Weekly Horoscope: Monday 1 – Sunday 7 April

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Weekly Horoscope: Monday 1 – Sunday 7 April


This psychic reading tells you what awaits for the week ahead…

By Editorial Team | 1st April 2019
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Unfortunately, this week doesn’t bring positive news – you are likely to receive some upsetting news about a man you know. You may not be close, but you are saddened to hear about this unfortunate turn of events. Success is yours this week, as long as you manage to control yourself and don’t react emotionally, especially in the face of negative developments. Do not spend time on people and activities that do not matter to you. They will hinder your focus and your ability to achieve your goals over the next period. Travel may be on the horizon, but it won’t be for fun, and you won’t be pleased about it. Financial matters need to be paid attention to, particularly investments or purchases made at an emotional time. If you’re a female Aries, you will be especially concerned about money this week, even if only briefly.


You will experience a conflict this week, whether with a young person or with your own child, but you need to be very careful about how you handle it, because unnecessary escalation may lead to the untimely dissolution of the relationship. Tensions will also arise in your romantic relationship, whether that’s your marriage or just a relationship with a romantic partner. Possessiveness and jealousy may interfere there. The stars are shining good luck upon you this week, so you are likely to enjoy your plans and other fulfilling commitments. You are also likely to benefit financially. In fact, you can expect a wonderful gift, a very timely purchase, or just a very good deal on something you want very much. A person from far away will become close to you in the next period, and they may be a woman. Female figures are in focus for you over the next period, as you will meet a lot of women who share the same hobbies or lifestyle as you. In addition, a woman will make you aware of some valuable information.


You are blessed when it comes to your professional life this week, particularly if it involves travel. You will be able to network and properly develop your work connections all over the country, and that may even lead to some financial developments or benefits. Events will abound for you over the next period, especially ones with your own family. If you’ve made certain plans, please be aware that they may not be fulfilled this week, and try not to be too disappointed. While this may not be a favorable time, your time will come in the future.  A young man will be in need of your help, so you might either need to talk to him or otherwise have a hand in making his life better. While you may find yourself in the throes of mood swings, you will find stability quickly, because new and exciting things will happen that will require your attention.


Patience is called for this week as you wait for certain things to unfold, so don’t go rushing into anything or make any emotional, hasty or irrational decisions. Especially for the male Cancer, there are real estate related plans that you need to consider rationally, especially if there are family matters involved. You may experience some upsetting interactions with a young person in the family, or even your own child. You may not like their behavior, but trying to get back at them will not solve the conflict. Instead, it will only make the situation worse. Maintain a calm attitude, because that will ensure you don’t escalate these tensions to a level you can’t come back from. If you retaliate, you may find yourself being reminded of similar past behavior that did not resolve things favorably. If finances have been an issue on your mind, you can rest assured that you will see pleasant developments in this area.


Professionally, you may need to tread lightly in the following days, as conflict is possible in your workplace, most likely with a co-worker. There may be an uncomfortable discussion that takes place, or even an official meeting. Especially as a female Leo, maturity and a degree of diplomacy is required, so keep that in mind during your interactions this week. There’s a trip on the horizon for you, and it’s very possible that it’s related to an event or linked to your professional life. You will greatly enjoy this opportunity for travel, so make the most of it. There are some tensions to be expected in your romantic relationship, so patience is advised for both of you; you are both vulnerable, so be careful around each other. A young man you know may be making some unfortunate decisions that reflect negatively on himself and on those around him, especially his family.


This week may find you travelling, most likely to see a female friend or acquaintance. You can expect good news, especially if it’s coming from home. You will have a lot of expectations from your friends over the next period, which may lead to some disappointment, but they are not at fault, so don’t be hard on them. Financial matters will require more attention from you this week, particularly if there is a document to be signed or you’ve got an official contract with someone. And speaking of documents, they will also feature in a big way at your workplace, so you must pay extra attention. Focus on your everyday challenges, and try not to get involved in the office gossip or allow yourself to be distracted. You may hear talk around you, but it is not well-intentioned, so it’s best not to take it into account in any way.


Libras can expect certain events this week that will require them to show strength of character. A female friend may become involved in this regard, or it may even be a work colleague or a professional partner. Regardless, there are positive developments that await you, and you will achieve success if you stay focused and remember not to make decisions emotionally. Keep pushing and persevering and you will find fulfillment. Unfortunately, you can expect an unfortunate event that may take place soon in your life. A person close to you may suffer a loss of some sort. It may be possible that this will require some travel. While you will not be the one who is in a tough spot directly, many will turn to you for support, and it will disrupt your plans. In more positive news, there will certainly be opportunities for you to fulfill a goal this week, and luck will be on your side for planning new and exciting adventures.


You have big plans this week, but their fulfillment will not necessarily occur quickly. Patience is advised, as the planets are influencing you in a way that brings delay to your life. You just need to wait for things to develop organically, and you will achieve everything you’ve put your mind to. Especially if you’ve been struggling with a health issue, this is an excellent time for recovery. Scorpios will focus on family this week, and stability is essential to your personal fulfillment in the following days. You want to take a step back and relax at home, and that will give you the energy you need for the week. It’s a big week, money-wise, as a lot of Scorpios will have positive developments when it comes to budget, income, or other finance-related deals. There are some necessary expenses, but not prohibitive ones. Female Scorpios are especially favored in this regard.


A friend may disappoint you this week, or you will otherwise suffer unpleasant moments because of him. His attitude is poor, and even hypocritical, and his manipulating ways may even lead to issues in other relationships. Do not feel the need to maintain a relationship with a person who is not loyal. Because this is a conflict-heavy week for you, you can also expect tension at work. This is probably because of a certain male co-worker, or even a client or a superior. It is imperative that you tread carefully in this situation and de-escalate as much as possible. Diplomacy goes a long way in situations like this. A trip awaits you this week if you don’t have any travel plans, but a planned one may fall through. Don’t be too overwhelmed by sudden changes, as you need to be able to hit the ground running in such circumstances.


A child or young person will be in focus for Capricorns this week, and there will an event related to him or her to attend or celebrate – it may be a big decision regarding a future career or their education. When it comes to interpersonal relationships, you will have a conflict with a friend, and it may be because of a variety of issues, from money to competitiveness in a romantic sense, or other personal issues. On the bright side, you will clarify your relationship with a different person this week, and that will allow you to move on with knowledge of where you stand, whether that’s a break-up or a stronger relationship. A female figure is helping you with your issues this week, and you are very grateful for her wisdom and attention. Female Capricorns are especially likely to make a big purchase this week, especially if they have a family home or a different property.


The stars aren’t favorable to you this week when it comes to any official papers, so if you can, avoid signing documents or contracts of any sort; if it is impossible to avoid, at least be prepared. You can expect a big change to happen in the near future –  but it’s so subtle, you may not even realize it’s taken place at first. Know where to look for the signs. The Aquarius will also undergo a period of clarification when it comes to romantic relationships. If you’ve been having trouble with matters of the heart, all will become clear soon. A big change may happen, which may or may not be the end of a relationship, but it can also become a stronger bond. Travel is on the horizon for you or one of your close friends or relatives. The reason for this trip may be the health of a mutual friend who is far away.

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