20th August 2019
Mortgage application denied? Here’s how to avoid it

Generally, mortgage lenders have similar requirements for mortgage loans. If you study and closely inspect these requirements, there is a lot you can do to avoid unnecessarily high mortgage rates, or worse yet, getting your mortgage application denied. 

20th March 2019
Mortgage down payment: how to save up for one

You may have sworn you will never go back to live with your parents, but if it’s temporary and you save all that rent money…you may be persuaded.

21st February 2019
8 Tips For Getting On The Property Market

If you’re wondering how to get a mortgage, then keep reading to discover 8 tips on how to get on the property market and make your way to buying your first home!

13th February 2019
Mortgages 101: Essential questions answered

Before applying for a mortgage, ask these questions to improve your knowledge of the loans available and get the best current interest rates for mortgages.

17th January 2019
8 tips to find the cheapest mortgage

Looking into your first mortgage? Here are some key factors lenders consider – and how to up your chances of getting approved.