Valentine’s Day Horoscope: 2019

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Valentine’s Day Horoscope: 2019


This psychic reading tells you what awaits for Valentine’s Day 2019….

By Editorial Team | 14th February 2019
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Taken Aries

You are a very classy lover. You don’t want to go overboard, but you do make sure that they’re taken care of. Gift your special someone some flowers, a box of chocolates and their favorite wine. Discussing how you feel about each other and reminiscing about the day that you met is going to set off all kinds of fireworks. Venus is the planet that governs love, romance and passion, and it’s sending you some very powerful energy today. Be gentle and loving towards your partner.

Single Aries

Single Aries are known as the players of the zodiac. When they want someone, they have to have them. Luckily, you have someone very specific in mind for today. Believe it or not, today you are going to have a date with destiny. A Capricorn sign that you are not interested in is going to try to flirt with you, so let them down easy. Focus all your energy on seducing the person that has been running through your mind for some time now. With Venus in Capricorn, you will have a lot of very creative ideas.

Taken Taurus

Mars is going to enter Taurus today, which means that you are going to be hard to contain. If there is something that you want, you are definitely going to get it. Today is going to be about passion, love and intimacy for you. Arrange a special date for you and your loved one. Make sure it’s something that the both of you are going to enjoy. If you have been together for a long time, today will be the ideal day to talk about taking your relationship to the next level.

Single Taurus

Whatever you do – do not text any of your exes. Even if they text you first, don’t text back. Mars is entering Taurus, which means that you will have very poor impulse control today. If there is someone that you like, make the effort. Ask them out, tell them how you feel about them, but most importantly, speak with your actions too. Show them, don’t just tell them. They will be impressed with the amount of effort you have put in. You will click with fire signs today.

Taken Gemini

If you are in a long term relationship, then it’s very likely that you had Valentine’s Day plans ready in October last year. Go all out for them. Get the flowers, the gifts, the Valentine’s day card that will melt their heart… If they are more of a private person, cook them a nice dinner and light a couple of candles. If they like to be wowed, then go to a romantic restaurant and have an amazing meal together. Venus is sending you some passionate energy today.

Single Gemini

You are a very specific lover. You need someone who can keep up with you and with your personality. Being serious all the time isn’t really your thing, so you need someone who gets your kind of humor and someone who you can have fun with. If there is someone who comes to mind, that is an obvious sign that you should ask them out. Remember to be yourself and to let the conversation flow naturally. Don’t forget to compliment them.

Taken Cancer

You are head over heels. You are ready to do anything and everything for the person that you care about today. Prepare to be spoiled and to feel loved. Venus in Capricorn is sending you a lot of very powerful energy today, so make sure that your partner can handle that. If your partner isn’t too into gifts and material things, make sure that you cook them a meal and gift them a picture of the two of you in a cute frame.

Single Cancer

Cancer signs are lovers at heart. Very emotional and very sensitive, even though you hate being marked as such. You need someone who can take care of your emotional and intimate needs. Someone who can read your love language and reciprocate. Having said that, don’t settle for just anyone. It’s better to be alone than to be with someone who isn’t right for you. Order your favorite meal, watch your favorite movie and enjoy yourself.

Taken Leo

Passion is going to be your middle name today. Your partner knows that you need a lot of attention and love. But people keep on forgetting that a Leo doesn’t like to just be spoiled, they like to spoil too. You have paid attention to the little things that your partner has been telling you about, which means that you have a full day of little surprises planned for your special someone. Don’t just show them your love with material things, show them with your words too.

Single Leo

With Venus, the planet that governs love, passion and romance, in Capricorn, you will be in an extremely flirty mood. With Mars entering Taurus today, single signs will be irresistible to other fire signs and air signs. Even though you are a person who just loves love, it might be better not to go on a date today if you don’t plan on starting a relationship with that person. Valentine’s Day probably isn’t the best day to go on a first date with someone. Stay away from mysterious Scorpio signs.

Taken Virgo

People usually assume that you are cold and analytical. However, they couldn’t be more wrong. The right person knows how to unlock the most intimate and romantic parts of you. The right person will also know that you are not a fan of doing anything over the top. You don’t like it when someone spends a lot of money in order to show you how much they love you. If you’re dating a Virgo, expensive gifts won’t impress them and they won’t try to impress you with expensive material things. Intimacy and thoughtfulness are the way to go.

Single Virgo

With Mars entering Taurus, you are going to be full of good energy today. Your vibe and appearance is going to attract a lot of different people. Be prepared to get random compliments from strangers. Keep in mind that one of them might be your next lover. Ask them out for a drink to get to know them better. Try to be more impulsive today because it will pay off. You will have some very interesting experiences if you are open to them. Someone with wonderful eyes will enchant you.

