How to Meet Singles in London

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How to Meet Singles in London


Whether you’re new to London or have lived in London for years, there’s always places where you can new people and build a romantic connection.

By Stella Bracwel | 27th September 2018
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London is a big city and you will find plenty of single ladies and gentlemen out there. Many are intrigued with the concept of love and partnership but may still remain single for plenty of reasons. If you are living in London and planning to find love or simply meet new singles, we have just the right kind of ideas that you need.

The Diners in your Neighborhood

In your locality, it is quite common to grab a bite outside every now and then. When you visit a regular place to eat, you will find many familiar faces only if you care enough to notice properly. When you are getting your morning coffee or bagels, you will actually find plenty of singles standing in the queue with you. You may find someone attractive, and casually approaching them and hitting up a conversation about the place is not weird or creepy since it’s neutral territory. If the person is alone, you may invite them for a hangout or even a date if your little chitchat is hitting off. If you see that the person is coming with only one particular friend or partner, then it’s safe to assume the person is probably spoken for.

Through Mutual Friends

It happens quite frequently that friends set you up with someone. Mutual friends tend to do that if they know that you are consciously looking for meeting someone new. Sometimes these make for really embarrassing stories to laugh about later on, but sometimes one ends up finding their one true love. It is very common these days to go on a double date. Going with another couple might take off a bit of pressure from your end. Attending parties with your friends is a fun way to meet new people. You will find plenty of eligible singles to interact with in that way. Who knows, maybe the person you are looking for might have been right in front of you?

Online Dating Platforms

In the digital age of today, online dating platforms have become a boon for all the singles out there. Dating sites like OurTime, Match, eharmony and many more help you perform customized search for the singles who match with your interest and personality. Understand that those who sign up to the app are usually the singles looking for someone to date. Therefore, you do not have to worry about the individuals which you find attractive in these platforms being already taken.


If you have a pet or happen to be a fitness freak, going to the park must be a common routine for you. When you go to parks, the probability of finding single parents or singles with pets is much higher. Maybe arranging play dates together might give you more time to talk and interact with the person you like. But we are not saying that you should simply go to the park to find singles. This idea is specific to a niche category of individuals only.

Bars and Clubs

“The club isn’t the best place to find a lover, so the bar is where I go”. That’s right, if Ed Sheeran knows it, no reason why you shouldn’t! At bars, you will find plenty of singles having a good time, enjoying or simply looking for new people to meet. You never know with whom you might click. Visiting bars or clubs during some weekends might not be a bad choice for the singles in London being ready to mingle. Even if you do not find singles, you will at least have some good time there.

Social Media

Social media platforms clearly show an individual’s relationship status. Hence you can easily filter out the singles through their Insta stories or Facebook feeds. If you are shy to talk to the individual in person, you can always send them a message for hanging out together or maybe having a cup of coffee. Social media platforms have made communication easier in many ways possible. In fact, you can cross-check your social media friends whom you find attractive if they are available on dating websites such as Elite Singles, Zoosk etc. This means that the person you like have an interest in dating.

At Weddings

If you are single and you don’t have a date for the wedding, there is no reason to be upset and not attend the wedding. You would be surprised to meet so many new people at the singles table. In fact, many who actually bring dates might be single as well. During weddings, everyone is enjoying some good glass of champagne, dancing and having a good time. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know someone new and start an interesting relationship.

To Summarize

There you have it, seven places in London where you can meet other singles. After reading this article, we would like to set you a challenge for the next month, visit one of the place mentioned above and see how you fare. Who knows, you might even meet the love of your life in London. Do you have any other suggestions where you can find singles in London? If so, comment below.

Written by
Stella Bracwel
Stella is a fashion blogger and crypto-investor, who also happens to be a dating expert as well. She is a traveller who has taken up writing as a full-time profession, so she can always do her job and have fun on the go.With her vast array of knowledge, Stella could get you hitched as well as rich so keep an eye out for her articles! Read more.
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