VOIP for business: why you need it

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VOIP for business: why you need it


Being cost effective as well as helping to manage business calls more efficiently, here is how and why you should use VOIP for your business.

By Editorial Team | 21st November 2018
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Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is one of the fastest-growing branches of technology of the last decade. We all remember back in the 00s when VOIP was still just a piece of tech that had to prove itself to the test of time, but right now, we can say it’s here to stay, and for good reason. VOIP is far cheaper than most landline services, but it’s also simpler and has a number of attributes that inferior services simply don’t have. Furthermore, VOIP makes it really simple to connect or disconnect a phone number from the network without any bureaucracy, which makes it a preferred option in many companies around the world.

What is VOIP?

VOIP is a concept that allows you to base all of your phone traffic on an internet connection. This way, you don’t need a landline – you will be accessible wherever there is an internet connection, and in today’s world, that’s pretty much everywhere! A number of VOIP companies also offer equipment required to set up your office or your building with VOIP technology, and it comes much cheaper than the equipment offered by regular telephone companies. That being said, you can move your phone system with you without any additional charges or buying additional equipment. You can even use VOIP from your smartphone, as simply as downloading an app.

Requirements for using VOIP

To use VOIP you need three things: a stable internet connection, some hardware to make it all run smoothly and a company to provide it and maintain it for you. You can easily upgrade to a VOIP system for your company if you’re already running a normal system from a telephone company. Just call your VOIP provider and ask them to switch, more often than not they will do all the work for you so you don’t even have to notice when the switch happens. You will, of course, notice when the smaller bills start coming in!

How does my business benefit from using VOIP?

First of all, when you compare between standard telephone companies and VOIP companies, you are going to see a large difference in their prices. VOIP users reported saving over 40% on their phone bills when they replaced the old equipment and the bills started coming in for the VOIP system. To make the switch you just need to have a stable internet connection, and if you’re switching locations, all you need to do is move the hardware unit to your new office.

Also, when you integrate VOIP into your company, you get a major boost in efficiency and collaboration. Suddenly, everyone becomes instantly reachable on their VOIP phone number, no matter if they’re in their office or not. VOIP can even run without a phone – just on a computer – so you don’t even need to have a landline phone in your office. Keeping everyone connected and collaborating can be a problem, but with VOIP that problem all but disappears as connectivity levels skyrocket. Various companies using VOIP have reported an average daily savings of 45 to 55 minutes less time spent on communication per person, which makes it an attractive asset for any business.

Furthermore, when you switch from a telephone company to VOIP, you will receive much better customer support. You are one of a select few that have chosen to use a new means of communication in lieu of a more conservative one, and the VOIP company appreciates that, so they will treat you with the utmost professionalism. If your business is dependent on fax machines, VOIP will completely replace it, along with any maintenance for your out-dated equipment. If you don’t rely on fax machines but still use them around the office in case someone needs to receive or send a fax, VOIP will take care of you far better, with lower use costs, no maintenance and cloud-based communication.

If you rely on voicemails, the VOIP concept has that covered too – if you want to receive voicemails, they will be recorded and stored so you can listen to them whenever you want, from whichever device you want. You can even have them transcribed into text so you can read them instead of listening! If you’re part of a PBX network, which you probably are if you have a phone system already in place, you won’t have to worry about it anymore when you switch to VOIP. It’s practically impossible for you to feel any PBX maintenance or changes because instead of done locally, with limited precision and effects on the local network, the changes are done on a simple computer dashboard in the control rooms of your VOIP company. Finally, if you need them, VOIP can also provide you with video calls, file transfers, message exchange capabilities and a number of other features specific to various companies.

Various VOIP services

There are a large number of VOIP services that are worth looking into. Vonage is one of them, and they offer several notable features including texting services, conferencing, local office networking, contact centers and a number of other features.

Also, there is Dialpad, which focuses on softphones, mobility and third-party integration, as well as Skype for Business, which is an extension of your Skype app, both in your smartphone and in your computer!

Ring Central, on the other hand, offers a huge infrastructure in the US, Europe and Asia, and also integrates artificial intelligence to assist with their work. Who you choose is your call, but any of these companies will get the job done – all you have to find out is who will do the job exactly as you want it, for the right payment.

To Summarize

VOIP is the next step in the evolution of communications. Like many new products, it is entirely cloud-based, secure to the point of redundancy and will definitely save you money once you start phasing out your older equipment. You don’t need any experience or expertise to use VOIP – just enough to use any phone – and it’s going to be perfect for you!

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