra income coming your way this week, so you can make plans accordingly. There may even be a finance-related document you need to sign or draw up. You will encounter some issues over the next few days and may even experience some sort of loss, but the good news is that you will be able to learn from this. There is a situation that will pressure you to take action, but perhaps that is precisely the swift kick in the rear you needed to advance to the next step in a journey, whether professional or personal. You’ll experience some stress because of a professional situation, but don’t panic because of mistakes you’ve made or a strained relationship with a colleague – things have a way of resolving themselves favorably if you arm yourself with enough patience.


A figure from outside your home features heavily for you this week, probably in a personal way, rather than a professional one. You have to pay extra careful attention to the words people say to you over the next few days, as some of them may just be out to spew negative feelings; you have to be able to separate the genuine thoughts and real words from the malicious ones. There is some tension with a loved one or co-worker, and that may bleed into your personal life. Remember to try to keep things light in your private life, so that you can enjoy yourself fully and give your loved ones the best version of yourself. A positive attitude will get you far and it may even yield some opportunities for extra income this week. Make sure to put it towards something fun, that you can enjoy with those close to you.


There is some money coming in, which is a fact you are grateful for, as you can use some extra cash, particularly at home. There are some expenses that are necessary for you, so this money comes in at the exact right time for you. A document that is related to money may also pop up, or someone may make you a business offer or proposal that would yield some financial profit for you. There are some interesting plans happening this week, and these events may be related to a child or youngster from your family or circle of friends. The female Cancer will receive some enlightening information from an elderly male figure, while the male Cancer is preoccupied with matters relating to the home or personal transportation. Someone requires your help and support in the coming days, and you may receive some upsetting news about a loved one.


There are some complicated relationships in your life that do not bring anything of value to you, and this may be the week when you are ready to give these a second thought and reevaluate whether or not you desire to keep these people around. You may find that removing them from your life feels a lot like taking a burden off your shoulders and that you are reenergized. A loved one who is very close to you has an event coming up, and it is a reason for celebration – a marriage, engagement, anniversary, etc. You will be there to support them. The single Leo has some positive developments when it comes to romantic relationships and love, and will enjoy success in their professional life, as well. There may be some issues with a legal document of some sort, but all in all, it’s a favorable week for Leo.


There is some conflict you can expect, and there will be a legitimate reason for it, but don’t despair – in the end, things will resolve in your favor. You have some responsibilities and commitments to your family that you will be expected to honor this week, so some of your time will be accounted for in this manner. That’s not to say that you won’t be able to overcome these family issues, or your professional ones; you’ll just be faced with some challenges. On a personal front, you may be hearing wedding bells – it’s a favorable time to propose or be proposed to. While there is some disappointment caused by someone who backed out of a promise, it doesn’t have to knock your trust in people. You can expect some sad or otherwise unfortunate information to reach your ears, about a loved one you haven’t seen in a while.


An acquaintance of yours is going through some trying times, and the news reaches you soon. You want to be supportive but aren’t quite sure how you can be of assistance. There are some big decisions to be made and some important plans for the future to be set in motion over the following few days. This could be the beginning of the rest of your life. It’s not all fun and games, though – there is some stress awaiting you this summer season, and it may be related to various issues, from family to the workplace. This week is very big for business and your professional life, in general. You’ll be traveling to faraway places, meeting new people, and possibly creating some long-lasting bonds that can help you in the future. A lot of your family may be dropping by for a family reunion or some other type of gathering, perhaps in support of one of your relatives.


There’s some gifting to do this week, as a person who is close to you is celebrating a milestone, either personal or professional. In fact, a lot of your close friends and family are enjoying success and celebrating various things this summer, so it’s going to be one long party that you and your loved ones will be celebrating. You will enjoy a lot of your family and friends over the next few days, and that will fill you up with positive energy. This week, there are people who live far away who you may be having some important conversations with. This is most likely something to do with your work situation, but personal matters are not out of the question. The female Scorpio needs to be wary of people showing an inordinate amount of interest in them, particularly in intimate aspects of their life. The male Scorpio will accept a surprising invitation.


If you are celebrating something exciting this week, a gift may be coming your way, most likely from a female figure. Emotionally, things are very intense over the course of the next few days, and these are things you may remember for a long time to come. A female figure in your life discusses some life plans with you that you don’t know what to think about. Disappointment may haunt you, as someone you are close to may act in a manner that you disapprove of. In fact, you may receive more news of people acting in unbecoming ways. The male Sagittarius will experience some social conflicts due to people misunderstanding their good nature and sunny attitude. Beware of people who act friendly, but whose words cut deep. The female Sagittarius has better luck in this department and makes some long-lasting connections. An exciting opportunity arises for a project, contract, or new professional position.


It’s a conflict-filled week, so if you can avoid that at home as much as possible, you will be happier for it. You don’t need tension like that in your immediate family. A person you love is already likely to disappoint you this week, because they have either lied to you or they’ve fed you some untrue information. Things are favorable if you are thinking of taking a trip somewhere or visiting a park, botanical garden, or some other outdoor space. The planets are trying to keep you grounded this week, and reconnecting with nature is the perfect way to do so. However, if you are traveling, you may want to keep a closer eye on your papers and important documents; that can make or break your trip. Things are great finance-wise, just make sure to check with the family when it comes to spending shared money in order to avoid those conflicts.


Opportunities abound for you over the next few weeks, so it will be a very exciting summer for the Aquarius, whether male or female. Success is not far behind you and you will enjoy it fully, after all the hard work you put in. There are a lot of people you need to thank, as you have been supported by them the whole way through. You may want to start doling out gifts or have a thank you party. Some bizarre news is reaching you this week, and you don’t know whether to believe the information, considering the source it’s coming from. It may be worth double-checking. The male Aquarius has a week that is focused on a lot of important paperwork, some of it related to finances. The female Aquarius, on the other hand, has a family-heavy week. Your love life may be tense, especially if the man you are involved with has a strong character.


You can expect a large gathering to happen in your town, or even at your house. Family and relatives will descend upon you, and while you love all of them and are glad to see them, it can also be a very tiring experience. Your romantic life sees a lot of development as well in the near future, and you can expect both positives and negatives, depending on where you are in your relationship. One thing’s certain – things will become clearer after this week, especially regarding the difficulty of dating someone who is far away. The female Pisces is working hard on her goals for the near future, but also for further down the line. The male Pisces has some enlightening interactions with other males. Be extra careful when it comes to your health and physical well-being, as you are prone to accidents.

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