Best mattresses for back pain and joint problems

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Best mattresses for back pain and joint problems


Back pain and issues with joint inflammation affect millions of people across the US. What many may not realise is that you can improve this situation drastically by choosing the best mattress for your condition.

By Imogen Groome | 7th August 2019
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Choosing a sleeping surface which has been designed to correctly align your spine and relieve pressure in key areas will result in less pain – and a better night of sleep. It’s important to take several factors into consideration when choosing the best mattress for back pain, so here’s what you need to know.

How to choose a mattress for back pain
  • Easy to change positions – If you have back pain or joint pain, it’s likely you’ll move around a lot during the night to ease pressure in areas which are causing problems or you. Therefore, it can be helpful to find a mattress that doesn’t have excessive sinkage, so you can move around easily.
  • Good airflow – To improve your chances of having a more restful night overall, ensure your mattress has a good level of airflow, and doesn’t retain heat. This can cause you to become uncomfortably hot during the night.
  • High quality support – If you want to get the right support for your back pain and joint pain, it makes sense that the bed itself should be supportive. Therefore, ensure you choose a bed which has a high quality foundation layer in order to provide the proper support for your entire body.

Here are some of the best mattresses for back pain and joint pain:


This mattress has been a popular brand for quite some time now, and its design has been constantly improved in order to ensure it provides consumers with the right level of comfort and support. The creators aim to relieve pressure and properly align the spine, making for a comfortable night of sleep. What’s more, the Zoned Support feature enhances these alignment capabilities.

The Casper has a soft surface layer which responds quickly to pressure, making it easy to switch sleeping positions during the night. There are firmer layers underneath, which work to build up support for the body overall. You should feel as if you are being gently supported without a sensation of feeling trapped.

If you’re looking for a unique mattress to manage your back pain, the Casper is a good option. This is because its Zoned Support technology means the mattress has additional reinforcement in the middle of it, providing the correct support for your hips. In other words, this part of your body will remain on a level with your shoulders and legs. The benefits of this alignment include the reduction of stiffness and an easier time getting out of bed in the morning.


The creators at Purple endeavoured to develop a mattress which would both provide a soft and comfortable feeling and be firm and supportive. As a result, they created a hyper-elastic polymer grid system, which makes use of gel to relieve pressure and provide support. When you lie down on this mattress, the grid will collapse under your weight while also conforming to your curves and supporting them. For example, your lumbar region will be supported while you’re lying on your back, and your waist will be supported when you’re lying on your side.

Those who want to avoid sleeping too hot will benefit from the temperature neutral materials used with this bed. Furthermore, it’s easy to move around on this mattress, which means stiffness and discomfort from having to sleep in one place all night is avoided. You can easily use this mattress with an adjustable base, as the soft polymer and underlying foam has been designed in such a way that it both eliminates the chances of pressure building up and supports the spine in a gentle way.

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Ease back pain with the right mattress (Picture: iStock by Getty)

The people at Bear want to deliver a product which helps your body to get a good night of restorative sleep. Their technology aims to improve peoples’ overall health, and it’s even undergoing clinical tests to prove that it provides long-term benefits.

This mattress uses Celliant, a performance material which makes use of infrared technology. It is said to increase oxygen flow and help to repair sore muscles. While this will be particularly useful for athletes and those with an active lifestyle, it will also help those who suffer from back pain and other problems with their joints, such as arthritis.

The bed is entirely made of foam, and this material is quick to respond. As a result, it’s easy to reposition yourself at night. Furthermore, there is a bit of bounce in this surface, making it a good option if you want to have your body gently supported and your spine aligned without excessive sinkage.


This memory foam mattress is unique in that it makes use of plant-based foam. Many believe that eco-friendly foams are healthier to sleep on than traditional materials. Furthermore, this brand makes use of its LSA 200 foam. This material is designed to provide a higher level of pressure relief than standard memory foam, so it’s a great option if you have back pains or joint aches. When it comes to the construction of this mattress, you’ll find the LSA 200 foam as the first layer, with a memory foam layer beneath it. This placement of the memory foam has been strategically designed in order to bypass issues this material can cause, such as heat retention and off-gassing. Plant foam is less likely to cause these side effects, as it’s a breathable material and uses less chemicals.

The LSA 200 foam is essentially like a cross between memory foam and latex foam in terms of feeling. By blending the two together, the creators aim to make the most of their benefits while also eliminating their weak points. It’s a bouncier foam, but still works to support the body in a cradling fashion, like memory foam. Therefore, the sleeper will experience a lifted sensation and gain a neutral spine alignment. Furthermore, this material is less dense than memory foam, so you’ll find it’s not only more responsive, but it allows for better airflow. Overall, as the LSA 200 foam provides top notch pressure relief and cultivates healthy spine alignment, it’s a great choice for those who want help with easing their chronic pain and joint aches.


Not many mattresses which come with a particular layered construction can be flipped over, but Layla can be turned over depending on the kind of firmness you want. In other words, one side is firm and the other is soft. This works for people who either don’t know what kind of firmness will suit them, or those who want to switch up their firmness level from time to time. A benefit that those wanting to alleviate joint pain will appreciate is the fact that this mattress features memory foam that has been infused with copper. 

The positive features of copper are plentiful in the context of sleep. For example, copper has an inherently supportive structure, so you’ll have it compress under your weight and provide support in the areas you need it the most. This leads to excessive sinkage being avoided and neutral spine alignment being promoted. Furthermore, copper is a conductive material, so heat will be pulled away from the sleeper and out of the mattress, making for a cooler night of rest.

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A supportive mattress will ease joint pain (Picture: iStock by Getty)

If you’re looking for solid proof that a mattress will help with back pain, you’ll find it with the Saatva. This mattress has been clinically proven to reduce back pain by the West Virginia University’s Exercise Physiology Department.  The Saatva makes use of Spinal Zone sleep technology to promote the correct spine alignment and provide enhanced back support. This is achieved by infusing gel into the area of the bed where the lumbar area would rest. According to WVU’S research, the technology used by this mattress improves sleep quality by 29% and reduces back pain by 34%. Furthermore, it has received the Chiropractic Seal of Approval. In other words, the Saatva arguably provides one of the best sleeping surfaces for those who experience back pain.


There are many considerations to take into account when choosing the best mattress for back pain, joint pain or another condition which leads to stiffness or pain in the body. However, with this guide hopefully you can take some ideas away with you about the best option for you.

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