Tips for the First Date

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Tips for the First Date


Here are our best tips for your first date to go smoothly and to make a great first impression.

By Stella Bracwel | 7th August 2018
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Going on your first date feels more like walking on a tightrope. You need to impress her without coming on too strong or looking too desperate. The constant dilemma of whether you’re on the right track or not is sure to drive anyone over the edge. As a result, a lot of you wind up making exactly the same mistakes you were determined to avoid at all costs.

A new study by the activity planning website, Vimbly discovered the top pitfalls that turn off women. You might feel that many of those are trivial issues, but let’s face it – it’s your first date! You don’t want to mess things up and set a bad first impression.

Speaking of first impressions, don’t wait till the first date to break the ice! Chat it up with your partner beforehand to lighten the tension. Gone are the days of traditional dating systems. Why not take your love life online too? Let the digital cupid Zoosk do its magic and find you the perfect one to match your interests. Zoosk, for instance, offers personal chatrooms and provides exceptional security to its members.

Without further ado, here are some tips to make your first date a success – be sure to schedule a second one before the waiter serves the dessert!

1. Keep Your Hands to Yourself

Holding hands is cool, but touching the other person a lot on your first date shows you’re a bit desperate. Yes, you do need to make your date feel special, but that’s not the right way. There are thousands of other ways to do that. Experts say that touching should be minimal on the first days and that it should be friendly and natural – not sexual. For guys, it’s fine to put your hand on her lower back when you lead her through a crowded restaurant or bar, but don’t put your arm around her neck or hold her too closely all the time. For the ladies, getting too handsy on your end might make you seem provocative or even shallow. Either way, what we mean to say is, respect each other’s personal space.

2. Don’t be Economical!

This one’s for the guys. There’s a difference between being cheap and frugal. “Cheap” is when you tell her she can’t order a dessert but “frugal” is when you schedule a lunch date instead of a dinner date. If you are taking her out, don’t be cheap with money. That’d show your cheapness with emotions and possibly in bed, too. Certainly, that’s not the impression you would want to create. If you’re planning on saving money, without looking stingy, plan the date all by yourself and tell her it’s a surprise. Take her to places that you think you can afford. Or you can even get creative by planning a hiking trip that is much more fun and grab some light snack later on. That way you’re being economical without coming off as a miserly human being. And if she’s the right person for you, she will eventually understand your financial constraints if you have any.

3. Conversation is a two-way street

Definitely, you’ll have to speak about yourself, but if you keep on boasting only about yourself, that would mean dominating the conversation, making you look narcissistic. Or even worse, your date might feel you’re not interested in them. Men usually tend to talk a lot about work and showing off their assets to impress the ladies, and women, unfortunately, end up venting about personal problems. And this is a major turn off. Instead, ask them about their future plans or keep things light by talking about their pets if they have any.

Have an engaging conversation, and avoid vague questions like, “So, tell me about yourself”. Find out what’s more important to them in life and what their priorities are. And if you’re too nervous to talk, and this is a normal occurrence on first dates, let Match do the talking for you. will find you the most compatible profiles out there with whom you can chat online or even take it to other social media platforms. This way you have plenty of material to talk about. With a little bit of history in the blooming relationship already, you’ll no longer feel the jitters of first date conversation starters.

4. Handle yourself if you guys are taking liquor

Going to a bar with your potential girlfriend or boyfriend seems like a great idea, but getting too drunk will double your chances of making you look like a fool, and raises a major red flag. In fact, you may come off as a habitual heavy drinker who loves hitting the bottle every other night. Guys tend to drink more than usual when they want to get rid of their nervousness. Balance it out with some food and alternate your alcoholic beverages with water or drinks that contain less alcohol. The best option is beer!

5. Don’t be a schlub

Personal grooming is extremely important when you’re going on a date and we really don’t need to explain the reason behind that! It’s all about investing in a good haircut, dressing well and looking appealing, that’s all. While most of the ladies don’t need any advice on that, some still don’t make the effort which leads to guys wondering, “Hey, is she really in to me?” since it’s a universal truth that women primarily dress up to impress others. And guys, go for some manscaping! That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to work as hard as she does, but you can’t skip the basic like showering, clean shave and spritzing on cologne. Wear a polished outfit and avoid vivid colors. Go for dark jeans, a blazer, and a loafer and you’ll look dapper.

One of the best things about online dating sites these days is that you can find out what the other person likes beforehand. If your man likes his women to stay simple with natural or minimal makeup, dress the part. If your lady likes men to be prim and proper, it’s a wise decision to invest in a new shirt and skip the jogging bottoms.

6. Love has no age

Who said you can’t date anymore? If you’re above 40, you’re dating age starts now. Don’t let anyone stop you from finding true love. After all, love has no age. For instance, if you’re 50+ and shy to look for a date, OurTime is the right dating site for you. Dating for senior singles have never been this easy!

To Summarize

You might be thinking, “Hey I knew all these. It’s textbook”. Well, you’d be pretty surprised to find out how many of these basic rules we overlook on first dates. Just think of your past experiences to compare and contrast.

Pro Dating Tip: If you’re a little nervous, probably your significant other also is, so just relax!

After the date is over, you can do a post-mortem on the questions that seemed a little too awkward or anything that reviled you. Try putting in your best efforts and even if things don’t work out, there’s something far better on your way! Go for eHarmony, who knows you might be able to find your soul mate! With eHarmony, you don’t have to spend hours searching hundreds of profiles and reading bios. Just fill up your requirements and let the magic begin.

What are some of your secret dating tips? Leave them in the comments below! Tell us your secrets.

Written by
Stella Bracwel
Stella is a fashion blogger and crypto-investor, who also happens to be a dating expert as well. She is a traveller who has taken up writing as a full-time profession, so she can always do her job and have fun on the go.With her vast array of knowledge, Stella could get you hitched as well as rich so keep an eye out for her articles! Read more.
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