10 places to meet your future boyfriend

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10 places to meet your future boyfriend


So where should you go to meet your next future boyfriend? If you need some assistance, try out any of our suggested places below!

By Stella Bracwel | 28th September 2018
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The thought of having a boyfriend is exciting, thrilling and scary. If you are single, you get to see both the good and bad sides of a relationship through your friends. Unless you are in that situation, it is hard to understand how to tackle a relationship situation. Don’t be scared! You should explore the world of dating and get the experience of having a boyfriend firsthand.

If things work out between you two, that’s great! If it doesn’t, well, you learn from your mistakes. The bottom line is, if you find someone attractive or interesting there is no harm in getting to know that person and asking them out on a date. In case if you were looking, these are some of the places where you might find your potential boyfriends.

1. Special Interest Groups

The probability of finding your boyfriend among the special interest groups is the highest. Suppose you went to a wine tasting event and you are a wine lover. Most of the people you meet in that event will be wine lovers as well. And there you, you found one match on interests! This is just a random example of special interest groups. These groups could be book clubs, travel communities, pet communities, golf clubs, boat clubs and many more. Basically, it is easier to find a partner among your interest groups. You can also browse and look for their profiles on renowned dating sites such as Match.com or Zoosk to see if the one you find attractive is looking to mingle or not.

2. Seminars and Conferences

Seminars and conferences both locally and globally are a great place to interact and meet new men. In global conferences however, these relationships are more likely to end up as flings since many are not always open to long distance relationships. In local seminars however, you get a chance to explore a new relationship through a series of consecutive dates. In fact, it is more convenient if you belong to a similar profession so that you can attend seminars together.

3. Skill Learning Classes

Dance class, yoga class, swimming class, karate class, kick-boxing class, foreign language learning class, and the list of skill learning classes go on and on. You would be amazed to find men who possess similar taste and preference as you. In skill learning classes, you are asked to work in a team and you meet the group quite regularly in a month. This gives you scope to explore and know more men in your community. Yes, your soul mate might be out there taking a similar course as you.

4. Gala Nights

Gala nights of various events such as art exhibition, women society, school programs etc. are something that many look forward to for having a good time and catching up with old friends and acquaintances. What you didn’t know is, your potential boyfriend might be hidden amidst the gala. Now we are not saying that you consciously look for a boyfriend instead of enjoying in the gala nights. We are simply suggesting that you attend gala nights once in a while and be open to talking to people whom you find interesting there. Galas are a great occasion to dress up and attract some charming eyes!

5. Parks

You will find parks almost in every locality. For pet owners or single parents, parks are a good place where you can meet your future boyfriend. All it needs is the right ambience and timing. Who would’ve thought that during spending some leisure hours in the park, you would find someone attractive and compelling enough to ask them out on a date. Love does come in forms of surprise. A stroll in the park on a random might manage to surprise you.

6. Adventure Tours

Going on an adventure tour might introduce you to your future boyfriend. Adventure tours include hiking, bungee jumping, paragliding etc. to special places. During adventure sessions, you tend to understand the true personality of a person. For instance, when you take a leap of faith during bungee jumping, your whole life comes through in a vision and you are in your truest self. Those are the moments when you understand the true meaning of love. If adventure is your thing, you would be pleasantly surprised to find someone during your adventure tours.

7. Weddings or Engagement Parties

Some fine wine or a glass champagne can be all that you need to chat with someone new and interesting during weddings. Weddings are great occasions where you see a couple uniting in front of so many individuals. It’s an almost spiritual event and these are the times when people are emotionally vulnerable and tend to be honest about their feelings. No wonder many people find love during weddings! A lot of those relationships prove to be successful and long lasting as well. Hence, weddings can be the place to meet your potential boyfriend.

8. Dating Platforms

Dating platforms are trendy nowadays and you will find some great personalities and individuals there. eHarmony and Match are some of the common dating platforms where you can meet individuals who are compatible with your personality. Dating sites provide a pretty exciting opportunity for many singles out there to explore new possibilities.

9. Public Transport

Yes, that’s right. Your future boyfriend might be travelling on the same bus, train or public transports. There is a higher probability of falling in love and getting to know each other well, if you tend to meet on a regular basis on public transports. We have heard many success stories where individuals meet their boyfriends on public transport.

10. Sports Events

As cliché as it sounds, you might find someone interesting and compatible during a football game or sports bar. If you are sports enthusiasts, we would encourage you to get those tickets and go for someone you find interesting and happening. Your mutual admiration for sports will drive you and your future boyfriend together, we can assure you that!

To Summarize

There you have it, ten places where you could meet you next boyfriend! Which one appeals to you most? Or can you think of a place which we have failed to mention? Tell us your comments below.

Written by
Stella Bracwel
Stella is a fashion blogger and crypto-investor, who also happens to be a dating expert as well. She is a traveller who has taken up writing as a full-time profession, so she can always do her job and have fun on the go.With her vast array of knowledge, Stella could get you hitched as well as rich so keep an eye out for her articles! Read more.
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  1. I met my boyfriend in a park when we were both dog walking. But turned out I loved his dog more than him.