Best opening messages to send on a dating site

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Best opening messages to send on a dating site

By Editorial Team | 3rd June 2019
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So, you’ve finally decided to get stuck into the online dating scene. While dating sites provide a good chance of meeting someone compatible with you, those matches don’t usually mean anything.

When you’re done swiping left and right, it all comes down to that first message.

Going up to a stranger to introduce yourself – both online and offline – can be an incredibly stressful experience, even if you’re using a dating site such as Zoosk or Match.

Fear not! Listed below are some opening messages that will surely help you jumpstart that relationship you’re looking for.

Start with something basic

Dating someone requires the other person to feel comfortable with you. Starting with the basics means that you create a comfortable atmosphere right off the bat. You don’t want to come off as too intense, or as someone trying too hard.

If you want to set your opening message with a friendly tone, you can try these examples:

  • Hey there! Saw your profile and I just had to say hello.
  • Thrilled we matched! Looking forward to hearing from you.
  • What’s up? It’s nice to meet you here.
  • Hi I’m ______. It would be nice to get to know you!
  • Hello! Nice profile. Hope we can talk!
Coming up with the first message can be hard (Picture: iStock by Getty)
Find some similarities

Before putting your opening message out there, it is very important that you have already gone over the other person’s profile. Familiarizing yourself with their interests and hobbies will help you find a common ground. It also gives an impression that you paid attention to what they wrote on their bio.

Some samples of these messages include:

  • Hey fellow bookworm! Wanna exchange book recommendations?
  • Hey your dog looks cute on that photo! I have two retrievers too. What’s his name?
  • Wow, a black belt in Taekwondo? I could never achieve that!
  • Never thought I’d find someone here from my city too! Which area are you from?
  • I’d love to hear the music you make! Where do I find your covers?

If you can’t find any connection with your interests and theirs, you can still make a good conversation by asking them questions about it. Being genuinely curious about their sport or career, for example, will indicate your eagerness to know them.

Know your market

Whether you are into gay dating or mature dating, being familiar with your market is an advantage. Having the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t will help you connect with people better. Although you are on a virtual platform, building trust is still essential in getting to know potential partners.

Additionally, being certain of your market means being able to understand each other better. You can be honest about yourself, your expectations and what you are looking for. If you know you are both on the same page, you can send some risqué texts right away, be flirty or straightforward.

To start off a conversation, you can take inspiration from these lines:

  • I just have a feeling that swiping right for you would be one of my best decisions yet. Do you agree?
  • Hey there, just dropping by to say I’m very, very willing to be called your baby. Thanks!
  • Do you prefer a flirty introduction or a courteous one? Let me know and I’ll comply!

You can take these messages up a notch or tone it down a bit, depending on how you think they will react. Again, their profiles and bio would be your best guide.

Selecting the right opening message is key to getting conversation flowing (Picture: iStock by Getty)

If you are new to online dating, it’s best to know which site you are most compatible with. Before choosing the right message to send, choosing the right site for you is the most crucial step. For example, if you are looking for curated matches like those that are age-based or nationality-based, you can try sites like Our Time and Elite Singles.

Overall, you just have to jump right in there and send that first message. Make the first move and see where it leads you!

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