22nd February 2019
Payday loans: can you go to jail for not repaying them?

Defaulting on your payday loans is definitely something you should avoid. But can it result in jail time?

07th February 2019
Wage garnishment: how does it impact your finances?

If you owe a debt, whether it’s a student loan, mortgage, car payment, child support or taxes, the court can issue an order to your employer requiring them to deduct an amount from your paycheck and send it directly to your creditors until the debt is fully paid off. This is called wage garnishment.

23rd January 2019
10 tips for budgeting in between paychecks

It’s easy to budget in between paychecks if you know how. Here’s our guide on successfully managing your finances.

22nd January 2019
What happens if you do not pay back a loan?

Suspect you’ll be unable to pay back that short term or payday loan? Here’s what will happen to your credit score – plus further consequences.

16th January 2019
9 tips to get your payday loan approved

Here’s how to increase your chances of gaining approval for a payday loan.