How to find the best weight loss diet plan for you

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How to find the best weight loss diet plan for you


Lately, you’ve noticed that you’ve been putting on more weight than usual, and you don’t quite know why. That’s for you to find out, in order to be able to identify the best weight loss diet plan for you!

By Editorial Team | 10th June 2019
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Consider your lifestyle

Instagram can show you as many yoga retreats and “clean” eating subscription boxes as it wants, but that doesn’t mean that any of it is going to fit into your lifestyle. The ideal weight loss diet plan for you is the one that fits into your lifestyle, and that is the first lesson to be learned.

Think about the different aspects of your life that impact your lifestyle: are you a parent? How many hours do you work per week? Is it physical work? Are you a good candidate for quick weight loss? Keeping these facts in mind will allow you to plan a good diet around your existing lifestyle.

Think about your goals

Okay, so the obvious goal here is rapid weight loss through a weight loss diet plan, but what is the purpose? Are you just interested in losing a couple of pounds quickly for an event, for example? Are you looking to achieve dramatic weight loss? Do you plan on maintaining this new weight? Do you want to be on this diet plan long-term, or do you hope to transition into something else?

These are all super relevant questions to ask yourself, because they dictate what the ideal weight loss diet plan for you is. If you’re only looking for minimal, temporary, rapid weight loss, that’s a different diet than one that would allow massive weight loss.

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Planning your weight loss diet plan is beneficial (Picture: iStock by Getty)
Consider your current eating habits

The ideal weight loss diet plan for women would probably include copious amounts of chocolate, but that’s not always the case. But it can be, depending on your goals, your metabolism, and your tailored weight loss diet plan.

If you have good self-control when it comes to food and you do well on a diet that consists of not denying yourself anything, you can have a little bit of everything. If, however, you have a hard time hitting the stop button on foods high in calories, sometimes cutting them out altogether is best, to remove the temptation. It’s all down to your eating habits.

Find out if you have any disorders

A lot of women believe that they are just not putting in the work for weight loss, but the truth is that a lot of them suffer from different ailments that can hinder weight loss, or even make it impossible. It’s incredibly important to have a clear picture of the way your body works, because if you are struggling with something like this, then that is going to require a different type of weight loss diet plan. You won’t be able to get away with just introducing a weight loss breakfast and keeping the rest of your diet the same.

Think about how active you’re willing to be

Success in the weight loss department requires two major parts: the diet program and the exercise regime. Now, ideally, you should be doing your best with both, but a lot of us struggle either with the exercise or with the diet, which is why there is some leeway here, and we can compensate. So, think about how much exercise you are willing to do.

If you are open to a harder routine, with more hours put in, you can allow yourself a more generous diet. But if you’re not at all active and lead a very sedentary lifestyle, then the diet you create for yourself has to be a bit stricter.

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Consider whether you want working out at the gym to be part of your diet plan (Picture: iStock by Getty)
Use an established service

Sometimes, the easiest way out is to just let the professionals handle it. The best weight loss programs come from brands like Noom, Nutrisystem, Trifecta, MyFoodDiary, and LadyBoss. With their help, you may be able to find your ideal weight loss diet plan, with minimal effort required on your part. You just have to look for the company and the plan you prefer, and then follow the plan they create for you, based on your specific needs.


All in all, there is no ideal weight loss diet plan, but there is such a thing as the best weight loss diet plan for you.

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