Taken Libra

You have had lots of Valentine’s Days where you were either alone or disappointed. This year, try not to have any expectations. That’s what gets you down every year. You have an idea of what you would like your partner to do, but they can never completely fulfill your crazy Valentine’s Day fantasy. Be more realistic and loving. Appreciate the things that your partner does for you and be more endearing towards them. A cute Valentine’s Day card with a wonderful message will do wonders.

Single Libra

Whatever you do today, it is not the day to be sad and melancholy. With Venus, the planet that governs love, romance and passion, in Capricorn, you will have lots of energy and you will be in the mood to share love all around. If there isn’t anyone who you would want to spend today with, then have a Valentine’s Day date with your closest friend group. Spoil them, get them something cheesy and don’t forget to simply enjoy yourselves. Love comes and goes, but friends are forever.

Taken Scorpio

Scorpio, you always know how to make things exciting. Your partner loves your unique mind and way of thinking. Don’t worry about grand gestures because your partner isn’t one to care too much about those kinds of things. Do something passionate and exciting together. Venus in Capricorn is sending you lots of creative energy today, so put it to use. However, with Mars entering Taurus, you might have a short temper, so do your best to avoid snapping at your partner.

Single Scorpio

When a Scorpio is single on Valentine’s Day, a Scorpio then likes to pretend like Valentine’s Day doesn’t exist. Or you like to make fun of couples who are in love and participating in all the traditions of Valentine’s Day. Try not to be bitter today, just have a nice fun day with your friends. Mars, one of your ruler planets, is going to enter Taurus today, so your mood might fluctuate throughout the day. Your temper will also a little tricky today, so don’t get into any arguments today.

Taken Sagittarius

You are a wonderful lover, but you are not a typical one. You are endlessly optimistic and lucky, and you will not be content with a classic Valentine’s Day date. Flowers, chocolates, and a candle lit dinner aren’t going to cut it for you. Go on an adventure together, do something crazy, something that you have never done but have always wanted to do. If your partner isn’t up for something like that, try to make a compromise.

Single Sagittarius

Oh, Sagittarius. Everyone wants a piece of you, but not a lot of people can keep up with you. You need someone who is loyal, adventurous and romantic. Monotony and boredom are two of your biggest turn offs. However, with Venus in Capricorn, you will be very surprised today. Someone who seems very boring is going to show you their wild side today. It might be someone who you know from a work environment.

Taken Capricorn

You are ruled by Saturn which is the planet that governs restrictions. You are not one to live in the clouds and to have unrealistic dreams or expectations. Although, you love romance and everything romantic. Nothing will make a Capricorn happier than a classic wining and dining date. Talk about your emotions and your problems with your partner. Hold their hand more and tell them how beautiful they are to you. Express your gratitude today. Don’t bring up arguments from the past.

Single Capricorn

Keeping in mind that you are someone who is an absolute sucker for lovey-dovey, cliché, romantic things, it’s highly likely that you will be a bit down if you don’t have a date today. It’s not unusual for a sad Capricorn to probe around their past in order to think of certain feelings and moments. However, this won’t be healthy for you. Instead of being sad and down, make a heart shaped pizza, play a funny movie and have some of your friends over. Make this day a happy memory.

Taken Aquarius

If you are having problems in your relationship, then a big grandiose Valentine’s Day isn’t really the best thing to participate in. If all is not well in paradise, then try to talk it all out. Be open to the possibility that if things haven’t been going well for a while now, then it is highly likely that you might break up with your partner today. Happily taken Aquarius signs are going to simply enjoy the company of their loved one. Be sure to get them something thoughtful.

Single Aquarius

Someone really interesting is about to enter your life. It’s highly possible that you already know this person, possibly from a professional setting. They will say something that will grab your attention in a way that you haven’t experienced in a long time. They might not be your type, but in time, you will realize how similar the two of you are. Stay away from aggressive Libra signs today, because you simply won’t vibe with them.

Taken Pisces

Your intuition is like no other. You can feel when something is going wrong, and you feel it very deeply. If there is something bothering you about your partner, talk to them openly. Be honest, but don’t forget to still be kind. Pisces signs who are in happy long term relationships might talk about marriage, moving in together or having children. Embrace the power that Venus is sending you, because there are a lot of wonderful things ahead.

Single Pisces

Valentine’s Day is usually a very sad and gloomy day for you. You crave the kind of romance that you can see in old Hollywood movies. You want it all. Sadly, you haven’t been able to find someone who can appreciate all the wonderful things that you bring to the table. However, with Venus in Capricorn sending you some powerful romantic energy, the person who will absolutely wow you is going to enter your life soon. Keep your eyes and your heart open.

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