17th June 2019
How long do negative items stay on your credit report for?

A large medical bill can screw up your credit quite a bit, so when can you get rid of it? Well, that depends on your state.

04th April 2019
Money advice: How to cut down on your weekly expenses

Here’s a hack for getting things cheaper – everything is available at a lower price, as long as you plan in advance.

07th March 2019
Money saving quotes from the experts

“My top money saving tip is to become a master of your lifestyle. When I finally understood what I wanted from my life my spending and savings habit shifted.”

26th February 2019
Bankruptcy: The pros and cons

Declaring bankruptcy can solve a lot of problems, but what consequences does it have?

15th February 2019
Credit score improvement: what to avoid

Find out how to improve your credit score without making these mistakes.

05th February 2019
Credit score management – how to maintain a good credit score

Lenders rely on credit reports and scores when issuing loans. You must practice good debt management to get a good credit score.

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