Best mattresses for couples

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Best mattresses for couples


Choosing a mattress when you’re in a relationship can be difficult. If you both prefer different kinds of firmness, for example, then you need to find an option which will suit you both.

By Imogen Groome | 19th August 2019
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Fortunately, there are options out there which will ensure both you and your loved one get a good night of sleep. Here’s what to consider and some of the best mattress choices out there.

How to choose the best mattress for couples

It’s important that you both know what you want from the purchase so you can make a choice that works for everyone. There will be individual preferences when it comes to factors such as size, support, comfort and warranty that need to be considered.

  • Size: Of course, the bed must be big enough for the both of you. But there’s more than that to consider – if your partner tosses and turns a lot at night, then go for a bigger option, such as a Queen or King. 
  • Comfort: Do you want a soft, medium or hard mattress? This factor will depend on what your body type is, and which sleeping position you tend to frequent. Hopefully you will be able to find a compromise for you and your partner. Often, medium to firm feel will work best.
  • Motion isolation: If one of you is a back sleeper and the other is a side sleeper, or one of you is much heavier than the other, then you will need a mattress with high levels of motion isolation to prevent being disturbed by your loved one during the night.
  • Warranty and returns policy: Many more people are choosing to buy mattresses online these days, and this means there is a chance you may find something isn’t perfect about your purchase. In such a scenario, you want to know that there is a good returns policy and warranty in place.

Without further ado, here are some of the best mattresses for couples:

Helix Mattress

This mattress can be customised on each side to suit the needs of couples. In other words, partners with different comfort preferences can split the construction and firmness level across both sides of the product. Each person can fill out the online questionnaire and either select a specially made blend of materials for those who have similar needs, or split it down the middle to suit both parties the best. The quiz examines factors such as their current sleep quality, their sleeping position and what they prefer in terms of firmness. From this, the company can decide on temperature regulation, support and overall feel.

The Helix mattress is constructed using microcoils, which helps with motion isolation. Therefore, one person’s movement should not have much of an impact on their partner.

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Choosing the best mattress for couples takes a lot of consideration (Picture: iStock by Getty)
WinkBeds Plus Mattress

If one or both of you are on the heavier side, weighing 250lbs or more, then the Winkbeds mattress is designed specifically for this type of sleeper. The product is created for the comfort of heavier people, and will also be more durable. It provides extra pressure relief and support, plus edge support so the full surface of the mattress can be used.

This hybrid option has supportive coils constructed underneath comfort layers which contain both responsive latex and cooling gel. The materials and stitching have been selected carefully to ensure they are long lasting, and the springs are triple-zoned.

Saatva Mattress

If you’re a couple looking for an innerspring mattress which still has good motion transfer, the Saatva is a great option. As a general rule, innerspring mattresses will not have good motion transfer when compared to foam mattresses, but Saatva have put in extra work to address this issue so sleepers can have the best of both worlds.

In terms of construction, the Saatva features individually wrapped coils placed on top of steel support coils. There are also several layers of support foam and a pillow top. This means it works well for people who want the traditional feeling of an innerspring mattress, as well as the benefits of a more modern mattress construction. Furthermore, the pillow top will appeal to many sleepers.

The cover is made of woven organic cotton, and this product can be purchased in multiple heights and firmness options. It is very durable compared to competitors on the market. What’s more, Saatva offers white glove delivery for your new mattress, which includes taking away the old one. Finally, there is a sleep trial of 120 nights, giving the customer peace of mind.

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