July monthly horoscope

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July monthly horoscope


Find out what awaits you in the stars for the month of July 2019 with these psychic readings.

By Editorial Team | 1st July 2019
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There are big decisions for you to make this month, so you have to focus intensely for a bit and work for an achievement you’ve been waiting for. All of your energy will be channeled into this, but it will pay off in the end. You just have to be patient and not allow yourself to be distracted by things that are not as important as this. You may even receive some pleasant surprises that are directly related to this project you’ve been working on for so long. You will also experience some unpleasant occurrences this month, with a relative being extremely ill or even losing their life. It may become quite a busy time for you, due to personal matters and business events all taking place at once. It’s a great month for networking and travel, as work gives you the opportunity to meet new people and pick their brains on matters of business. The male Aries may have a conflict with another male, while the female Aries will have some essential responsibilities that they need to tend to.


There are so unfortunate things happening this month, and they may be a direct result of something that has happened to you in the past and some mistakes you may have made. There are some health issues you need to address in the following weeks, and they may be your own or a relative’s. Either way, this cannot be ignored, because you are risking a worsening of the situation. Negative times are possible in a lot of different aspects of your life, including business, relationships, and family. You are expecting a favor or something special from a person who is very close to you. However, conflict is also possible in different ways, particularly if you lack patience. Perhaps it is not the best time to make plans, especially long-term ones for the future. Both the male and female Taurus signs will experience a certain degree of emotional instability and will find themselves swinging from one mood to another quite quickly.


You may be lucky enough to have some free time in the following few weeks, so make sure that you are able to make the most of them and enjoy your time off. It’s possible that you will spend it with friends or family, or just enjoying your own company and things that bring you pleasure. Either way, your time off work is not due to any unfortunate happenings, so you don’t need to worry about job security. You will enjoy guests coming to hang out in your home this month, or you may just socialize with some new people who live far away and have some diverse interests. Someone close to you is having an event over the next few weeks, and it will be a happy one – you may be attending a wedding or something similar. There is some friction in your family due to some financial issues, but they will be resolved.


You may be stressing out or worrying about some issues that have not yet surfaced, and while these thoughts will not go away completely, you will be able to enjoy some reprieve. Certain people take great pleasure in making you happy, so you can expect some sort of small gesture, attention, or good news. You are particularly prone to conflicts with the people around you during this period – especially coworkers – so it’s best to try to squash any friction, conflict, or issue before it really becomes something that affects you. Don’t look now, but you may be heading on a nice, relaxing summer vacation soon. If you do go away, remember to enjoy it and leave your worries at home; they will still be there when you get back. Money-related developments may pop up here and there, and some of these may even help to pad out that vacation fund.


You will encounter a bizarre and conflicting interaction with a female figure who is engaging in quite manipulative behavior. She is wishing for you to perform some actions or steps in her favor, but that you don’t particularly wish to do. Some plans that you’ve been working on for a long time are coming to fruition, so you can enjoy the results of your labor. It’s an exciting time for you, so you should take this opportunity to enjoy yourself and your achievements. It’s also a good time to start thinking about what lies ahead and plan for the challenges that may await you in your next adventure. The male Leo is overly concerned with financial matters this month and is focused on diversifying or increasing their income, while the female Leo is experiencing some let-downs in terms of relationships. All in all, it’s a very exciting, if unpredictable, month for Leo.


Something happens either in your home or at your place of work that may create some feelings of anger and resentment. Certain things are likely to go wrong due to someone’s mistake that end up reflecting negatively on you. You’ve got plans for the future, especially when it comes to family matters, but you may find that your plans go in an unexpected direction, so be prepared for new developments. Someone makes promises to help you out, but you may find that they fail to deliver, which leaves you with some feelings of disappointment and even bitterness. Some family members from far away surprise you with some news. You may find that you are feeling quite irritable this month, with things coming to a head in the next few weeks when the burden of several conflicts catches up with you. Try not to take your frustration out on people who don’t deserve it.


