05th June 2019
DNA testing: How you can edit genes and create designer babies

Gene editing is becoming a reality and it allows people to modify an embryo’s genetic structure.

08th May 2019
Can you get DNA from urine? How DNA testing works

If you’re curious about DNA tests, what they’re for, and what you can send in as a sample, including whether urine testing works, keep reading!

28th April 2019
AncestryDNA review: Does this DNA test actually work?

Genetic testing services like AncestryDNA promises to unlock your genetic secrets…but are they genuine?

12th April 2019
What is synthetic DNA and how does it create medicines?

If you’re looking for synthetic DNA definitions and how synthetic DNA is made, keep reading!

27th February 2019
Celebrity DNA stories – from Oprah to Jessica Alba

Find out what the top celebrities discovered about their ancestry through DNA testing.

13th December 2018
How health DNA testing can help with your diet and fitness

DNA testing is useful for finding out about your ancestry, but did you know it can help you with diet and fitness too?

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