01st September 2019
Cougar dating: exploring relationships between younger men and older women

Find out everything you need to know about cougar dating.

21st July 2019
5 Rules for Dating

If you haven’t thrown away the traditional dating rules, now’s the time. Here are today’s five easy-to-follow dating rules for singles looking for love.

19th June 2019
How to End A Date Gracefully

It is essential to end a date honestly and gracefully whether or not you you’d like to see the other person again.

03rd June 2019
Best opening messages to send on a dating site

These opening messages will help you jumpstart that relationship you’re looking for.

09th April 2019
Online Dating: What not to do when you’re looking for love

Finding romance and true love on dating sites isn’t exactly easy, but it’s a little bit simpler if you know what behavior to steer clear from.

13th March 2019
Relationship problems: how to get the spark back

If you’re having relationship problems, you can bring the spark back!

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