It’s a very busy month for you, but also a productive one, as you will enjoy success and several achievements. You solve all sorts of issues that pop up, and even some older ones that were overdue. A relative can scare you a bit with a health problem they experience, but you are more than willing to help and support them. Sadly, you will experience some intense feelings of betrayal, as a male figure cheats or otherwise attempts to manipulate you. While this doesn’t end up impacting you negatively financially, the emotional effects could be devastating. Keeping this in mind, avoid conflicts and arguments, as you are not likely to come out on top. Household problems pop up, and it is your job to fix them, whether it’s some you take on yourself or a few that get assigned to you. There is some regret lingering for you, especially if you’re a male Libra who is thinking back to chances and opportunities you may have overlooked. Female Libras have an easier time, as they are just now putting plans in motion and achieving their dreams.


A female figure in your life is not thinking things through or is otherwise making some very poor life decisions that you are not happy about and do not approve of. While you are not the ultimate authority in her life, it still affects you negatively. In fact, this month sees a lot of worry from you, most of it about things that just don’t really matter. But worrying is better than being careless. You are surprised in a wonderful way by a male figure in your life, and things are going through positive change in general. You can expect some more improvements, but you need to have patience. You will receive some valuable professional advice that you should listen to attentively, as it can play a big role in a future business endeavor. For the male Scorpio, a friendship may be going in a surprising direction, whether positive or negative. The female Scorpio is intrigued by a discussion with a male figure.


A friend or confidante turns out to have disappointing motives, as they only seem to be intending to take advantage of your kindness, whereas you were looking for genuine friendship and companionship. You are able to overcome this setback, but it will still affect you emotionally. More disappointment may follow, as people who pledged to help you will fall through with their offers and some of your plans are not likely to materialize, or at least not in the way you were hoping. You need to arm yourself with plenty of patience and positive thoughts for the month ahead, as it will be quite trying in terms of its twists and turns. This luck will also apply to your professional life, where there may be a misunderstanding or conflict with a co-worker. The good news is that you’re doing great when it comes to money-related matters, so there is no need to worry in this regard. Patience is advised for the female Sagittarius, and forgiveness for the male counterpart.


The month may very well start with some big plans being made and even some steps taken towards fulfilling a dream. This may take you by surprise, as you weren’t quite thinking about this, but sometimes things happen unexpectedly. You do need to pay closer attention during this period, especially when it comes to documents, essential information, or promises of any kind. There is some friction on the home front, but nothing that cannot be resolved easily. You’ll be glad to spend some time with a female friend from another town, or otherwise make plans for a visit. You are likely to receive some news, even if this news may be late to reach you. If legal matters are a concern, do everything by the book, as tricks will not cause events to unfold in your favor.


You will be quite busy tending to the needs of a young person, particularly in matters related to their career, education, or a hobby they enjoy. You are quite friendly and chatty this month, which can facilitate a lot of conversations and meeting a variety of new people. Someone you are very friendly with may disappoint you in some way that could cause you to reconsider the relationship and whether you should be as close to them. Your family, however, rallies around you and offers you a lot of support and comfort this month, regardless of what happens in your life. But they can also be a bit overbearing, so if they find themselves in your home, you may feel crowded and unwelcome in your space. Something makes you think of a past lover, but don’t dwell on the past. People love to gossip, but you shouldn’t bend your ear to idle chat.


The male Pisces is having a good month, but you must not be overconfident to the point of becoming obnoxious. The female Pisces, on the other hand, experiences some stress that could even culminate in some physical symptoms. You are likely to meet new people and have some new figures in your life over the next few weeks, and it may provide a good opportunity for some strong friendships based on common interests. The month is going to be quite busy for you, especially from a social point of view, as you will be pulled in all sorts of different directions by family and friends. But they are all positive interactions that fulfill you emotionally. Travel may turn out to be a challenge, because the planets are showing that you are likely to be a bit more scatter-brained; pay attention to your documentation. Your love life proves to be a bit complicated.

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