Questions to ask your deceased pet during a psychic reading

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Questions to ask your deceased pet during a psychic reading


Losing a pet is never easy – they’re our loved ones, just like friends and relatives, so it can be incredibly hard on owners when their beloved companion passes away. Their passing can leave us with an incredible sense of loss, as well as a certain emptiness and confusion.

When our loved ones die, we are at least comforted by the idea that they go to a better place and they’re at peace and well taken care of. But when pets die, we’re left with a lot of questions and uncertainty. We can’t help but worry about our little friends.

By Editorial Team | 2nd May 2019
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Psychic readings can be the answer you were looking for, or better yet, provide the answers you were waiting for. Let’s talk about how psychic readings can help a pet owner and what questions to ask your pet during a reading.

How can psychic readings help pet owners?

Far from being just a waste of time, psychic readings can actually be a huge help to pet owners. Psychic services like AskNow, Oranum, Keen, Kasamba, or Psychic Source can offer ways to help you in your time of need.

They can bring comfort

One of the biggest issues pet owners have is that they have no idea what happens to their little friends once they are no more. Where do they go? What do they do? Attending a psychic reading can give them the comfort they need, knowing that their furry companion is doing well.

They can offer reassurance

A psychic reading can also be a very good way of offering reassurance to a pet owner who needs to know that their pet still feels affection for them or still remembers them. Because communication with a pet is more difficult, it makes it that much harder when they pass, not knowing what they were feeling.

Questions to ask your deceased pet during a psychic reading

Are you okay?

It’s probably what every pet owner wants to know when they go to an animal communicator – whether their companion is ok. It’s the most important question and the one that probably offers the most reassurance to someone who’s recently lost a pet.

Are you happy?

Just like we wish that our loved ones are happy forever wherever they go, people want their little friends to be at peace for eternity, as well. A pet psychic for deceased pets can ask that question for you so you know that your pet is resting in peace and happiness.

Where are you?

Pet readings are often about trying to figure out where the pet has gone and where they are now. Humans have their versions of eternal resting places and heaven, but when it comes to pets, that gets a bit trickier, so being able to ask where your companion is resting is of great comfort to many.

Do you remember me?

We are all afraid of being forgotten by the ones we love, and that isn’t only true for friends and relatives. We would like our pets to remember us forever, just like we’ll remember them, so asking an animal psychic to communicate that to your pet can bring you a lot of happiness.

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Losing a beloved pet is incredibly hard (Picture: iStock by Getty)

Do you forgive me?

It is not at all uncommon for people to feel a certain amount of guilt or have a sense that they have not done enough to make things comfortable or enjoyable for their pet during their lifetime. This is a time when we remember all we did wrong, so asking for forgiveness is a very normal and common reaction when going to the pet psychic.

Did you have a good life?

Part of the healing process is learning to view death differently, and what helps is knowing that the pet had a good, peaceful, and happy life. As long as they were loved and well taken care of, if they had food, shelter, and cuddles, then your little companion had a good life.

Do you miss me?

Owners are bound to miss their departed pets dearly, and it’s completely normal to wonder and ask whether the pet misses them, too. We want to feel like our love is reciprocated and that we are missed. Psychic communication can help you receive an answer to your question.

Are you with friends?

Every owner likes to think that their pet is not alone, wherever they are, so a question that is often asked in sessions like these is whether the pet is alone or if they are with friends. The answer can give you the peace you need, knowing that your friend is not without care.

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Pet psychics can help us communicate with our deceased pets (Picture: iStock by Getty)

All in all, mediums for deceased pets can be wonderful helpers for people who are suffering because of their pet’s death. They can genuinely help and provide the comfort, support, and reassurance one needs in times of hardship.

It’s always difficult to lose a beloved companion, so it’s only natural that you would have questions. Death rarely leaves time for closure, so we are often left feeling raw and with unfinished feelings.

If you are able to ask your pet the questions that most haunt you, you will be able to find peace, just like them. Questions like whether they miss you, if they had a good life and if they are happy can bring a lot of comfort. A lot of owners wonder where the pet has gone and that’s another thing you can find out, as well as if your little friend is with other loved ones.

If you’re looking for a pet psychic, you can just google “pet psychic near me” or “pet psychic reviews” to find a reputable platform that can help you connect with your departed companion.

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