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PsychicCenter is an online psychic website running since 1999 and is owned by other well-known sites of the same industry.

Elite Singles

A global-leading dating site, creating on average 2000 new couples each month!

Used by millions of active job seekers and recruiters in America. Free to use for job seekers! is an established brand with over 20 years in the business. With 60 million candidate registrations, it is one of the most-used recruitment agencies worldwide.


The world’s number 1 job site. It is available in 26 languages to and can be accessed in 50 countries.


Get unlimited access to thousands of part-time and hourly jobs. Available to download on iOS devices.


Job search guidance, resume tips, and network advice are just a few features available at Monster.


An award-winning travel provider in the UK, serving millions of travelers every year.


This all-in-one travel app searches millions of flights over 1,200 travel partners in seconds. A winner of many, many awards.


Search for your ideal vacation with Kayak! Browse through holiday packages as well as discounted rates on hotels, flights, and rental cars.

Compare and save on a wide choice of flights, hotels and car hire. Download the easy and free App!


Compare 1000+ airline and travel sites at budget prices, all offering luxurious flights and boutique hotels.


#1 Dating App! Browse through photos of local singles, match with daters, and chat.


Keen is one of the first legitimate psychic reading services to launch online. It has been in operation since 1999 and it just keeps on expanding with more psychics and more specialties becoming available.


An online dating haven for selfie fanatics, receiving 60M+ monthly active users.

Living DNA

Living DNA can provide a snapshot of your genetic makeup and may be particularly useful to those of British Isles ancestry.


With a dozen lifestyle dating options, you are guaranteed to meet your harmonious match in no time. They could be anywhere in the country, or even in the same region.


AskNow has legitimate psychic readers and has been in the industry since 2004. The platform has helped out hundreds of thousands of people looking for advice in their lives.

Psychic Source

Psychic Source is a legitimate site with psychics from range of expertise and divination tools for the most reliable readings.

Our Time

Takes 2 minutes to create a profile to find your perfect match. The site’s layout is incredibly simple and easy to get around.


AncestryDNA’s autosomal testing combined with their range of features can help you unlock more information about your heritage.


Oranum is a legitimate and real psychic site focused on video chatting with credits instead of price per minute so it is a pretty unique site.

Family Tree DNA

Family Tree DNA offers the most comprehensive range of DNA testing available for genealogy.


Kasamba is a legitimate and one of the longest running online psychic reading websites with experts capable of dream analysis, career forecasts and fortune telling, among others.


Founded in 2013, NextLove started as a dating platform mainly for single and divorced parents. While this site advertises itself as a site catering to divorced and single parents, it is also used for every type of romantic encounter including affairs and more.


HomeDNA is a high-resolution DNA test kit providing precise information on the history of your family, the geographical location, and the migration pattern of your ancestors throughout the world.


DNA testing service 23andme offers insight into your health as well as the opportunity to connect with DNA matches both close and distant to help you discover more about your heritage.

California Psychics

California Psychics is a legitimate psychic site founded in 1995 and is the home of some 300 readers today, with over 2 million readings done over the years.

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Can you get DNA from urine? How DNA testing works
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What is a magic rune and what do their symbols mean?
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03rd May 2019
Fake online psychic: how to avoid a bogus psychic reading
The internet can often be a dark and mysterious place where scammers are abundant and in case of online psychic services, there are plenty. With the number of websites with false information and fake psychics, finding a proper psychic and avoiding being cheated is basically like finding a needle in a haystack. Not only is it time-consuming, but taking an unknown bait can even be hazardous, sinc...
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Questions to ask your deceased pet during a psychic reading

Psychic readings can be the answer you were looking for, or better yet, provide the answers you were waiting for. Let’s talk about how psychic readings can help a pet owner and what questions to ask your pet during a reading.

29th April 2019
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AncestryDNA review: Does this DNA test actually work?
DNA testing and DNA testing kits have become an intriguing topic in the minds of many. In the past, this was done to understand human body nature and hereditary relevance to diseases. The core value proposition of DNA testing organizations was to provide knowledge about genetics for the purpose of treatment. The times have changed recently and DNA testing is no more restricted to medical purpos...
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Cheap Flights: Best price comparison sites and apps REVEALED
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The benefits of fortune telling
We would all like to know things about ourselves, about our past, present and possible futures. Fortune telling is a novel way of opening up doors which cannot be accessed any other way. Fortune telling is an insightful way of discovering things about yourself and your life which you may not be able to find by other means. It...
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Tips and advice for your first date
As nerve-wracking as it is, we all know that nowadays scoring the first date is not the hardest part anymore — it’s getting a second one. We all struggle to leave a good impression that will make our dates call us back. Some of us go for a fancy dinner matched with a fancy car, while others opt for a usual day-out. It re...
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What can palm reading reveal about your life?
This article talks about the many benefits you can get from palm reading. It explains how professional palm readers can reveal insights into your life which can help you achieve your full potential. Palm reading has a long history and tradition dating back hundreds of years and is found in different cultures across the world....
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What’s your moon sign? The other side of your zodiac horoscope

People who are keen to find out more about themselves beyond their star sign predictions can find out what their moon signs says about them, too. Here’s some further information on each moon sign.

