Beginner’s Guide: Sword Art Online Legends

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Beginner’s Guide: Sword Art Online Legends


Are you ready to go on a quest to kill and collect rewards from NPC monsters? Read this strategy guide to make the most of your time in Aincrad!

By Moses Mbuva | 27th April 2019
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If you have just started playing Sword Art Online Legends, this is the guide for you.

We have compiled a list containing several different secret tricks which can be used to quickly dominate the game and other players. Master the game in just a couple of hours!

Tip #1 - Claim Free Rewards

When you start the browser game for the first time, you will probably notice a huge amount of colorful pop-up messages on your screen. Go against your instinct and do not dismiss these messages as some of them are free rewards related to the game.

You can get free experience, gold, gear, spirit and loads of other cool bonuses. Most of these bonuses are actually very valuable and will develop your character significantly.

Tip #2 - Join The Discord Group

In the top-right corner of the screen, beside the mini-map, there is a menu with different options to choose from. If you click the ‘Join Discord’ icon, it will take you to the official discord channel.

Many players like to visit this channel and you should too because it is where you will create friendships, as well as get advice from highly-skilled and experienced players.

Tip #3 - Don’t Miss Daily Rewards

When you click on the daily rewards button, you will see a mixture of rewards. These rewards change regularly and get better as you progress, including Coupon and Shop items which can be claimed from the Online Reward Pool for free. Since players are treated with new rewards every day, can you think of a reason why you shouldn’t play the game daily?

Tip #4 - Utilize Your Pixie Pets

As you level up and sign in on a regular basis, you will unlock a variety of pets. In this game they are called ‘pixies’ and they can be powerful companions for your character.

Pixies also have abilities and they are controlled by the AI, meaning you don’t have to go through any extra effort to have them fight by your side.

Tip #5 - Get a Girlfriend

No, we aren’t talking about a real-life female partner.

In Sword Art Online Legends you can have a special type of companion called a girlfriend. She will fight by your side when activated and can use gear and abilities of her own.

This is a very powerful addition to your gameplay, and many players forget about turning on their girlfriend and having her help them while questing or playing arena matches.

Tip #6 - Join a Guild

When you reach Level 30, you will have the option to join a guild. There are three guilds in the game and you can choose which one do you want to join, or pick randomly which also grants you a free gift pack.

Our advice is to choose a random guild, as it provides you with the gift package that holds very valuable resources.

After you join a guild, you can participate in different activities. Be helpful towards new players and actively deposit items to the warehouse, if you want your guild rank to go up.

Tip #7 - Participate In Daily Events

There are various daily events to play each time you sign in. Rewards reset every 24 hours, but you can keep replaying the dungeons for fun as much as you like.

For a new player, it’s extremely important to take rewards from daily gear and treasure instances.

Gear instances will give you an equipment stronger than the one you already have and you also have a small chance of receiving rare gears.

Treasure instances will drop random loot which you can use to quickly upgrade your mount and girlfriend companions.

Tip #8 - Play Arena Matches

After reaching Level 35, the arena will become a big part of your game experience. Here you will fight other players and earn ranking points each time you win.

Every fight you play will give you experience, gold, and spirit. Yeah, that’s right, even if you lose.

As you become stronger, you will win more matches and gain higher rankings, which will subsequently give you greater rewards for each match you play.

The highest arena ranked guild member is the Generalissimo of a guild. That is the highest rank you can achieve and if you manage to hold it for a longer period of time, you will receive special bonuses and be able to coordinate the whole guild, which contains thousands of members.

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Moses Mbuva
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