The best questions to ask during a psychic phone reading

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The best questions to ask during a psychic phone reading


Many people will request psychic readings over the phone as they’re a quick and easy way to get advice and insight into your life and what the future holds.

By Imogen Groome | 23rd November 2018
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For those interested in getting a psychic reading, here’s what to expect during the call and a selection of questions you can ask to get the most out of the experience.

What is a psychic phone reading?

A psychic reading involves speaking with someone who has heightened perceptive abilities, or extended human senses, in order to gain clarity about your life and what to expect moving forwards.

Psychics will have clairvoyance (vision), clairsentience (feeling), claircognisance (factual knowing) and clairaudience (hearing).

Readings can be given at home, at psychic fairs or over the phone.

Phone readings involve holding a telephone conversation with a psychic using a service such as AskNow, who will charge a set rate per minute for their advice and wisdom.

What happens during a psychic phone reading?

During the call, the psychic will answer any questions you have about the process and their experience. It is useful to have a set of questions ready to ask, which the psychic will endeavour to answer using a range of methods – it may be tarot cards, speaking with Guides or a crystal ball.

Many telephone readings will last up to half an hour, but it depends on who you call and what the setup is. For example, Keen lets you select a package once you’re signed into an account, with psychics offering set rates.

Psychic readings over the phone are useful for those who are hesitant to meet in person (Picture: iStock by Getty)
Questions to ask a psychic about love and relationships
  • How can I heal my relationship?
  • What can I do to find true love?
  • Will I ever meet someone special?
  • Should I know anything about my current partner?
  • Will my boyfriend/girlfriend be faithful to me?
  • Is my relationship serious?
  • How can I make my fling turn into a long term relationship?
  • Should I marry my loved one?
  • Am I with the right person?
  • How can I reconnect with my partner?
  • What kind of person should I look for in a relationship?
  • How can I improve my love life?
Questions to ask a psychic about family
  • How can I make family life more peaceful?
  • Will I be able to have another child?
  • What desires and needs do my family members have?
  • When will I start my own family?
  • Am I having a boy or a girl?
  • When will I become pregnant?
  • Is my family going to make it through this rough patch?
A psychic may be able to answer questions you have about family life (Picture: iStock by Getty)
Questions to ask a psychic about your career
  • What type of work should I be doing?
  • How can I find a more meaningful career?
  • Will I move forwards from my problems at work?
  • When will I get promoted?
  • Will I get the pay rise I asked for?
  • Will I get the job I’ve applied for?
  • Should I keep going on this career path?
  • Am I going to lose my job?
Questions to ask a psychic about dreams
  • Why do I dream about falling down stairs?
  • Why do I dream about being naked in public?
  • Why do I dream about being chased?
  • Why do I dream about losing teeth?
  • Why do I dream about dying?
  • Why do I dream my partner is cheating on me?
  • Why do I keep having nightmares?
Dreams can raise a lot of questions (Picture: iStock by Getty)
Questions to ask a psychic about friendship
  • Are any of my current friendships toxic?
  • Should I cut any friends out of my life?
  • How can I be a better friend?
  • How can I help my friend through this rough patch?
  • Why is my friend behaving strangely?
  • Will I make new friends when I move?
  • Why do I have so few friends?
  • Why have I lost touch with my best friend?
Questions to ask a psychic about money
  • How can I improve my finances?
  • When will my money situation improve?
  • Should I take out the bank loan I applied for?
  • Is it smart to make the major purchase I’m planning?
  • Should I make the big investment I’m considering?
  • Is my business going to be successful?
You could ask a psychic about money and finances (Picture: iStock by Getty)
Questions to ask a psychic about health
  • Will I suffer any significant health conditions in the future?
  • How can I achieve my health goals?
  • Are there any unexpected illnesses in the future for myself or loved ones?
  • Am I attracting positive energy in my life right now?
  • What is causing me the most stress in life?
  • What life changes will make me a happier person?
  • Am I too stressed in general at the moment?
Questions to ask a psychic about yourself
  • How can I become happy?
  • What is holding me back in life?
  • How can I improve my mental strength?
  • What is my purpose in life?
  • What goals will I achieve in the future?
  • What am I neglecting in my life?
Psychic readings can help guide you in life (Picture: iStock by Getty)
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