How to shuffle and pick tarot cards at a psychic reading

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How to shuffle and pick tarot cards at a psychic reading


Many may ask if there is a trick, or a right way, to picking a selection of tarot cards – but the simple answer is there isn’t. 

By Imogen Groome | 28th November 2018
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However, there are many different ways to choose one, from general principles to specific methods. Here is a selection to get you started.

Split the deck in two

One method is to let your tarot card reader shuffle the deck, then you split the deck into two. You then pick out which half you want to put on top and draw from that section of cards. If you want online help with picking a card, AskNow offers connections to elite psychics across the country at any time of the day or night.

Fall-away method

Hold the deck in your left hand and tilt it to one side. Part of the deck will fall away, revealing a gap. Choose the top card, as this is the one remaining that will answer your query.

Take three cards

Shuffle the tarot deck, then pull three cards at random. Then you will have three pictures providing insight into the questions you want answered.

Tarot cards are used in divination (Picture: iStock by Getty)
Fan them out

This is a method that works well with non-believers. Fan the cards out into a wide circle so they feel there is a high level of personal choice and they aren’t being fooled.

Doreen Virtue’s method

This method can seem simplistic, but it can also be quick and effective. Those who are non-believers may not believe in this method, but others who know their deck well will often use it. Simply shuffle the cards until you believe it’s time to stop. Then, choose the top card.

Counting cards

Wait until a random number pops into your head, then count along the deck until you reach that number. See if it feels right, and if it doesn’t, wait for another number and repeat the process. If you’d rather someone else did this for you, Oranum offers a range of services, from tarot card readings to dream interpretation and more.

Feel for warmth or sharpness

Often, people who are doing tarot card readings for themselves will fan out their cards in a semi-circle along the bed. Then, they will run their hand over them until they feel the card that should be pulled. It often comes with a feeling of warmth, or sharpness.

You can fan out tarot cards to select them (Picture: iStock by Getty)
Ask a question, then probe

Those with specific questions on their minds may like to start by holding the deck sideways, facing slightly away so none of the cards can be seen. Then, they will gaze away from the cards and ask the question. If it’s one with no ambiguity, so the cards know what is being asked, the user can immediately get a feeling of where in the deck to start probing.

Separate them out

Some people will try the ‘Ask a question, then probe’ method, but instead of waiting to be drawn towards a section and probing it, they will separate out the deck into sections until they feel a pull in the direction of one particular pile.

Create the Star of David

There are a wide variety of tarot decks, and for those which are more difficult to handle due to size, some people will deal out the cards into piles and visualise the 2 triangles that make up the six-pointed Star of David. They will vary the directions the cards are laid down in, then pick them back up. If you want to discuss your results, live psychic chat sessions are available on Kasamba.

Take alternately from the top and bottom

Some who handle tarot cards will be against selecting cards from the top or bottom of the deck, but another method encourages this. Simply take a few cards from the top of the deck, add them to the bottom, shuffle, take some from the bottom, add to the top, shuffle and repeat until you feel a natural desire to stop and select.

Shuffling tarot cards is a popular method (Picture: iStock by Getty)
The compact method

Sometimes, people may like to do a tarot card reading for themselves or a friend, but they could be in a compact space, such as on the sofa or in their car. This means there isn’t a broad, wide space such as a table to spread out cards on. In this case, it’s possible to squash the deck sideways, feel back and forth along the edge of the deck, and wait until you feel a pull from certain cards that ‘want’ to be drawn.

Leave it to them

There may be a customer who wants to do the entire process themselves. Perhaps they play card games and want to shuffle themselves, or believe it could be rigged if someone else mixes up the cards. In this case, the deck is passed over to the customer, who shuffles, spreads out and fans the cards however they like until they make their selection.

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