Best mattresses for heavy people

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Best mattresses for heavy people


Shopping for a mattress when you’re a heavier person comes with its own considerations. For example, mattress thickness, firmness, edge support and temperature regulation need to be evaluated with all potential purchases.

By Imogen Groome | 22nd August 2019
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Fortunately, there are plenty of options on the market these days for heavier people, so here are our tips and recommended products for you to try out.

Buying the best mattress for heavy people
  • Thickness: If you’re under 200 pounds, then a mattress which is around 10 inches will usually do the trick, but those who weigh more than this will do much better with a product which is at least 12 inches thick. When looking at these thicker options, ensure they offer a deep level of compression support.
  • Firmness: Most heavier sleepers will get the most out of a mattress which is either medium or medium firm on the firmness scale. Bear in mind that the heavier you are, the more sinkage you’re going to experience, so ensure you get a firmer product that can cater to that.
  • Edge support: If you’re often sat on the edge of your bed during the day, you don’t want the mattress to start sagging or collapsing. This is also a consideration if you’re sexually active. Therefore, mattresses which are built from springs, coil on coil designs or come in a hybrid variant are the best choices.
  • Temperature regulation: If you are a heavier sleeper who tends to sleep hot, find a mattress which has good levels of breathability and airflow. As a general rule, foam mattresses will be warmer than spring or hybrid mattresses. However, more expensive foam mattresses will typically have found ways to bypass this issue.

Here are some of our top picks for heavier people:

Nectar Mattress

With many memory foam mattresses, heavier sleepers will say that they quickly sag and are too thin and soft to be comfortable. However, the Nectar mattress is made up of four individual foam layers to offer as much support as possible. To go into more detail, the comfort is provided thanks to layers of both gel and standard memory foam. These layers conform to the sleeper’s body in order to align the spine and provide pressure relief. The core comprises two layers of high density polyfoam, which works to reduce the potential of sagging and reinforce the sleep surface as a whole.

Saatva Mattress

The Saatva combines a high level of support with a firmness which won’t be prone to sagging underneath the heaviest areas of a sleeper’s body. There has been particular care taken with the Talalay latex comfort layer, which has been split into five sections to cater to different parts of the sleeper’s body. Those who sleep on this mattress will therefore find they receive high levels of support around their head and neck, shoulders, lower back and hips, plus the legs. Furthermore, this mattress is 15.5 inches thick, meaning it is well suited to heavier people. 

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WinkBed Mattress

The WinkBed Plus mattress suits those who want a product which has been specifically designed for heavier individuals. It offers strong support as well as body conforming features. There is cushioning in place to ensure the spine is correctly aligned, and a support core which helps to both prevent sagging on the surface and sinkage along the edges. This mattress has been constructed with gel polyfoam and latex comfort layers, and the support core comprises pocketed coils in high density foam. Additionally, there is little chance of overheating thanks to a good level of air circulation through the coil layer, combined with a cover made of Tencel lyocell for increased breathability.

Brooklyn Mattress

The Titan from Brooklyn Bedding is a hybrid model which provides decent levels of support for heavier sleepers. It is a firm product with subtle yet effective conforming and a supportive surface which works particularly well for stomach and back sleepers. This product has strong levels of air flow along its coil layers, plus a breathable cover made of cotton and polyester, ensuring that individuals will sleep cool at night. The motion isolation ensures that there is minimal noise, which is good for sexual activity, and it’s also responsive enough for movement. Additionally, the Titan is well reinforced with a 2 inch high-density foam base layer, and its edge support is strong.

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