Is EZStream IPTV legit?

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Is EZStream IPTV legit?


IPTV is internet TV programming. The term IPTV basically means “internet protocol television”. The IP part is the same IP you are issued when you go online. So, you are replacing traditional broadcasting with this type, via internet protocol. You see, there is no broadcaster or broadcasting schedule needed to send the signal you receive. You are not limited by this scheduling.


By Editorial Team | 9th May 2019
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Instead, the broadcasting is video on demand (VOD) – you know, kind of like Netflix, but for standard TV, not just the latest shows. The on demand quality ensures you can watch anything you want, whenever you want, and no one is dictating times for anything.

Is IPTV legal?

By circumventing a lot of issues that people have with traditional broadcasters, some may believe IPTV services are an illegal hack. Is IPTV legal? Well, you’ll be glad to hear that it is. EZStream, Cable Free IPTV, Colossal TV, Insight IPTV, or IPTV.Farm are all companies that provide IPTV services 100% legally.

You simply subscribe to one of these providers, just like you do with traditional broadcasters or a streaming service. You make the payments monthly, just like you’ve been doing until now, except now, you are not limited by anyone else’s schedule. So essentially, nothing really changes for you, but you get a lot more freedom.

Traditional broadcasters and cable providers are none too happy about this new service; that’s true. People were already letting go of their cable subscriptions long before, but now, the competition is even harsher. However, that doesn’t mean the service has to be illegal. You can enjoy your freedom and watch everything in a legal manner, so you’re having your cake and eating it, too.

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IPTV is a legal way to watch on demand TV (Picture: iStock by Getty)
How are EZStream’s IPTV’s channels made available?

Okay, so now that you understand more or less what the deal is with IPTV, let’s talk more about EZStream IPTV, in particular – is EZStream IPTV any good? How do you get their channels, anyway, if they’re not using traditional broadcasting? There are a lot of things that may be unclear, so let’s talk about how EZStream makes sure that the channels they are broadcasting are getting to you.

If you want to subscribe to EZStream and start enjoying their services, at a minimum, your internet downstream speed needs to be at least 15 meg. A streaming device is also necessary; one that can plug into the TV and has an internet connection that is either wireless or that requires a direct ethernet connection. Be aware of the fact that the direct ethernet connection is the one that is heavily favored by the service provider in order to facilitate a consistent streaming service.

If you’re wondering about devices, an Android Box, Amazon Firestick, NVIDIA Shield, or Amazon FireTv would do, as well as tablets and cell phones that operate on Android. The service provider can recommend an ideal device or IPTV box for your needs. If you experience any issues with installation or service, visit the website or call in and a team will be ready to help you, as you’ll be able to see in a lot of EZStream IPTV reviews.

Does EZStream IPTV have viruses?

With this operating online and getting you everything via the internet, it’s not crazy to ask “Do IPTV providers protect you from viruses?” or whether you are at risk of viruses when you’re getting your programs on demand. You can rest easy – EZStream IPTV does not have viruses and will never allow malware, viruses, or anything like that to infect your devices. It’s part of what you are paying for when you subscribe – they ensure that you are getting the best quality services.

EZStream IPTV understands the importance of your privacy and sensitive data, so they go to great lengths to protect you and make sure that you can use their services without worrying. Since you’re not downloading anything illegally or illegally streaming, you never have to worry about viruses with legitimate companies. The top IPTV service providers will always have your back.

What are the laws around global streaming and content copyright?

You might be wondering what is the deal with copyright when it comes to these services – how is it possible that it’s entirely legal? Well, it might surprise you to find out that global copyright laws do not exist where streaming is concerned; in fact, every nation decides what the rules, regulations, and laws are for them.

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There are a number of legit IPTV providers out there (Picture: iStock by Getty)

There is an international treaty that around 180 countries signed in order to set some regulations regarding creators of content and how they, their rights, and their intellectual property can be protected. This ensures that people like you are able to enjoy on demand television without having to worry about whether or not you are doing something illegal.


There’s a lot about IPTV that’s very new and it can be difficult to trust it, which is why questions like “is EZSteam IPTV legit?” pop up, and that’s totally normal. It’s still early days for IPTV, but companies like EZStream and others are defining how we’re going to consume television in the very near future.

For now, you may still need to go around reading IPTV reviews, but in a short amount of time, we’re all going to be watching our favorite TV on demand. This is the time to research it and make sure all your questions are answered, including how IPTV is legal, how it works, etc.

It’s really easy, because you just need to switch from cable to IPTV, but you’ll be paying for your subscription just like you have been so far, except you will enjoy so much more freedom. Between this and Netflix, there is no real need for traditional television broadcasting – you just need to find the best IPTV service provider and subscribe.

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