Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Job Search

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Job Search


Want a successful job search? Ask yourself these 5 questions.

By Editorial Team | 7th August 2018
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Starting a job search comes with mixed feelings for all employees. It brings a sense of optimism for a new start or determination to continue in the chosen direction. It also awakens the fear of endless scrolling and back-to-back denials. If you are not prepared for it, a swift job search can easily become a form of a full-time job without the needed growth or salary.

Luckily for today’s job seekers, actual knocking from door to door is not necessary. You have all the tools you need with a few accurate clicks and adjustments. With the proper mindset, one can find their desired occupation efficiently, eliminating all negative aspects of pursuing the “right” job!

What Do I Want in a Job? / What is My Motivation to Get It?

It is a common misconception to send as many applications as possible. “At least one of them will hire me, right?” – a question that is much more your enemy than it is your friend. Fishing for all kinds of jobs will most often than not present you with a position that isn’t right for you. Why accept a job that pays less or forces you to do something out of your skill set when you can adjust your search methods, and find the perfect fit?

Furthermore, you need the right push to engage in a certain job. The salary may be better than your previous/current one but does it match the needed work? Or vice-versa, you may be doing what you are best at but what will you receive for your hours of work? Websites like let you set preferences on your job search, and they show the core aspects of every open position. You can evaluate the pros and cons of each job and decide whether to apply or not.

What Job do I need to Excel in my Profession?

Even a temporary job should be aimed at achieving your ultimate career goal. Yes, you can say “Well, this is just a job to get me going, a month or two and I’m gone”, and then we fast forward two years – you are still there. It is familiar, comfortable, and doesn’t require much effort, maybe. But does it get you where you want to be?

Every job you take should click with your idea of the future. You can’t be an amazing accountant if you work as a part-time caterer. You can’t become a great chef if you keep going after those “big company” positions, where you sit behind a desk for eight hours a day. The list goes on endlessly, and this is totally natural. For you to reach an established career state, you need to pursue jobs that enhance your qualifications. Keep that in mind when you send out your applications. Every bit of experience matters.

Do I have what it takes to do this Job Properly?

Let’s say that you have just started looking for an opening – you know what you do best, and which areas need polishing/growth. If you can honestly answer this question, you are one step ahead of your competition. Many employees tend to overestimate their qualifications, especially in the starting years of their careers. If you can’t present the employer with a flawless job, someone can. And they probably will.

The key here is to examine yourself, and decide – do I have what it takes, or do I need to work on this and that? The first case sends you off to a strict search matching your possibilities. The second one demands that you gain more experience. You can take online classes, get in touch with specialists in the field, or even take an internship. Don’t try to “get in pace on the job” if the position doesn’t specifically offer a learning period. You can easily check that with sites like, where you can check and read thousands of company reviews and job ads. Don’t rush into something that will waste both yours and the company’s time.

Are my Priorities in Place?

All jobs come with a list of positive and negative aspects. It is a rare occasion to find a job that doesn’t require even a bit of compromise on your side. Make sure to study the company’s work politics, and then decide if you can give up on the “home office” or the flexible working hours. If they are a must for you, just continue with your search. If you can live without them, see what you are getting compensated with. Always try to keep your work balance.

Is this the Right Approach?

If you have covered all the previous points, you should have a pretty good picture of what your future job will look like. With this confidence in hand, ensure that you are going after it with all you’ve got. Don’t be too humble and don’t rely entirely on your resume. Go strong, and don’t give up on your dream job. After all, you need to deserve it.

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