August monthly horoscope

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August monthly horoscope


Discover your horoscope for the month of August 2019 with these psychic readings.

By Editorial Team | 1st August 2019
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It’s a pricy month for Aries, as there are all sorts of child-related expenses that you may need to cater for. It could be something related to their education, but it may also be necessary to plan for a talent or hobby they are involved in. The good news is that you may actually receive some sort of financial backing for this, so it won’t all come out of your own pocket. You are set to have a very interesting and varied month in terms of experiences, and you may want to maintain a positive outlook and embrace all of them, however they manifest. Positive changes are coming your way, particularly in terms of home and property management. Perhaps you are buying or selling a house or acquiring land. If you’re still studying, there may be some surprising news or developments taking place in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for that.


Thankfully, this is a very good month for the professional life of the Taurus, particularly those who work in media or travel. If you fit into this category, you can expect to enjoy a promotion, a new client, or a significant raise. Take some time in the following weeks to relish this positive development. However, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies; there are possible issues coming up towards the end of the month, and they may lead to the hijacking of your plans. Be especially careful around people of a manipulative nature, as they will try to lure you to their side with promises and lies that are not to your advantage. Plans will be made with loved ones who live abroad or very far away, and that will liven up a dreary week. Travel is under a good star alignment this month, so you will enjoy any trip you make over the next period.


Geminis are exceptionally focused during the month of August, and there’s a good chance that they will accomplish some long-term goals they’ve had their heart set on for a long time. These are most likely related to their professional life, but they can also be related to their home and domestic life or just personal projects. Some of your family may be going through some difficult experiences, and you will strive to be at their side to offer whatever emotional support may be needed. You can expect some money to come in this month, and it may have been a long time coming – some legal paperwork is involved. You are making some big decisions over the following period in various areas of your life. Developments are to be expected in your love life, so be prepared to meet someone new or for a current relationship to blossom into something deeper over the next few weeks.


Unfortunately, it may not be a fully positive month for you, as some less than happy developments will be taking place. However, it’s not about what happens, but about the way you will be handling this challenge in your life. Keep your cool and everything will be resolved in a positive way. You may find yourself feeling emotional at some point during the month, due to the actions of a close friend or relative. They may act in a way that is unpleasant, and there will most likely be discussions with them where you look for the reason behind their attitude. The female Cancer is focused on her career in the next few weeks, while the male Cancer is very likely to experience some pleasant romantic experiences or start an intimate relationship. Your children will bring you a lot of joy in this period, and they may even be bright spots on an otherwise cloudy horizon.


Someone you care about may be experiencing some health issues or a health scare during the next few weeks, and that is going to have a significant impact on you, as well. You want to be there for them in any way you can, but you also experience the guilt of not being able to offer as much as you’d like. A child in your life is going through some interesting changes that you feel lucky to be witness to. Some unforeseen expenses may pop up this month that are related to a possible repair you need to complete. The cost will not be large, and it will not impact your budget significantly. Travel is on the cards this month, and not only for you, but for the whole family. You could all use the break, so it’s a wonderful opportunity to reconnect and enjoy some quality time together. A friend may prove to be a pain, but you should ignore this person.


Money features very heavily for you in the month of August, and there will be several events surrounding it. There is a significant document that is related to money you could possibly win, inherit, or otherwise gain, and it is not impossible for this to create some conflicts in a relationship in your life, romantic or otherwise. The budget also needs to be checked more frequently and with a more watchful eye, as expenses are cropping up and you need to be prepared. Some unpleasantry is also to be expected in a different relationship, where someone may even resort to insults and accusations. Due to these situations, you are bound to feel shaky emotionally. Try not to let these emotions overpower you and enjoy the good things in your life, whether that’s the professional success you are enjoying, or the achievements of a child related to you.


It’s an excellent time to take the next step in your relationship – that can mean anything from a baby, marriage, engagement, or moving in with a partner. Whatever this new development is, make sure to take it in your stride and enjoy this time as much as possible. The male Libra is especially successful in their workplace, so there may be more cause for celebration. Whether that’s a promotion or just a very big project, it’s an achievement that will help with career advancement. Over the next few weeks, you are prone to overexcitement and perhaps even rushing things. You are more likely to respond to things or act without thinking about it first, which can cause conflicts with other people. Whatever it is that you are facing, consider taking some time to think about it. It’s a great time to see family, so don’t be surprised if you have some guests joining you soon.


Caution is advised for the Scorpio over the next few weeks, as a lack of attention could mean overlooking some key details that will lead to disaster. Anything from theft to fraud can slip under the radar, if you’re not careful, so be on the lookout more than ever in August. Guard important information and crucial papers and be more stingy than usual when it comes to talking about personal issues with friends and family. A conflict is bound to arise this month, as it’s been brewing for quite some time. The blow-up will be spectacular, so be prepared for the possibility that you may lose a close friend. It’s not a great situation, but hopefully there are lessons to be learned about navigating relationships and maintaining better communication. Your romantic life may suffer due to jealousy, so do not allow it to seep into your relationship and rot it from the inside.


August is a month that will be quite focused on family and family-related matters for the Sagittarius. There are some emotional developments taking place that will either bring you closer or further apart. You are not completely in charge of the outcome, so do not take that upon yourself. There is an issue that pops up related to an official document, an institution or something that involves a lot of bureaucracy, so you’ll spend quite a bit of time running back and forth trying to get this taken care of. You’ll be happy to hear it’s a great time to make new friends or cement old relationships, so you’ll be enjoying people’s company a lot more over the next few weeks. Say yes to invitations and allow yourself to become close to new and interesting people; you never know who could turn out to be a valuable friend.


It’s a month of surprises in many ways, as there are quite a few chance meetings and encounters that turn out to have surprising results. It’s mostly positive, so there is nothing to worry about. Just be sure to embrace the unexpected and try not to control the situation too much. You may find that you are quite tense for a good portion of the month, as you are waiting for some news that may or may not come in the near future. It’s best to distract yourself with a journey, as it’s a very favorable month for travel for Capricorns. You will also enjoy happy times with a female figure, whether this is a friend, a family member, or a lover. There are some developments to expect in your personal life, but those too, may be something to wait for, as they are not necessarily going to happen right away.


The Aquarius may find that they are feeling quite emotional during August, and that may bleed into your relationships. Try not to allow your emotional state to affect them, because you may find that you regret the potential damage later on. There are some unexpected developments related to your professional life coming up that could completely change your life, so you must think carefully about how you’re going to navigate that. Don’t allow yourself to be dazzled by promises, because they may turn out to be empty and worthless. However, you will accomplish success, professionally, which brings a lot of personal satisfaction. The next few weeks are actually a good time to start or develop a new romantic relationship or liaison, as long as you are over the emotionally unstable time mentioned earlier. If you’re still feeling shaky, it’s better to wait. You may find that you have a desire to travel, in order to see people from far away that you miss.


There are some financial matters that will really become a concern for you throughout the month of August, and which could become a source of conflict within your family or relationship. This kind of worry has the potential to cast a shadow on what should otherwise be happy times, as you will spend quite a bit of time trying to come up with solutions. Female Pisces signs will find some solace in a new source of income, however, so things may be looking up. Your family may be going through a lot in the next few weeks, so you will want to dedicate more time to them. Events are not necessarily all negative, and could also include positive developments, such as a birth, a wedding, or a birthday. You may find that you seek intimacy or romantic experiences towards the end of the month, as you will be in need of emotional support.

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