What’s your moon sign? The other side of your zodiac horoscope

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What’s your moon sign? The other side of your zodiac horoscope


Star signs correspond to the 12 constellations that relate to different months of the year. People analyse where the planets are, especially in relation to the Sun and Moon, in order to come up with horoscopes. They believe that our key personality traits, strengths and weaknesses, desires and fears, are all tied in with the star sign connected with our birthday. Using a psychic reading service such as Keen, AskNow or Oranum can connect you with a psychic who can offer you further insights into how your horoscope could relate to your personality. But what many people don’t know is that there aren’t just star signs – there are moon signs too.

By Imogen Groome | 17th December 2018
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People who are keen to find out more about themselves beyond their star sign predictions can find out what their moon signs says about them, too. Here’s some further information on each moon sign.


Capricorn moon signs are very serious, and love to know every detail about projects on their plate. High achievements are their strong point, and they love to have authority and knowledge. Some people see them as too controlling or serious, but they find emotional security from being a dedicated and hard worker. Their strengths are being strong, prepared and efficient, while their weaknesses are being guarded, rigid and calculating.


These moon signs are friends-oriented, not liking to be alone. They are social creatures, who like to explore the world around them. What’s more, they want to find ways to live a more enhanced life. They are emotionally independent, and this trait sometimes causes others to think they don’t care about them. However, they’re more sociable than many think, as positive social interactions will boost their self-esteem. Their strengths are being progressive, unique and philanthropic, while their weaknesses are being short-tempered, distant and inflexible.


Those who are Aries moon signs are packed full of energy and are enthusiastic, so they’re great for getting jobs done quickly. However, if anyone tries to boss them around, they are likely to react with explosive anger. Their competitive spirits can be a huge asset, but they’ll react strongly if their emotional security is threatened. They will grow in confidence after having positive experiences, and they won’t hold a grudge. Their strengths are being passionate, outgoing and independent, while their weaknesses are being defensive, combative and restless.


These signs strive for fairness and harmony, displaying a keen-to-please attitude that can lead to their downfall, as they will be prone to accepting compromises that aren’t fair on them. By worrying about everyone but themselves, they end up feeling less balanced and emotionally secure. It’s advised that Libra moon signs should contribute their own ideas in relationships. Their strengths are being gentle, sympathetic and generous, while their weaknesses are being needy, a perfectionist and easily disappointed.


These creative and imaginative individuals can bring a lot to the table, but their deep sensitivity can be easily injured. However, their intense empathy skills lead to friends wondering how they know what they’re thinking and feeling before they’re even aware of it themselves. Their compassion is a huge asset, and their strengths are being accepting, intuitive and caring. Meanwhile, their weaknesses are being easily overwhelmed, absent-minded and gullible.

Are you a Pisces moon sign? (Picture: iStock by Getty)

Virgo moon signs get a huge kick out of helping others, and they hate being the centre of attention, preferring to get involved behind the scenes instead. This intense dislike of the spotlight leads to these people getting offended when they’re recognised for their accomplishments, and other drawbacks include being so precise that people interpret this as perfectionism. Their strengths are being trustworthy, practical and detail-oriented, while their weaknesses include being skeptical, cold and insecure.


Those who are Leos will be big fans of receiving love and admiration, but they will put in the effort that leads to such benefits. They have no problem with their emotional security, as they have a good level of pride and self confidence. Unlike Virgo, Leo prefers to be at centre stage, and this desire could lead to knocking others off it. However, their confident and creative natures are attractive. Their strengths are being fair, organised and entertaining, while their weaknesses include being nosy, controlling and dramatic.


Individuals who have Sagittarius as their moon sign just love life! They can’t wait to tell anyone who’s nearby about its benefits, and they only feel complete when they are searching for adventure. This strong wish to get out there and explore the world could lead to getting swayed by false truths, though, and their personal philosophies and life mottos could be too full on for others to handle. Their strengths are being easy going, helpful and cheerful, while their weaknesses are being irresponsible, evasive and flighty.

If you’re a Sagittarius you love life (Picture: iStock by Getty)

Taurus signs are a fan of the material comforts – we’re talking high quality food, home comforts and security, both emotional and financial. They’re reluctant to get started on projects, and sometimes need a push to do so, but once they get started, nothing will stand in their way until the task is done – unless they get pressured more, that is. They don’t react much to events around them, and they prefer routine and things being consistent, as opposed to change. Their strengths are being steady, romantic and serene, while their weaknesses are being overly cautious, stubborn and picky.


A Gemini moon sign will often say the first thing on their mind. This means their hearts are written on their sleeves, but this blunt attitude may not fly with everyone. They love to get going on new tasks, but it won’t take long before they get bored, and their enthusiasm will decline rapidly. Geminis need a good form of communication, because this will provide them with high levels of security for their minds and emotions. Their strengths are being versatile, sociable and witty, while their weaknesses are being moody and nervous.


Ties to relationships are very deep for Cancer moon signs, and the feelings that come with this are intense. These individuals’ sensitive natures may lead others to see you as psychic, due to them not being able to feel emotions in the same way. While they enjoy working, creative work is much preferred to getting physical. Their strengths are being warm, humorous and protective, while their weaknesses are being clingy, irrational and manipulative.

Cancer’s spirit animal is a crab (Picture: iStock by Getty)

Some people may see a Scorpio moon sign as manipulative, or controlled on the outside. However, they are deeply passionate inside. This hidden nature leads people to be drawn to their secretive side and mysterious aura – plus they will be in tune with other peoples’ emotions. The downside is that Scorpios may sometimes seek to control people, and their secret fear could be of being vulnerable. Their strengths are being intelligent, committed and loyal, while their weaknesses are being intense, repressed and untrusting.

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Imogen Groome
Imogen is editor-in-chief of Hot5. She is also a lifestyle blogger, author and freelance journalist, with particular interests in music, politics, psychic readings and dating. She is usually found at home with her collection of animals, drinking iced tea. Read more.
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