Expert Nexgrill 5-Burner Propane Review 2021

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Nexgrill 5-Burner Propane

rating: 4.4
  • Large cooking area sufficient for large barbeques with the heat capacity of over 57000 BTU
  • Frame, compartments, burners and other major design areas are made from almost high-quality stainless steel materials
  • Prices are quite affordable and friendly as you can easily get a Nexgrill gas grill without breaking the bank

Nexgrill 5-Burner Propane Gas Grills

By Editorial Team | 12th June 2019

Nexgrill gas grill comes in a very unique design that speaks a lot about its class and inherent durability. I am certain no one would think nothing less of a grill with stainless steel finishing with five burners that are capable of achieving so much in a little while. Adopting more recent technology, the gas grill provides you the flexibility of using direct heat as well as infrared heat. In discussing the heat consistency, especially five to twenty minutes after the ignition, it can easily be discovered that the heat consistency is basically just average which isn’t something you look for when you are looking at buying topnotch gas grills but the question is, is there more to gas grill?

There is definitely more to gas grills that transcend above just aesthetic makeups essentially because most consumers want to buy leading brands with unique features that differentiate the product from every other product in the market. Unfortunately, Nexgrill Gas Grill seems to be nothing above the average gas grill that is available in today’s gas grill market. However, with its price ranging from $250 to $500, it can easily be said that Nexgrill gas grills’ features fall within its price ranges. In order to deal more with what is wrong, it is very important to discuss the general features and specifications.

Features of the Nexgrill 5-Burner Propane gas grill

What comes to your mind when you hear a five burner gas grill? I am sure you are going to be excited because it means more space to grill, bake, smoke, sear, and broil. If that is the most important feature to you, that is fine. The most important feature as far as I am concerned is the fact that gas grills from Nexgrill come with at least a one-year warranty that essentially covers all the most important component. However, when you compare the warranty to other top gas grill brands in the market, you might discover that it is quite inadequate primarily because by implication, the longer the years of warranty, the longer the chances that the product will be more durable and why buy a $300 gas grill if it will only last me for a year?

When it comes to space management, Nexgrill five burner gas grill isn’t so great on space as it covers about 486.3 of primary cooking space and 183.4 as secondary cooking surface making a total of which is quite a lot if you really do not have so much space in your home. The general design makes the use and control of the gas grill quite easy to use. For the five burner gas grill, you are basically going to find five electronic ignition switches and heat regulator, there are five stainless steel main burners that carries an inclusive warranty of eight years and balanced on a general four casters frame and enclosed with two stainless steel doors.

Ultimately, the basic design materials for the grill is pure stainless steel and can support natural gas options such as propane but I personally still have my doubt about the sturdy nature of the entire structure as although, quite easy to install but when installed as quite a fragile appearance. That is because it generally weighs way less than 100 pounds when fully installed which is rather not a lot of metal for a grill that might be sitting outside all through the year for several years and may get heated to up 500 degrees almost consistently.

Together, the general physical design especially the main burners can produce about 57,000 BTU of heat at the highest point. With five burners the natural question at this point should be the number of items that can be grilled at a time to see if the general design and the amount the product cost is worth the nexgrill products are being sold. The five burners would cook uniformly about 12 pieces of frozen hamburgers patties, making it fit for use for even larger barbeques and ideal for steak and curing. You basically won’t be throwing money into the bush by choosing Nexgrill gas grills as they are capable of providing you with the basic and necessary features required for a successful grilling process.

The grates might, however, be sticky when used as there have been reports of pieces of meat, steaks, chicken and all sticking to the grates even after use. This essentially undermines the whole idea of using stainless steel in the first place.


When it comes to an outdoor gas grill, a lot is often required basically because people often need them to do a lot of work in terms of the number of items they get to grill at a time, the level of heat consistency and the durability in term of structure and important component. Often times, the buyer wants all of these at the best price and there seems to be a lot of brands willing to deliver.

The Nexgrill gas grills haven’t totally fallen short of this desired requirement as they have adopted modern technology to meet up with the level of heat consistency demanded by many. Also in terms of structure design and cooking space, they have been able to adequately delivered, bringing the total remark of their product to being basic to what other brands offer, especially when compared with the price range. Essentially, buyers wouldn’t be wasting their money on this product as it is part of the wise choices currently in trend in today’s grill market.


  • Large cooking area sufficient for large barbeques with the heat capacity of over 57000 BTU
  • Frame, compartments, burners and other major design areas are made from almost high-quality stainless steel materials
  • Prices are quite affordable and friendly as you can easily get a Nexgrill gas grill without breaking the bank


  • Most of its attributes are not so unique as you can get top gas grill brands with almost the same attributes for some dollars less.
  • It requires quite a larger space for installation

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