30th April 2020
How to Cut Your Hair from Home

A busy lifestyle that includes work, family time, and social events means fewer chances to fit in a barber’s appointment. Also, it is something that needs to be frequently done to keep a fresh and fashionable look, but this can become quite expensive, too. Thus, it is normal if you wonder how difficult it might be to cut and groom your own hair.

28th April 2020
How to Make Bread in a Bread Machine

There is nothing quite like the taste and smell of fresh bread and with the aid of modern bread making machines, you do not have to be a baker in order to enjoy it every day. The latest bread maker can produce fantastic loaves with minimum hassle, meaning that you can enjoy fresh bread at any time. Here’s how to make bread in a bread machine!

26th March 2020
Top things to do while stuck at home

Are you ready for the staying at home revolution? We’ve researched the top ways to carry on living and working from the comfort of your home.

24th September 2019
Black Friday Deals & Tips

Everything you need to know about Black Friday deals.

02nd September 2019
September monthly horoscope

Your monthly horoscope for September 2019.

01st September 2019
Cougar dating: exploring relationships between younger men and older women

Find out everything you need to know about cougar dating.

07th August 2018
How to watch Netflix from other countries

While the geographic restrictions make sense for Netflix as it lets them keep their catalog for each country de-cluttered, it worsens the experience for those who want to catch up on a variety of international content. One of the most common workarounds that people used to try was using any random VPN to bypass regional restrictions, but the method doesn’t work like it used to before. If you are wondering how to watch international Netflix, we have you covered with our detailed guide.