Best mattresses for kids

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Best mattresses for kids


Purchasing a mattress for your child is important, as you need to accommodate for factors such as their ongoing growth and comfort needs. Fortunately, there are lots of high quality options on the market, so you’re spoilt for choice.

By Imogen Groome | 20th August 2019
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Ensuring your child gets a restorative night of rest is vital, particularly as they’re developing and growing every time they go to sleep. Here’s what you should consider when shopping for the best mattresses for kids.

How to choose a mattress for your child
  • Size: Your child will be growing a lot over the following years, and you don’t want to be buying a new mattress every year to manage that. Purchasing a mattress which provides enough space for comfort and growth is therefore one of the main considerations.
  • Firmness: Consider the weight of your child and go for an option which will suit their size. This will ensure they get a comfortable night of sleep – and you won’t be stuck with a cranky kid in the morning. Soft beds are better for lighter children, and firm beds suit heavier kids.
  • Support: A new mattress for kids needs to have enough support to align the spine correctly. Having the right support will ensure they develop and grow normally over the coming years. Let your child get involved and tell you what they find the most comfortable. 
  • Off-gassing: When you unpack a mattress, there will often be off-gassing. This should be left to its own devices for a few days to prevent symptoms such as headaches. It’s common to find off-gassing with memory foam beds, so take particular care if you have this style. Greenguard and CertiPUR-US certified products focus on lower emissions and using safer materials, so look for one of these logos where possible.
  • Value: Some may think that a lower price means you’re getting a better deal, but this isn’t always the case, especially with a mattress. You want to ensure the material quality is high enough that it will be durable, that your child will get the right support and so on.

Here are some of the best mattresses for kids that are currently on the market:

Casper Essential

This is a foam bed made by one of the most trusted mattress brands around. It’s cheaper than the original model, and an inch thinner. It’s an affordable and durable option for kids. This bed works with most beds and foundations, and the cover is dark in colour so mess and spills are easily hidden. Furthermore, moving around on this mattress is a breeze thanks to the quick response. The memory foam layer is sandwiched in between two other layers; this construction makes for a pressure relief function that isn’t overshadowed by the usual downsides of memory foam ie. direct conforming to the skin and uncomfortable levels of overheating.

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Nectar Mattress

The Nectar mattress is one of the best memory foam mattresses on the market. It’s constructed with four layers to provide the best level of conforming and support. The gel memory foam, along with standard memory foam, make for a contouring and hugging feel that will help your child get to sleep quicker. Furthermore, they will also benefit from active prevention of aches and pains thanks to this feature. When it comes to firmness, this bed is medium firm, which makes it a good middle ground option, or perfect for those who want a mid-level firmness which isn’t too soft. Thanks to its high-density polyfoam base which comprises two layers, this product is also durable and benefits from a lifespan which is longer than average. There is a 10 year warranty and a 365 night sleep trial in place for this mattress, plus free shipping to customers in the contiguous US and a white glove delivery option.

Saatva Mattress

These mattresses are often described as the best innerspring mattresses on the market, as the construction offers excellent support, but doesn’t suffer from the downsides seen with other innerspring competitors, such as a short lifespan or poor conforming. With the Saatva mattress, you’ll get a durable product which features memory foam in its construction, along with polyfoam and pocketed minicoil comfort layers. This makes the Saatva particularly good for children who are experiencing growth spurts. You can purchase the Saatva mattress in one of three firmness options – medium soft, medium firm and firm. This selection ensures there will be a perfect choice for your child, regardless of their body type and comfort preferences. The robust bonnell coil support core with this product ensures a high level of comfort for those who need it, and this is combined with high quality airflow through the coil layers, which prevents children from overheating and sleeping hot during the night. Another benefit seen with this mattress is the fact that its thick comfort-oriented construction leads to it making less noise compared to other innerspring mattresses on the market. Customers who purchase the Saatva mattress will benefit from free white glove delivery if they reside in the contiguous US, along with a 120 night sleep trial and a 15 year warranty. This product is beneficial for every type of sleeper – i.e. back, stomach, side and combination sleepers – and children in all weight groups. It also works well for those who are growing quickly and children who are prone to overheating during the night.

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