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How health DNA testing can help with your diet and fitness

Completing a health DNA test can give you lots of valuable information about your genetic predispositions, such as which vitamins you may need more of or the kinds of exercises your body responds best to. Here’s what health DNA testing can provide you with.

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What are the meanings of each tarot card?

However, it doesn’t have to be, as they are all split into sections which can be learned about and practiced over time. Here’s what the major and minor arcana cards mean, and why they’re split into swords, wands, cups and pentacles.

28th November 2018
How to shuffle and pick tarot cards at a psychic reading

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27th November 2018
The most inspirational DNA testing stories
It sounds simple, but it can uncover a whole host of results – simply spitting in a tube and sending off your DNA to a lab for testing can result in shocking discoveries. You can screen your genes for health conditions, find out what your origins are, and unlock information about your family. Here’s a selecti...
26th November 2018
The star signs which are compatible for relationships
One approach people take when they have a break from dating sites while looking for love is taking to the stars and consulting their zodiac signs. With 12 different types of star sign spanning four elements, it makes sense that some will go well together – while others will crash and burn. Here’s your guide to wh...
23rd November 2018
Which health conditions can ancestry DNA tests trace?
DNA tests can be useful for finding out where your ancestors come from, but it’s also helpful if you want to find out more about your health. As DNA is the genetic code in charge of how our cells function, which is passed down through the generations via genes, finding out if we are at risk of any health conditions can help us to make more informed choices in o...
23rd November 2018
The best questions to ask during a psychic phone reading

For those interested in getting a psychic reading, here’s what to expect during the call and a selection of questions you can ask to get the most out of the experience.

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How To Attract A Scorpio Man
When it comes to love action, a Scorpio man makes a dynamic and alluring sensual partner. Intense and passionate about everything, this guy can become relentlessly super possessive once he sets his sights on you. If you’re looking for a thrilling and profound emotional experience, Scorpio man is certainly an excellent love option. If you’re Pisces or Cancer you already have a head start ove...
15th November 2018
DNA Testing as a Christmas Gift
Who would’ve thought you can actually perform DNA testing at home simply out of curiosity and fascination? Recent trends show that DNA testing tools and kits are used as a token of surprise presents nowadays. It would be quite amazing to know the mysteries of your origin, your past and even some indications of the future. While all these sound very appealing, there are benefits and drawbacks ...
07th November 2018
Psychic reading: spine-tingling predictions that will blow your mind!
Psychic readings have been going on for centuries. Nowadays forms of divination have engulfed people’s life in mysterious ways. People have been so captivated by getting to know the unknown that they have even spread over the virtual world. Even though someone might have their doubts about
01st November 2018
5 Things to know before going to a Psychic Reading
Many people look for advice and guidance of tarot readers, astrologers or psychics when they are experiencing significant changes in life. You may want to trust the abilities and integrity of psychic readers when you are undergoing unplanned changes in your life which are beyond your control. Psychics are known to offer advice, healing, and guidance in making life decisions and help to cope wit...
01st November 2018
Top 5 Reasons For Researching Your Genetic Roots
Everyone enjoys the stories that grandma and grandpa used to tell.  Tales of what life was like not too long ago to make understanding them just a little better and easier.  They told of us of the old ways of doing everyday things and how life differed from what we are accustomed to today. Sometimes it was difficult to imagine that they would partake in certain activities because all we saw w...
28th September 2018
9 places to meet your future girlfriend
You never know when or where you’ll meet the girl of your dreams. But there are a lot of conflicts in this adventure – the girl you like might want to keep things casual while you want something serious or vice versa. Basically, the probability of meeting a girl you like, someone who is compatible with you and feels the same way about you might seem hard to find. However, you would be s...
28th September 2018
The Ultimate Guide To Warm Places To Escape Winter
Winter! If only you could skip all the winter blues, escape the cold, and have a warm Christmas holiday for a change. Oh, wait! You can absolutely do that.  You can plan a winter sun holiday right after Christmas, and escape the blistery winds, and chilly temperatures. There are several incredible destinations where you can soak up some sun and have an incredible time at the same time. Check o...
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Top 5 Places for a Ski Holiday
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How to Meet Singles in London

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3 Top Dos and Don’ts for Single Women After 50
You may think after all these years of dating, you’d have all the rules memorized. But it’s not always the case, is it? Whether you are 50 or 25, dating always brings in a heavy load of worries and anxiety. It’s never textbook when it comes to dating and relationships since every person is different and by the time you’re 50, most women just stop going out on the field. But the truth is...
27th September 2018
5 Rules for Dating

Dating is not the same anymore. Social media platforms have changed the traditional dating rules completely. With a growth in the online dating apps and sites, dating has escalated to a whole new level and therefore additional dating etiquettes have come into play.

Here are 5 rules of dating you didn’t know you were breaking:

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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Job Search
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5 Tips for Landing Your Dream Job
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